Water Dreams

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What does it mean when you dream about water?

Water dreams are symbolic of the dreamers emotional state. This is a very powerful symbol that represents hidden emotions, moods and flow of feeling energy. Water in dreams contains both positive and negative elements depending how it appears. But any flow, even if it seems threatening, is the flow of our own life energy.

What’s the psychology meaning for water dreams?

Psychological trauma can leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories. In our dreams water tend to be overwhelming at times hoping the dreamer can be healed. According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung water in dreams connects with the unconscious emotional state. Often times this is represented with larger bodies of water such as the ocean or sea. The unforeseen depths and what dwells beneath only emerges when something is coming to the surface. Basically water symbolizes everything, indeed the origin of the very universe, hence its strong associations with birth, feminine and life. What the dreamer would want to achieve from the dream about water would be to find emotional stability in their lives. How the water appears mirrors these inner feelings. The dreamer would want to achieve what the Taoist thought teaches us about water reflects intelligence and wisdom, flexibility, softness, and balance; however, an overflowing of the element is said to cause difficulty in choosing something and sticking to it.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Water Dreams?

Its not uncommon to dream of water, in fact many people tend to overlook it spiritual properties. The main reason why water overflowing, in our houses or struggling to swim — a symbol that encourages you to heal from your past. Like most dream interpretations online say that it relates to your conscious or unconscious emotional state, but they never tell you anything else. Spiritually speaking, water contains elements of cleansing and purification of your mind, body and soul; how water appears reflects your current state of mind. Essentially, if water is a good omen it has to be clear or calm, whereas a bad omen it overflows, flooding inside your house, and rising. Regardless, if water appears as a bad omen your unconscious is trying to communicate with you so you can be more emotionally balanced. But this cannot be done unless you understand how genuinely feel about things. The spiritual dream meaning of water represents becoming aware of these feelings you possess within in order for a renewal to take place.

Why would you be dreaming of water inside your house?

The last place you want to find water is in your house. Houses in dreams point to the dreamers mind as each floor and room has its own meaning. The inner networks of the pipes can be seen as how the dreamer filters their emotions; blocks within this eternal blueprint of the mind will make it flood. When water is overflows anywhere it tells you about an emotional block within your mind. This will reflect feeling of sadness, worry, anxiety and fears. Because this is unconscious to the dreamer they need to examine what area in life has been throwing them off balance. Until you fix tis issue the water will remain inside the house. The location of where the water floods will point to metaphorically blockage. For example, toilets that flood in the house points to an imbalanced energy within the root chakra. Because the root is at the bottom level of the spine a lot of feelings that we hold in cannot let go. This is causing psychological feelings of anxiety, fears, panic attacks, worry, overthinking, depression, nightmares, emotionally disconnected, disconnected from the body.

How come I Am Dreaming Of Water Rising?

If you are dreaming of water rising it becomes a warning to pay attention to these feelings that are creeping up on you. Because dreams are heavily coded it wants you to pay attention to the symbolic nature of the moon. Why? Because the moon affect the tides and the rising of the water. The MOON is of feminine origin meaning it wants you to pay attention to these unconscious emotions that will consume you. She encourages you to reflect and control these tides within you so they don’t cause you an imbalanced. Essentially, the water will dissipate when the dreamer pays attention to their emotions. Water is also seen as a conduit for spiritual connection and communication.

What does a water slide mean in our dreams?

Actually water slides are very positive symbols because of the fun and excitement it brings. Depending on its context, on the slide can alter between exhilaration or anxiety in your life. Usually, the slide brings you up and as your going down you are having fun. What does this remind you of? The fact that you are in water tells you something hidden about your emotional state. The dream meaning of a water slide becomes a metaphoric symbol of an emotional rebirth. The slide often acts as symbol of the birth canal you will be pushed though by force. The water slide in your dream  brings you feelings of excitement but a bit a fear before this transition in your life. The moment you get out of the water becomes a sign that you will have a fresh start on life. You will remember this time in your life.

What clear water means in your dream

Opposite to muddy or turbulent water, clear water is a positive representation of the mind. Stillness and clarity has been achieved; calm waters usually appears when there is an ending of uncertainty and doubt. Clear water in dreams may also be related to a mindfulness — mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm states.

What is the Biblical meaning of water in dreams?

Water is a powerful symbol in the Bible, with many different meanings and connotations just like our dreams. In a Biblical sense water in your dreams appears to wash and cleanse the dreamers mind, body and soul. Biblically speaking water in dreams may also appear to be related to a belief in Christ — a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. It is associated with the idea of dying to the old self and being born again in Christ. The prophetic meaning of water often appears in our houses in dreams. Pointing to an emotional state of the dreamer that needs to spiritually cleansed. By asking God what part of you needs to be emotionally nourished that has been neglected from your past.

What do water dreams mean in Hinduism?

Water has a special meaning in Hinduism and is considered a sacred element that symbolizes purity, clarity, and life-giving energy. The Hindu dream meaning of water represents mental clarity, fertility, abundance, healing and transcendence. Depending the context of the dream it contains various different meanings. Because Hindu’s belief holds that bathing in river water relates to the forgiveness of transgressions and helps attain salvation. River water in dreams can be seen as a personal rebirth, but water in a house relates to clarity of the mind.
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