Raw Meat Dreams

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To Touch A Raw Nerve

Consuming raw meat, such as in dishes like sushi or steak tartare, has cultural significance in certain cuisines and is often considered a delicacy. However, it also carries the risk of foodborne illnesses if not prepared properly¬† — a dream symbol that makes you feel gross when it appears.

In dreams cooked food is a very powerful symbol of new energy, pointing to our powerful drives, satisfaction and nourishment.

Raw meat however, points to undergoing our raw or primal emotions, instincts, or desires that needs to be sorted out. This is the difference between cooked and uncooked food!

Understanding Raw Meat Dreams

I know from personal experience seeing raw meat in a dream is something you don’t really forget. But there is a good reason why your unconscious wanted to display this symbol because you are probably not understanding this energy within yourself.

Since dreams are subjective in nature it might want you to explore if you are someone who wants to become a vegetarian or if this is an attack on your belief system. Known in psychology as cognitive dissonance which is the discomfort a person feels when their behavior does not align with their values or beliefs. Are you someone who loves animals but eats burgers and steaks?

Some might dream of raw pork as opposed to a raw chicken. Each animal will symbolically tell us what type of energy needs to be understood within the dreamer.

What Does Raw Meat Teach Us In Dreams?

At its core, raw meat can symbolize raw or primal emotions and instincts that are bubbling beneath the surface. The dreamer may be grappling with intense feelings, desires, or untamed aspects of their personality that need acknowledgment and processing.

Dreaming of raw meat is really a calling for nourishment and sustenance in your life that needs to be cooked. When I mean cooking I mean applying the right energy (fire) to something to make it transform.

Raw meat tells you that you are almost there to completing the process, but if you are not careful you might ingest this raw feeling and it will affect you.

This might be why so many people dream of holding raw meat because its a metaphor for the dreamer’s desire to be emotionally or spiritually fed; seeking to fulfill unmet needs or craving a deeper connection to others and oneself. But it needs to be cooked suggesting a process between understating how to absorb this energy within the mind..

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