Tornado Dreams

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Did you know that Tornadoes cause an average of 70 fatalities and 1,500 injuries in the U.S. each year? They are stronger than hurricanes and are amazing at destroy things. They can tear houses to pieces and often leave people homeless.

We tend to dream of tornados when we are opposed by an outside threat that can either do emotional damage to us. These events will stir up feelings that are unpredictable and out of control similar to the movements of the tornado in your dream.

A quick shake up!

Most tornadoes are weak, lasting only about two to three minutes on average. We can use its quick destructive force to reflect something in your life that mirrors its movements.

You will also have insight into how you are handling this issue by your emotions that are express, where you hide or if it hits your house.

Now the tricky thing about tornadoes in dreams is it contains psychic elements, meaning that this violent force can shake you up later on down the road. But first you need to cover your tracks and see if this upheaval is something you are recently going though.

Examples of what a tornado could mean in your dreams

  • People who are currently going through some sort of inner turmoil or conflict such as a divorce or being fired from a job.
  • Mood destruction mimic the uncontrollable and fearful force of the tornado. This can be reflected by depression, anxiety, and stress in ones life.
  • A build up of tension might have been the root cause of this event kicking off.
  • Feelings of fear and insecurity might be unconsciously building up within you and now it causing hell.
  • A change might need to come. Major shifts in ones life will shake them up but it shows you that things will be rebuilt.

Helpful clues when interpreting tornadoes in dreams

Tornadoes in dreams can only be seen as a dangerous symbol if the person is caught outside or it completely destroys ones house. For most people they often run and hide in some shelter to protect them. In our dreams these are sort of the safe places in our mind we go to during these harsh times.

This is why we are often seen hiding inside our house for shelter as we retreat into our inner worlds. The dreamer will be able to find out how forceful this emotion is in their life by how they protect themselves, where they hide and if the tornado passes. Sometimes it ends quickly letting you know this wouldn’t last long.

More than one tornado?

Whenever your dream designs more than one tornado it means you will be dealing with more than one issue heading your way. For example, to dream of three tornados you can see how each move and how powerful to determine what it belongs too.

Sometimes in life we are met with two or more problems that we are facing that can be work, relationship, financial or health. The main goal would be to remain safe when they show up. Sometimes you can see tornados with fire suggesting there will be a very destructive element heading your way.

If you felt threated to the point of waking up from this nightmare we recommended to practice breathing exercises to combat this unseen pressure in your life. This is why tornadoes are comprised of wind pointing you towards your breath.

Spiritual properties of the tornado

Strong winds in our dreams are often seen as messages that are symbols of renewal, change, and transformation. It represents the movement of spiritual energy, the flow of inspiration, and the whispers of the divine. Dreaming of tornado wants you to pay attention to intuition, trust the flow of life, and connect with the unseen realms, guiding us on our spiritual journey. It has come to you for a reason so just brace for impact and let the flow of the universe guide you in the right direction.

Why is the tornado a psychic symbol?

It is not uncommon for the unconscious to send you specific symbols to help you brace for emotional troubles in the future.

If you are someone who seems to be fine without any big issue in your life you might want to explore this as a precognitive symbol.

The powerful wind can be seen as an invisible force that is picking up on dark energy. Tornadoes are unpredictable and chaotic, reflecting situations in life that feel out of control or turbulent that can show up in the future.

If this is a warning dream it means you need to slow down and use as much information in the dream to see if you can stop this threat. Tornadoes in dreams might function as psychic symbols, warning the dreamer about potential dangers or hidden aspects of their life that require attention and resolution.

Regaurdless, this is a powerful symbol that will change you and it is up to you to rebuild and make yourself stronger. Just think about the shape it moves in. Tornadoes can be interpreted as spiritual symbols, representing a call to awaken to one’s inner self and embrace personal growth. The swirling motion of the tornado may symbolize the process of shedding old patterns and embracing a higher level of consciousness.

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