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Has Anything Rattled You Up?

We must tread very carefully when snakes make their appearance in our dreams. The rattlesnake has chosen to come to you over the 3000 species on this planet.

The rattlesnake is metaphorically designed in a way that is alerting you to pay close attention to  a possible camouflaged threat in your life. But do not get me wrong, the rattlesnake is known to have healing properties in it venom making you transform as a person.

If the rattlesnake has become a warning in your dream we are going to help you find this threat and remove it. Though, if it has emerged to help guide you towards a transformation than we will show you what to expect.

What does the rattlesnake mean in a dream?

Rattlesnakes in our dreams have the ability to heal you because it’s poisonous venom has to kill you in order to be reborn again. It’s ability to shed its skin is the reason why the ancient Egyptians used this metaphor for a personal transformation; in our dreams it carries the same property.

Since the rattlesnake only becomes an issue when you are too close to comfort, it tend to suggest this is a person rather than your unconscious fears. I mean why else would you unconscious specifically use its unusual traits to display something. Why didnt it just use any old snake? Catch my drift!

Unlike other snakes in dreams the rattlesnake is always on the attack. This reinforces the fact it could be a person who might do you harm in your life. Like most people who are bitten by rattlesnakes in the wild, they never heard the warning signs before the attack.

If you are one of the lucky ones you may have killed the rattlesnake in your dream.

Understanding the hidden threat in your life

As we mentioned before the unconscious purposely sent in the rattlesnake and not an anaconda or a king cobra for a reason. If you notice the rattlesnake traits and characteristics are totally different than any other snake. This minor attention to detail might end up saving your life.

The rattlesnake sometimes appears to say “hey watch out” there is a disastrous person in your life that will be out to harm you. Ideally, what you should do is start by paying attention to these synchronistic clues that just keep popping up in your life randomly. This is why paying attention to the other clues in your dream will help you find out who this could be,

Unlike other snakes the rattlesnake is really docile until it gets provoked. We know that this person will mirror the rattlesnakes solitary nature that only be on the attack if you cross its path as a self defence mechanism.

Are you someone who blocks your intuition?

This is a key factor with dream symbols becuase it tells you that you are the one that is attracting yourself to become its prey. This happens when you are not trusting your intuition or its rattle warning you to back off. If you failed to listen to this sound than its just inevitable you will be attacked.

But this should be a lesson to you because the rattlesnake in your dream is really a teacher despite if you are attacked or not — trusting your intuition in your life can save your life or that of others once properly tuned in. This might be why many people have recurring dreams about rattlesnakes because of their inability to stay out of harms way no matter how many warnings they receive.

Rattlesnake dreams: Reasons for attack

Did you know the majority of rattlesnake dreams revolve around the dreamer being attacked or bitten? While this might be because you unknowingly provoked the venomous nature to come out of someone – or – you crossed paths with someone who will target you.

One helpful clue that might emerge in your dream is the location and people you are with when you saw the rattlesnake. Believe me this is not random setting but often a mirror setting of where this attack or warning might occur in your life.

You will also gauge by the snakes temperament and how you deal with it will determine the outcome. For example, if you went towards the path of the snake, or it just randomly attacked you tells you how consciously aware you might be of this threat in your life.

Maybe its time you need to be bitten?

The rattlesnake in your dream is known to take the shape of someone who is waiting for you to cross its path. There is a reason why the snake has been used in many cultures to depicted cunning and dangerous person capable of causing harm to unsuspecting individuals. A

Another important clue why you didnt see this attack coming. Remember they are know to be great at camouflaging itself similar to the predator in the movie. Rattlesnakes don’t only use camouflage to hide from menacing animals, but also to stay low-key when focusing on acquiring prey animals themselves.

If you dream of a rattlesnake attacking someone it represents sensing danger that will be targeted on somebody. However, this rattlesnake might be the shadow side of the dreamer pointing at their own unconscious aggression attacking someone.

Tips how to identify and defend yourself from the rattlesnake

Sometimes dreams are warnings and if this is the case we want you to help you get out of harm’s way before its too late. Here are some tips that will help you defend yourself from the rattlesnake attack in your dream.

  1. The first stop is to trust your instincts: If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable around someone, pay attention to those feelings. Your instincts are an essential tool for detecting potential danger.
  2. Next you want to always stay alert with your surroundings: Always be aware of what’s happening around you. Avoid distractions like using your phone excessively or wearing headphones in situations where you need to be vigilant. But use the locations in your dream to increase a heightened sense of awareness.
  3. Keep a safe distance from people you might not know too well: If you feel uneasy around someone, maintain a comfortable distance from them. Trust your gut and create space between you and the individual.
  4. Don’t reveal personal information to anyone: Be cautious about sharing personal details with people you don’t know well, especially in vulnerable situations. Right now there are a lot of scammers looking for you to be their prey.
  5. Try and avoid isolated areas: Be cautious about going to secluded or poorly lit areas alone, especially when interacting with unfamiliar individuals. The rattlesnake in your dream might be the ones who wait for you to come to them.
  6. Trust your intuition and always go with your first gut response. Your intuition will never let you down and it is always a trusted source. Remember rattlesnakes are pit vipers, so they have heat-sensing organs located in pits near the eyes. These pits allow them “see” the heat signature of prey. Even in complete darkness, the snake will be able to accurately strike at prey because its meal is warmer than the surrounding environment.

Dream about rattlesnakes in house?

What makes the house differ than any other symbol is the fact it directs you toward the mind of the dreamer. Depending the floor or room where you see the rattlesnake in your house alters the meaning.

