Silver Dreams

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To some cultures silver is more precious than gold. According to the Navajo Native American tribe, silver is believed by some tribes to have healing properties and purifying abilities, both physically and spiritually.

While some might consider this a bit far fetched, in our dreams the meaning of silver is not so far removed. Once we metaphoric strip the true meaning of sliver we come to a raw unfinished symbol of divine feminine energy.

Silver is really a metaphysical property in our dreams that purifies a part of your soul that allows you to unlock your psychic powers. But this is not something you should take for granted because it was purposely chosen to come to you.

Why silver is known to detect psychic properties?

Silver is known to relate to psychic energy due to its association with the moon. Opposite to the suns masculine force, the moon however is more the subtle feminine energy. Silver and the moon go hand and hand that bridge your intuition, emotions, and psychic abilities, and is believed to enhance and channel these energies.

So we can look at silver in our dreams as a powerful symbol that protects you against these unseen energies that cling to our aura.

Fun Fact: Traditionally a silver bullet is supposed to kill a werewolf. Vampires are not particularly affected by silver bullets.

What does silver protect us from?

  • Known to ward off evil spirits
  • Protection from harm that others may inflict on us
  • Helps with psychic attacks
  • Strengthens aura
  • Awakens your intuition that alerts you from danger.

What is silver becomes your friend

Usually dreams about silver tend to appear on necklaces, watches, rings and earrings — hidden meanings within each part of the body it attaches itself too.

These symbols sway the meaning from protecting your relationships by a silver ring, but also a passage of time and the need to be attentive to life’s opportunities if wearing a silver watch.

We need to first understand the area where the silver is attached to because it becomes a hidden clue what is really being protected or awakened. Negative dreams about silver means you are off balanced spiritually, How to fix this is by regular meditation helps quiet the mind, enhances intuition, and opens up channels for psychic insights.

Seeing both gold and silver dreams

Sometimes we see both gold and silver in our dreams which becomes a powerful symbol of both balancing masculine and feminine energies within. It is really like the SUN and the MOON elements are creating a harmonious equilibrium within you that may take you to a state of awakening.

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