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What You Need To Know About Snake Dreams

If anybody gives you a direct answer about the meaning of snakes in dreams they are only giving you partial truth.

Most online dream sites tend to copy and paste a meaning, yet they end up leaving the dreamer more confused than when they started. Yawn! I bet you heard the same meaning being repeated over and over again.

This enigmatic ancient symbol should be taken very seriously when it appears in your dream – a symbol that can only be decoded by the dreamer and nobody else!

Whenever the snake rears its head in your dream there is very big taking place in your life. Now the debate is up whether this will lead you into a major transformation – or – a warning send from your unconscious of imminent danger lurking around you.

The spiritual meaning of the snake will eventually make sense to you in the future, but in this article we are going to see if we can solve it early with your help. If the snake is a precognition dream warning of danger ahead, then we will give you all the right tools to help you trust your intuition.

If you are in danger than we are going to help guide you build up your awareness to avoid being a target of this threat in your life.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Snake In Dreams?

In our dreams the spiritual meaning of snakes represents transformation, fertility, enemies, wisdom, unconscious fears, urges, knowledge and fight or flight instincts.

I know this sounds a bit all over the place but the snake is really an energy that leads to this change in your life. Similar to how the snake is depicted with the ancient Egyptians or Hindus — transformation, healing, enlightenment and rebirth. This might be possibly taking place in your life at the moment.

The snakes venom is what really transforms you even after you die. You see most people fail to understand how dreams communicate with us. We need to die in our dreams order to change as individuals. Unfortunately, the snake shows up like the grim reaper giving you the antidote disguised as poison.

The image of a snake shedding its skin and emerging renewed and transformed is a powerful symbol of renewal and rebirth, and can inspire us to embrace change and growth in our own lives. By syncing with the electrical energy by tapping into our own inner potential and the life force that drives you forward, and use it to manifest our dreams and goals. This is why being bitten by the snake doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad omen, but symbolizing resistance to this change in life.

The majority of snake dreams lead us to a major growth and development in our lives. Snakes as a positive spiritual meaning in dreams asks you to reflect on some of the major life changes that you may possibly be going though.

You may ask yourself what has come full circle in your life, any major endings for new beginnings to emerge? Are you becoming more attuned with your spirituality? Have you been meditating lately? Maybe this is a sign of spiritual awakening?


Spiritual Meaning Of Snake Bites

Let me be clear, I have personally experienced the snake biting me in separate dreams that has lead to raising my consciousness; but also when I was attacked at gun point by two killers in a dangerous area.

As someone who pays close attention to my dreams I started to get paranoid when the dream occurred. I was not only on high alert but changing all of my movements and avoiding going out. I instinctively knew that this particular snake dream was bad omen. Something bad was coming up and I don’t know if I can stop it.

As weeks past I left my guard down and went out to get something to eat. My wife had the bad feeling and never said anything, but I was uneasy for weeks so nothing new in this department.

One main thing that you should decipher between a good or bad snake dream is trusting your gut or listening to others. Now, I am sure I could have avoided this robbery if I trusted by intuition but I guess its a lesson learned. Maybe it happened so I can share this information to help others.

The unconscious loves to design snakes as your enemies because of their cold blooded nature. Like most sociopaths they mirror the snakes slithery movements, randomly attack without any conscious thought. You may ask yourself if you are around anybody who is a snake? Maybe this is someone you have sparked interest in, maybe it is someone at your work — sometimes they are unknown provoked attacks that will come in the future.

The spiritual dream meaning of a snake bite contains both wisdom but also an enemy. This can only be determined by the contents of the persons dream.

Spiritual Snake Dream Meaning: Spot The Warning Signs

Always remember your unconscious communicates with you to send you vital information. The spiritual meaning of the snake is warning you not to let your guard down.

Usually when the dreamer wakes up from a very vivid nightmarish dream about a snake it should be noted. Secondly, if the snake bites or attacks the dreamer you must remember the location you where attacked. Why? Because these help solve where this attack might occur.

The specific location helps determine whether this is a good or bad dream. For example, getting bitten on any of the CHAKRAS wheels on the body might symbolize the RISING ENEGY now flowing through your body. A snake that strikes on the forehead of the dreamer might open the third eye.

But most warning dreams about snakes tends to target specific areas such as your right hand, legs, feet — they also attack your friends, daughters, sons, husbands and wife.

Hidden Clues About The Meaning Of The Snake

By writing down as much information about your dream you will gather as many clues to help you solve the mystery. The spiritual meaning of the snake encourages you to think for yourself to find the answer.

  • Did a specific color stand out to you in your dream?
  • What happened before and after the dream?
  • Who was the first person you remembered in the dream before the attack?
  • How did you react when the snake attacked?
  • How many snakes did you see?
  • How did you feel after the dream?
  • What do you think the dream means?
  • Did you run to get treatment after the bite?
  • Are you having other nightmares that revolve around the same theme?
  • Is anybody else dreaming about you?

Spiritual Meaning Of Snake In My House

The spiritual dream meaning of a snake in your house represents a major change taking place within the mind of the dreamer. In order to understand the snake in your house you need to know what the house means. Houses represented the self or the psyche — specific rooms, floor and furnishings within the house can be decoded metaphorically that relates to the self.

The snake in your house can be both a good and bad omen. For example, when I closed my business a double headed snake was coming up the stairs to the door of my workplace. This was a major transformation in my life leading me into the job I loved. This is why it was going up the steps being symbolic of this ending up advancing.

The other dream was about a green snake that entered though the air condition unit and I ran away as it entered my father in laws room. We found out later he had lung cancer. The AC unit was symbolic of the lungs as it gives clean air! Catch my drift… Depending on the behavior of the snake, if you are in fear, room you are in , and what it does alters the meaning.