To dream of a rattlesnake inside your house tends to direct you at your unconscious fears, shadow side;  transformation, and possible danger. The dreamer can narrow down the meaning depending the location in the house. For example, the rattlesnake found on the bed can point to dangers in your relationships (intimacy), but as well can heal and transform with its venom if found in the kitchen.

Usually the rattlesnake inside your house is really a symbol of its energy within your mind. It can point to your unconscious fears; a symbol that heals the dreamer once they confront it. Once the venom enters the dreamers bloodstream it can heal the person, but will come at a cost if resisting.

Alternatively, a rattlesnake in your house could suggest you are the rattlesnake but you are unaware of it. Does this mean you are a person who is very reserved until provoked? Are you unaware of you aggressive, sensitive and temperamental behaviour? If not than you can remove this from being an option.

What is the spiritual meaning of the rattlesnake means undergoing a major transformation in your life. Shedding of the skin brings you to a new phase in your life and will reveal a new energy that was once dormant. The rattlesnake should evoke feelings of fear; a symbol to head into your fears so this process can begin.

Dreaming rattlesnakes everywhere?

Dreaming of rattlesnakes everywhere represents unconscious fears, transformation, or intense emotions. It tells you a story about making these feelings conscious to you, but to control them before it gets out of hand. Rattlesnakes might in fact be related to the dreamers own behaviours or environments that can be deadly if not addressed.

Usually the location where you see the rattlesnakes everywhere is a precognitive theme that warns you about impending danger or potential threats in waking life. The loud rattle wants you to understand that you might be in a vulnerable position in your life and it’s making you anxious. Mind you it could even indicate a sense of being surrounded by hidden dangers or people who might harm the dreamer emotionally or psychologically.

The good news is, seeing multiple rattlesnakes could point to a major transformation and personal growth taking place in your life. The dreamer may be encountering situations or challenges that require shedding old beliefs or behaviors to move forward successfully.

What is the spiritual meaning of rattlesnakes in dreams?

Sometimes it’s best to ask the Native Americans about symbolism because they are spiritually close to nature. Rattlesnakes, on the other hand, have spiritual symbolism in some Native American cultures. They are seen as potent spiritual symbols representing transformation, healing, and rebirth due to their shedding of skin.

The rattlesnake’s rattling sound is considered a powerful warning to respect boundaries and be mindful of one’s surroundings. The spiritual meaning of the rattlesnake wants you to focus on the shape of the diamond on the skin — representing clarity, purity, spiritual enlightenment, and divine connection.

Combining these symbolic elements, the presence of diamonds on rattlesnakes in a dream or artwork could potentially represent a powerful transformation or awakening.

There is a hidden message within the pattern on its skin; the diamond-adorned rattlesnake could also symbolize a warning to pay attention to hidden dangers or negative influences in one’s life, urging the dreamer to be cautious and alert.

Sometimes the vibration of the rattle becomes a spiritual metaphor for enlightened senses that are either active or dormant in your life.

What does the Bible tell us about rattlesnake in dreams?

Similar to our dreams, the Bible has both a positive and negative symbols about snakes. But the rattlesnake was never mentioned so we cannot give you an answer. However, we know that snakes in the Bible are seen as enemies or symbols of transformation just like our dreams.

Could this be a warning from God? Jesus urges his disciples to be watchful and prayerful, recognizing the spiritual battles that exist. Mark 13:33 states, “Be on guard! Be alert! You do not know when that time will come.” This can be used if you are too close to the rattlesnake in your life. To pay attention to who might be around you lurking.

The color of the rattlesnake is close to what is referred to in the Bible as the golden serpent. The bronze serpent, in this context, symbolizes God’s mercy and healing power. It served as a reminder of His ability to provide salvation and deliverance to those who turned to Him in faith.

What the baby snake tells you!

Since we have determined that the rattlesnake in dreams has both positive and negative elements to it in your life. A baby rattlesnake in your dream represents a potential threat that could grow to be aggressive, or relates to the early stages of this new transformation in your life.

We known that babies are prone to be vulnerable so if this is a symbol of a new transformation it means to protect it and watch its growth or else you will be in danger. So you will need to determine based off of what is occurring in your life if the snake is you developing or someone else.

Why killing a rattlesnake is a good symbol in dreams

To kill a rattlesnake in your dream means you will overcome your unconscious fears or removing a threat in your life. Snakes are often attached to our unconscious fears that sit and wait for the most vulnerable time to strike. Your unconscious tracks your progress and lets you know how well you are doing.

If you are someone who remembers being chased by the rattlesnake it means you haven’t faced your fears. Now by killing it you have actively removed this hidden threat in your life. You have asserted power to someone or something that posed a threat in your life and now it’s time to transform.

Is brown a common color?

It wasn’t a fluke that the color brown was attached to the rattlesnake. In dreams, the color brown is a powerful symbol that represents grounding, stability, or potential hidden dangers — attached to the rattlesnake warns you to pay attention to a hidden threat. If a threat it can blend in easily on your life journey and only jumps out when you are close by.

What is black is always unknown to you

The color black in a dream can symbolize various things, including the unknown, mystery, darkness, hidden emotions, or transformation.

Whenever it is attached to a snake it means this is not only unconscious, but needs to be conscious to you in order to change. Sometimes the black rattlesnake points to the people you are completely unaware of who are very dangerous. You might have ignored these warning signs of the rattle while you got too close. It is in your life so you need to figure out if this unresolved issue belongs to your inner world or a someone in your outer world.

A black rattlesnake in your dream mirrors your unconscious fears, shadow side, enemies or inner transformation in your life. What will it be?

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