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Spiritual Warning When Rats Appear

After decades of analyzing dreams I have come to the conclusion that the rat is the most destructive symbol we can ever dream of. Trust me I know from personal experience anytime the rat has reared its ugly head in our dreams we need to take this symbol very seriously.

Your unconscious has specifically sent the rat to warn you to pay attention to something in your life that can wreak havoc in your life if you are not careful. While you cannot pick and choose your dream symbols like a Netflix movie, you can use your dream to your advantage to see if you can outsmart this element before it digs in deeper.

What You Need To Know

The rat is highly intelligent energy that has entered into your psyche knowing it can hide very well from your conscious awareness. You have to look at it like a master in disguise trying to avoid your every move. We need to go in to the low vibrational areas of your mind in order to get rid of it.

Remember the rat in your dream is known to feed off of your fears if you allow it too, but can be killed by using the right method. In this article, we are going to sit back and wait for the rat to come to us by using the right traps in place. But first we must go into the dark areas to see where this threat is originating from.

What does the rat mean in our dreams?

In our dreams the rat has multiple purposes that can manifest into a despicable, jealous or untrustworthy person(s); relates to your unconscious fears or anxieties, adapting in negative areas, and health or hygiene concerns.

Within the construct of your dream your unconscious will provide you with a fair amount of clues that will get you closer to the rat.

Dream Tips: Before you analyze the rat in your dream we first must understand its behaviour and locations — rats in dreams are known to display different colors, seeing rat poop, mice and rats together, infestations. The end goal is to lure the rat into your conscious world and than terminate it. Once you kill the rat in your dream the threat stops in its tracks.

#1. Rat Dreams: Warning about dangerous people

Sometimes the unconscious mind uses the “rat” as a symbol pointing to very deceptive people. Usually, the rat will appear outside of your house in your dream and target other public areas or workplace environments. Rats in our dreams become metaphors for people who display qualities such as cunningness, deceitfulness, untrustworthiness, or an inclination towards self-interest.

The emotions express when you see the rat in your dream will mirror the feeling when these types of people rear their ugly heads — the evil side of human nature will provoke very uncomfortable feelings.

Rats are known to be the people close to you that are known to lie, withholding information, manipulating others, using flattery or charm for personal gain, making false promises, or presenting a false persona. Deceitful behavior is right up the rats alley and hides very well in places you never thought possible.

Rats are prominent characters in many cultures’ mythologies as a bad omen. This is not surprising given their close association with humans. It’s not shocking that rats are occasionally revered as trickster deities — represents the irrational, chaotic, and unpredictable side of human behaviour. The dream about the rat encourages you to be mindful of these jealous or envious people that feed off of your weakness.

#2. Hides Behind Unconscious Fears

Rats have long been associated with fear and phobias in our dreams becuase they hide in places we never want to explore. Rats in our dreams tend to appear representing underlying fears or anxieties that are residing in the unconscious mind. Unlike a mouse that relates to our minor worries, the rat has the ability to gnaw its way though a part of your soul that essentially weakens it over time.

The rat in your dream can mirror this unseen threat that multiplies and gets larger the more it is neglected. Your personal boundaries that you have put up are no match for the rat as it bores its way into your mind feeding of you psychological emotional trauma. Remember this could be a negative thought, emotion or feeling lurks below the surface making it unknown to you.

The root cause of emotional trauma is typically a distressing or overwhelming event or series of events that exceeds an individual’s ability to cope and process effectively. It can result from experiences such as abuse, neglect, violence, accidents, childhood trauma, or other highly distressing situations. 

#3. How Is Your Health?

Rats in our dreams are commonly known to manifest metaphorically related to our own health. The reason is rats are commonly known to be tested in laboratories, but as well point to sickness and other health related diseases. Rats are historically associated with the spread of diseases, which can trigger fears related to health, contamination, or vulnerability within the dreamer.

Dreaming of rats may reflect concerns or anxieties about these aspects. Similar to these inner feelings or sickness we have trouble identifying within our mind and body.

The rat in our dreams hosts on this pain that one might be experiencing until it is fixed. For example, a rat may appear in ones dreams when one is suffering from long term pain such as chronic illness. Remember the rat was found out by historical research that it wasn’t the rat that brought the plague to Europe; a metaphor for something plaguing your mind and body.

#4. Rats Really Love Toxic Environments

Since rats thrive in sewage or subterranean passageways like the subway tunnels,  this becomes a spiritual metaphor warning you about the places you might inhabit.

Basically, the rat comes into your dream when you are not aware of these low vibrational areas that are not good for you. Rats can interchange in your dream from unclean environments or your own living standards — People with hoarding disorder have persistent difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions due to a perceived need to save the items.

What is the spiritual meaning of a rat in your dream?

The spiritual meaning of the rat in your dream tends to mirror our negative behaviors, fears or anxieties, frightening instincts or urges and ill health.

Rats are known to gnaw its way though your aura and overtime overtime drain us of our positive energy.

It’s important to explore the threatening things going on in ones life that could be unconscious, but as well your own human shadow. Carl Jung’s concept of the human shadow refers to the unconscious and often repressed aspects of our personality that we find undesirable, unacceptable, or contrary to our self-image.

