Tarantulas Dreams

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Tarantula Dream Meaning

Here is a little unknown but creepy fact about tarantulas you probably wished you never wanted to know.  They have the ability to regrow severed legs. Gross! Throughout the tarantula’s life he undergoes several moulting processes (shedding of skin to make way for growth) where he replaces his exoskeleton. This process gives the tarantula the ability to repair said damage.

But unlike your typical spider in your dream, tarantulas often show up to bring the dreamer some sort of transformation in their lives. Though, this is not the case for everybody because many people still live in fear.

The tarantula in your dream can even show up to highlight some of the darkest fears you are too afraid to confront. Since all types of spiders in dreams are closely associated with the feminine energy, it encourages us to explore our innermost feelings that are repressed.

Tarantula Dreams: Entanglement

The main goal of the tarantula in your dream would be to bring you harmony and balance. But this cannot be achieved if it is crawling, biting, attacking or chasing you in your dream. This only highlights that you are being trapped by this unconscious web you created for yourself.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the tarantula in your dream should make you explore all feminine threats in your life. You know the type of women that have the ability to tangle you in a web of lies that feeds off of this energy. Sometimes they can even be directly linked with your mother — the archetypal devouring mother that sets traps in hopes you get stuck with her. Maybe this is because she is not getting any love from the men in her live.

The tarantula that turns on the dreamer wants you to make these unresolved issues in your life more aware to you.  Now it is possible that the tarantula relates to your own fears and anxieties and nothing to do with a women.

We know this by the location of the bite, location in your dream and who is around you. Your dream should provide you with enough clues where to start looking.

Tarantula Dreams & Inner Transformation

Tarantulas in our dreams have been commonly known to be symbols of transformation and creativity. This is due to the fact of their ability to make an intricate web, but also have the ability to regenerate itself. Whenever something regrows (legs), it points towards your direction, stability and forward progress. Dreaming of a tarantula might indicate that the dreamer is going through a period of change or personal growth, but will take time in order to achieve.

Did you know that spiders can be seen as sexual symbols in our dreams? Tarantulas are often associated with sensuality and feminine energy that has been awakened. Dreaming of tarantulas might symbolize the dreamer’s relationship with their own sexuality or feminine aspects of their personality. For example, if this spider was found on the bed it will point to this particular area in your life.

Is It Bad To Kill A Tarantula?

Killing any spider in your dream can be both a good and bad luck symbol. This can only be understood by a little introspection in ones life. The spider is known for its creativity, so by killing the tarantula could mean that this creative growth within you has been stopped.

On the flipside, say you were dating a girl who was a total nutjob; possessive, venomous type that had the ability to manipulate you. On this account, killing a tarantula in your dream could be a positive symbol. So really it all depends on what is going on and how well you know yourself.

Maybe the tarantulas ability to trap people with their web of lies could be related to your own shadow. These undesirable traits you possess that have now been recognized and stopped.

Should We Care About The Color?

It wasn’t a fluke your unconscious mind sent in a specific color of the tarantula to send you coded message. Basically, the larger or more colorful the bigger the energy this has on your life.

Lets say you noticed a black tarantula in your dream crawling inside your kitchen table. When you connect the two symbols it points to an unconscious transformation that pulls more toward the feminine energy. What do I mean when I say feminine energy?

Basically, this would be considered a rebirth of a creative talent within you that was once hidden. This is when we combine the color black (unconsciousness) with the house (mind) and the kitchen (transformation), legs regrowth (inner transformation).

Alternatively, if you were to dream of an orange tarantula in your dream it would signify emotions or situations associated with passion, creativity, or sensuality. The tarantula’s presence could indicate fear or unresolved issues.

The Spiritual Message

I always say that almost every dream symbol has both a positive or negative meaning. If you had a dream of a tarantula in a negative way, all it wants to do is to bring light to something negative in your life.

I know it sucks you have been warned to pay attention to an unconscious threat, but once you make it known to you than your life will be less disoriented. You will find what is troubling you and work on either fixing it or moving away.

This is why so often the tarantula is crawling on people in our dreams to highlight these uncomfortable feelings that you are unwilling to address.


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