Tiger Dreams

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The Eye Of TheĀ  Tiger

The tiger in your dreams hopes you will accomplish its strength, ferocity, raw power and determination in your life.

Unlike the LION masculine assertive energy in our dreams, the tiger tends to pull more towards the feminine wanting you to dominate these hidden emotions.

The tiger is really an interesting dream symbol that shows up to see how well you are managing your fears that has the ability to dominate and dictate your entire life. If you didnt kill the tiger you better have a good excuse why it is showing up in your dreams.

Hidden Fears Of The Tiger In Dreams

Tigers in our dreams often point to our unconscious fears because they are not in our field of awareness, but in dwell in places that are not well understood; depicted by grasslands or jungles.

The tiger is known to manifest into the power and authority of ones animal strength; fear and anxiety of the unknown, theĀ  flight or fight response to stressful things in our lives.

It’s intimidating presence seems to mirror the people or overwhelming emotions in your life you are having trouble dealing with. Often a recurring theme where the person is being chased by the tiger shows up when they are not confronting these powerful feelings.

Tigers also encourage the dreamer to explore very dominating, aggressive and angry women in their lives. These could be the women or perhaps men who display very feminine traits that destroy and dominate our lives. Usually, when one is being attack or bitten by the tiger it means its force controls you. The location where the tiger is found and the people around you can be a helpful tool where this energy is attacking you.

You Need To Incorporate The Tigers Energy

Once should never be afraid of confronting the tiger in your dreams because its is a mirror of one’s own inner nature that dominates.

Basically, the tiger that bullies the dreamer reflects their own weak and timid self in this world. Essentially, the tiger should devour or kill the dreamer because it wants to transform the person from its frail mind of being prey to becoming the predator.

This might be why so many people dream of a tiger being inside ones house because it is a blueprint of the mind of the dreamer. Once you have allowed it to come into your house it means that this integration process has now begun.

Many animals, including domesticated pets and wild big cats, use their mouths as a way of expressing emotions and affection. This can be seen as an unconscious communication between you and your own feelings towards a powerful energy in your lives. So it really helps when you are bitten or attacked because there seems to be an awaken of awareness in your life.

Tiger Dream Symbolism: Are You A Tiger?

With a couple of simple tips you can make the tiger in your dream become your friend. Tigers are known to be good luck symbols in our dreams when we have a friendly interaction with them. A friendly tiger in your dream represents facing your fears, creating balance and awakening this new profound energy in your life.

If you are not a tiger in your dream its means you need to activate these dormant energies by facing your own fears. The only way to face your fears is by challenging your fears on a daily basis. Are you ready?

  • Embrace Strength and Confidence
  • Face Challenges with Courage
  • Develop Grace and Agility
  • Cultivate Patience and Observation
  • Protect and Nourish
  • Connect with Nature

Tigers Spiritual Message In Dreams

The spiritual message of the tiger in our dreams wants us to face our fears so we can transform into a happier and confidant person in our lives. But if you are consumed by your fears, emotioanlly confused and weak than it comes it to tear you apart.

Being fearful in life has its disadvantages as it hinders personal growth, limits opportunities, and impedes happiness. Fear can lead to avoidance of challenges and new experiences, preventing one from reaching their full potential. It can create unnecessary stress and anxiety, impacting physical and mental well-being. Fearful individuals may miss out on valuable opportunities for learning and self-discovery, as they tend to stay within their comfort zones.

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