The shadow encompasses the parts of ourselves that we prefer not to acknowledge or confront. But this is what you should do is attack this head on. Similar to the shadow self, the rat hides out of our field of consciousness and can only be recognized once you shed light on it.

Why killing a rat is a very positive dream symbol

Killing a rat in your dream is a very positive omen that represents an end to suffering, unconscious fears, positive health.

Your unconscious wants you to know that this issue is no longer in your life, but it is up to you to connect the dots to find the meaning,

Unless you record or remember your dreams on a daily basis you will notice that the rat has entered your dreams months or even years before you kill the rat.

But these dreams are highly significant because it tells you by killing the rat you have removed this negative threat in your life. But what can this be exactly? Usually from the locations, how you kill it, size and color tell you how long this issue has been present in your life. For example, stepping on the rat with your feet bring your attention to your stability and support system that has been reinforced.

Understanding why the color of the rat is symbolic

Spiritual Meaning Black Rat

Dreaming of a black rat represents your unconscious fears, negative influences, or being unaware the presence of deceitful or harmful elements in your life.

The color tells you this is unknown to you so you need to use the theme of your dream to help connect the dots. Now if the black rat belongs to the shadow side of the dreamer meaning they are unaware of negative behaviors, unclean aspects of oneself and lower vibrational states.

Spiritual Meaning White Rat

Since the color white is known to be a positive symbol of innocence, trustworthy, and beneficial; attached to the rat implies someone who wears a mask to deceive you. To dream of a white rat is a symbol of someone posing as a righteous person but is the total opposite. The color is known to be a metaphor suggesting you are unaware of its bad intentions. The spiritual meaning of a white rat in a dream represents having a bad judge of character and to watch other people’s intentions for you.

Spiritual Meaning Brown Rat

To dream of a brown rat represents unconscious fears and anxieties in your life. Because they are nocturnal it will target the feminine energy such as compassion, creativity and intuition.

The brown rat is a very resourceful that can be aggressive when provoked. Its toxic urine contaminates anything that get into direct contact with it. The brown rat is a warning sign to pay attention to people, mental states or emotions that need to be cleaned up.  Since the brown rat is known to be a street rat it might be a warning of the people who cross your path on your life journey.

Spiritual Meaning Gray Rat

Dreaming of a gray rat represents neutrality, ambiguity, or uncertainty in a situation or relationship. It may indicate that you are grappling with mixed feelings, conflicting information, or a lack of clarity in your waking life. The gray color of the rat can represent a blending of different perspectives or a need to explore the nuances of a situation.

Why are rats running away in your dream?

Just because they ran away doesn’t mean they are gone. You actually need to kill it.

Though, rats that run away in our dreams is actually a positive symbol that you are getting closer to this problem in your life. Perhaps you exposed a deceitful person or you have done some introspection on some of your fears.

Basically, the closer you are to figuring out this issue gets the rat really nervous. But that is not good enough unfortunately, becuase the only way you can completely kill the threat is if you kill it. When the rats run away they always can find a way to get back because they are intelligent.

To dream of white rats running away means you have exposed something that pretended to be pure, but deep down was a dirty rat. If you know who or what this is make sure you protect yourself so they don’t come back later on down the road for more trouble.

What you should know when the rat is inside your house

In our dreams the house is a very symbolic aspect of the dreamers mind. It is sort of like the blueprint of the psyche as each floor and room contains a different meaning. Usually, when the rat is inside the dreamers home it tends to be related more towards one’s fears, anxieties, health and state of mind.

Unless the rat came into the front door that might suggest you have let in someone in your life that will cause you much harm. But it all depends where you see the rat in your house that alters the meaning. For example, if you dream of a rat in the closet it belongs to your hidden secrets that are eating away at you.

Sometimes the rat is in the bathroom suggesting a place related to cleansing your aura or negative thought patterns. The spiritual meaning of a rat in your house means this issue hides behind the walls you have put up to protect yourself; unconscious fears that have now caused an issue for your mind, body and soul.

Why are rats giving birth in my dream?

Any type of animal, reptile, mammal giving birth in our dreams it means transformation, rebirth and renewal. But not the rat.  This mean you are neglecting this issue and it’s only going to multiply.

If not in most cases the people who ignore these hidden threats will notice a rat infestation in your dreams — a symbol of something completely out of control that will do a lot of damage.

Try To Avoid Being Bitten

Yes! Rat bites in dreams means that this fear, threat or person will emotionally throw you off balance.

Some might even argue that this is too close to comfort that points towards you health. Regaurdless being attacked by the rat talks about being harmed in some way.

Your unconscious will send you important clues such as the location of the bite. For example, to be bitten on the hand from the rat can relate to the people who bite the hand that feeds them. You may have offered your help to some ungrateful person who will take advantage of your kindness.

Dangers Of Rat Droppings

To dream of rat poop is a warning that represents being aware that there is a threat in your life that has been around for while. Dreaming of rat poop tends to mirror feelings of dirtiness, contamination, or uncleanliness in your life.

The location of the bite tells you how well you are dealing with negative or toxic influences in your life. The spiritual meaning of rat poop in the dream can represents unwanted energy or unpleasant aspects that you should strive to remove or cleanse from your life.

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