Turtle Dreams

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Turtles are one of the oldest reptile groups, having been around for over 220 million years, with some species existing alongside dinosaurs. The earliest symbolic reference to the turtle can be traced back to ancient civilizations. One of the most well-known examples comes from ancient Mesopotamia, specifically Sumer, around 3200-3000 BCE.

In our dreams turtles are good luck have healing properties that creates balance, longevity, and harmony with our emotions. They are also known as messengers sent from the depths of the emotional unconscious mind to bring you luck and awareness.

But like every dream symbol has both good and bad interpretations — turtles are commonly known to show up if one is lazy or metaphorically hides behind one’s shell.

Regaurdless, the turtle in your dream will awaken something so deep within you that you will change as person forever.

Turtle Dreams: The Divine Balance

The turtle in your dream really wants you to follow it down into your own depths of your unconscious mind. They act similar to our inner guides that will protect us (shell) as you go deeper and deeper into these hidden depths of your emotions.

The turtle in your dream will awaken your once dormant senses and will bring light to your emotional intelligence, self awareness, and healing from past trauma. You must trust its movements to take you where you need to go; baby turtles are common symbols that appear when this development is now undergoing.

Essentially, the dreamer should hope to dream of a baby turtle or a positive interaction with one because it shows how balanced these energies are within. If one is feeling unbalanced we recommend practicing mindfulness meditation, Qi Gong or yoga to bring light in this area.

The Snapping Turtle Dreams

The turtle love to attack or bite the dreamer when they are moving too slow in life. It becomes a hidden message to pay attention to some unconscious feelings that need to be explored. The turtle that bites wants you to figure out the root cause of why you might be hiding behind your shell so you can enjoy life.

Though, a turtle could bite you hands when it points to being emotionally affected by lazy people in our lives. This can be determined based off of who was in your dream and the location of the bite.

Reason Why Turtles Attack In Dreams

  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of motivation
  • Protectionism
  • Low self esteem
  • Needs to be more aware of one’s emotions
  • Hides within the mind not to deal with the pressures of life.

Is Your Laziness Unconscious

The unconscious will use the symbol of the turtle to motivate you but as well figure out what might be the root cause of your slow nature. The turtle in your dream really wants you to explore your confidence levels; a lack of self esteem might be rooted in childhood trauma or other underlying conditions such as depression.

The turtle in your dream will become defensive by either biting or attacking the person so they can bring awareness to this unconscious area in their lives.

If you encountered a dead or dying turtle it means you are not paying attention to your own inner world; the feminine energy goes off balance once you are not investing your own unconscious emotions. The dead turtle in your dream hopes you regain this energy in order to explore this part of you that is now dormant.

Five ways to awaken the turtle in your dreams
  • Journaling your dreams and emotions daily.
  • Maintain your environment.
  • Use Positive Words and Phrases.
  • Ask Yourself Empowering Questions.
  • Focus on the Good for Just a Little Bit Longer.

Turtles Are Good Luck Dream Symbols

The turtle is known to be a good luck symbol if you notice them giving birth, swimming, eggs or if you are communicating with it. These powerful images are your unconscious way of telling you about your slow and steady movements that has now been rewarded. This deliberate pace is often interpreted as a sign of thoughtfulness and contemplation.

Its ability to transcend through land and water bridges your new found awareness to these unconscious emotions; self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

There is a reason why turtles are linked to fertility and prosperity because of their ability to lay many eggs and produce numerous offspring is seen as a sign of abundance and growth. A metaphor for eggs laying under the sand suggests during a time of rest will result in a major growth in your life in business, pregnancy and money.

Turtles Spiritual Properties

The spiritual meaning of the turtle in your dreams awakens the divine feminine energy thus bringing one balance.

They are known healers in our dream that connect to our emotional state; its green color points to our heart chakra that is now open for healing.

The hard shell of the turtle provides you a protective edge over others that stops negative energy from hurting you like it once did in the past. The turtle only comes to the dreamer when healing process is now undergoing but only ask one to be patient in its progress.

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