Why Is The Snake At My Front Door?

Many people search for the meaning of the snake being at the front door suggesting that this transformation will only beginning unless you unlock the door to your mind. The spiritual meaning of the snake by your front door is a positive symbol of new growth and renewal within the dreamer.

Snakes are also associated with the kundalini energy, which is believed to be a powerful force that lies dormant at the base of the spine and can be awakened through spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation. When the snake appears by the front door it could actually mean activation within one of the chakras.

White Snake Spiritual Meaning

White snakes in dreams can be considered more of a positive meaning based off of white represents. The spiritual meaning of a white snake transforms the dreamer in a good way relating to purity, innocence, cleanliness, simplicity, inner peace. Usually, if the dreamer sees the white snake in water it has more of a positive undertone because you will become emotionally rejuvenated.

If the white snake comes across in a negative manner than it could have unconscious elements to emptiness, depression or nothingness. More often the white snake is known to bite the dreamers hand or they notice a white snake with black spots.

Black Snake Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a black snake represents mystery, power, sophistication, elegance, mourning. You will notice that it likes to dwell in a tree, chase the dreamer and in your bed. Usually, if the black snake in on a tree it becomes a positive symbol of unconscious development within the Self.

On the flipside the black snake that is found chasing results with unconscious fears, avoidance (flight or flight), resisting change. But a black snake that is found in your bed relates to your relationships — unconscious urges, feelings or desires that are repressed.

Spiritually speaking, the black snake appears only for the dreamer to make something unconscious known to them. It will either follow you, appear in your house or even attack you. Sometimes when the black snake attacks it encourages the dreamer to be aware of a hidden enemy.

Yellow Snake Spiritual Meaning In Dreams

The spiritual meaning of a yellow snake is a symbol of inner growth that might be taking place in your life. Yellow the color of the SUN brings your attention God helping you bring growth in this particular area in your life.

Yellow snakes are often known to attack or end up being killed by the dreamer. The spiritual meaning of being attacked by a yellow snake appears as a symbol of caution — observe the untrustworthy people around you carefully. Yellow as a color is also known to be a symbol of jealousy which attaches itself to this cold blooded creature. A warning to look out for these insecure people around you that want to take you down.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Green Snake?

In dreams, the spiritual meaning of a green snake alters between good and bad. Green is the color of growth, balance, harmony in our dreams. It often attaches itself to the snake because this be the part of you that will transform in your life. Many people also link the green snake with the heart chakra suggesting that your heart will open up; past emotional trauma has closed this off and it can only be opened up from the healing properties from the snake. If not in most cases the green snake appears in water suggesting that this will be related to an emotional change.

Green and envy go hand and hand. The spiritual meaning of the green snake may also represent an envious person may frequently ‘compare and despair’ and find themselves wanting. Green snakes in a dream are known to bite or attack the dreamer in specific areas letting them know your energy is bothering them.

Spiritual Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams Hinduism

Snakes play an important role in Hindu mythology and are often associated with various deities and concepts.

The spiritual meaning of snakes in Hinduism contains elements of Kundalini awakening, enlightenment, higher realms of consciousness, eternity, over coming fear of death, and transformation.

Most Hindu’s will see the snake as good luck because of the strong cultural influence. It can be seen as a symbol of protection and almost like a guardian along ones life journey.

Overall, snakes are regarded as powerful and multi-faceted symbols in Hinduism, representing different concepts and energies depending on the context and interpretation.

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams?

The snake in Christian dreams tends to pull more towards deceit, temptation, evil, and danger. In most searches for Biblical dreams the snake colors tend to jump out at the dreamer as a hidden message.

Don’t get me wrong, like most snake dreams the Biblical interpretation also has elements of a spiritual awakening — associated with the Holy Spirit and spiritual awakening. Dreaming of a snake may represent a desire for spiritual growth and connection.

What does the bible say about having dreams about snakes? Well the meaning like most religions has a duel meaning. Snakes in the Bible can represent different things, including temptation and deception, healing and salvation, and shrewdness and discernment. Remember in the Book of Genesis, the serpent is depicted as deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden, leading to the fall of humanity. Therefore, seeing a snake in a dream could symbolize temptation, deceit, or the presence of evil influences in your life. Though, Jesus did compared himself to a bronze serpent lifted up in the wilderness, stating that whoever believed in him would have eternal life. Snakes are known for shedding their skin, which can be seen as a symbol of renewal and transformation. In a dream, encountering a snake may indicate that you are going through a period of change, personal growth, or a need to shed old habits or beliefs. This may also be connected with Moses and his staff transforming to a snake.

Based off of the color the snake in Christian dreams alters depending your interaction with it.

  1. Biblical Meaning Red Of Red Snakes: The snake can be seen as  passion, love, anger, destruction, betrayal. This color is often associated with blood, which represents sacrifice and atonement. It can also represent sin, war, and passion.
  2. Biblical Meaning Of Orange Snakes: Orange is not mentioned in the Bible,  but symbolically it represents enthusiasm, warmth, creativity, optimism.
  3. Yellow: happiness, joy, intellect, energy, caution
  4. Green: nature, growth, harmony, balance, stability
  5. Blue: trust, loyalty, peace, serenity, intelligence
  6. Biblical Meaning Purple Snake: This color is often associated with royalty and wealth. It can also represent luxury, nobility, and power.
  7. Pink: romance, femininity, kindness, sweetness
  8. Brown: stability, earthiness, simplicity, reliability
  9. Gray: neutrality, sophistication, professionalism, formality
  10. Biblical Meaning Black Snake: Black: This color is often associated with darkness, mourning, and sin.
  11. Biblical Dream Meaning White: This color is often associated with purity, innocence, and holiness. It can also represent victory and triumph.
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