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Rain Rain Go Away!

The world of dreams contains a lot of confusing symbols. According to Carl Jung, dreams are not at all what Freud claims them to be. They do not deceive, lie, distort or disguise, but contain a very symbolic meaning. They attempt to lead the individual towards wholeness through what Jung calls a dialogue between ego and the self.

The unconscious mind uses metaphors coded in the symbols to help you better understand these messages. While some dream symbols might relate to awakenings or warnings, while others tend to dig deep into your emotional state of mind.

Rain & Water dreams

Water is one of those symbols that contains hidden elements of your emotional state of mind that you are not aware of. Water is seen as one of the most powerful symbols that tells you a story about how you process your emotions – water known to morph into snow, ice, rain, ocean water and mud in our dreams.

What makes rain such an interesting symbol in our dream is it depicts and outburst of emotions that might have been held in to long. The benefits of seeing rain in our dream gives you further insight into a part of your true feelings that are now coming to the surface, but a major release of an energy that needed to come out.

What is the meaning of rain in our dreams?

Rain in our dream is a very powerful symbol that directly connects to our unconscious emotional state of mind; a release of feelings pent up. These inner feelings have now “let go” and now are being displayed in your dream. Your interaction with the rain will determine how you are dealing with your emotions or these feelings are overwhelming you.

The good news is that rain in our dream is actually a very positive symbol because it acts as a discharge of an emotional block that was once put up. As a symbol it allows for future growth and development for the dreamer, but they will just have to wait a while before this happens.

Rain dreams actually provide an emotional release

Could the dream about rain reflect you repressing your feelings? Sometimes when we are unable to express how we feel, whether it is out of fear and vulnerability, it tends to seep through our dreams at night.

Many people who have trouble understanding their emotions tend to get some insight when they dream about rain. Rain that pours down from the sky becomes a hidden metaphor for these feelings that has now left us.

We may pent up our emotions for various reasons, such as societal expectations, fear of judgment, past traumas, or difficulty expressing ourselves. Emotions need to be released through healthy outlets like talking to someone we trust, engaging in creative activities, physical exercise, practicing mindfulness, or seeking professional help through therapy or counseling. But if there is no way these inner feeling can be expressed you might dream of heavy rain coming down.

Yes! It Does Improve Your Mental Health

If you are not the fortunate ones who might have a professional or someone you trust to talk to, rain in dreams may symbolically represent a discharge and cleansing.

The reason why rain in dreams can symbolize cleansing and renewal because rain is often associated with the washing away of impurities, starting clean, and removal of negative baggage from the past.

The imagery of rain can evoke a sense of purification and the opportunity for growth and positive change similar how it waters the grass to grow. This is why so many people wake up from dreaming of rain happy or new becuase they have released this tension.

Releasing pent-up emotions can contribute to improved mental health by reducing anxiety, stress, and the risk of developing mood disorders.

Sometimes we are provided with some profound wisdom in our dreams that kicks off the rain to pour. A down pour of rain in our dream will also help our relationships, increase self awareness and better mood. Think of it like removing an block that was holding up the water within your mind.

A Possible Coping mechanism?

Sometimes rain might appear in our dream based off of how we are currently feeling. Rain in our dreams can mirror sadness and melancholy. Rain is often used as a metaphor for sadness and melancholy because both rain and these emotions share common qualities.

Rain can be seen as a representation of tears, and its somber, gray, or dreary atmosphere can reflect feelings of sadness or melancholy. We can look at rain in our dreams to provide you a time for introspection to find out why you are feeling this way.

The type of rainfall will show how strong these emotions are. So the heavier the rainfall the more emotions that are being expressed in your life. Sometimes these emotions are so powerful we are unable to go anywhere; a symbol of breakups, trauma, death, for feelings that threaten the dreamer. This is why one of the reasons why rain in dreams brings change because after these feelings are sorted out you become a different person.

Why rain is often seen inside the house

Did you know that the house is the most common visited dream symbol? A powerful symbol of the makeup of the dreamers mind, the rain in the house reminds us about how well you have secured these emotional feelings from being contained.

Your unconscious will specifically show you if this is a downpour or something that can be patched up with a bit of inner work.

Dreaming of rain outside the house can be seen as a positive symbol of an emotional change and renewal in one’s life.

So many people search online why the rain is coming into the house because it often projects emotional turmoil that comes with the release of these feeling when it breaks. Rain inside your house shows you might not have the right metaphorical barriers that strengthening you from these feelings. We know water inside a house is a very destructive so you want to find where this leek of emotions is stemming from. The lesson in all this would be to find the internal leaks (past trauma) that has caused the rain to seep inside.

What is the spiritual meaning of rain in our dreams?

From a spiritual perspective rain in our dream is a very positive symbol even though it might be a bit intimidating. The spiritual meaning of rain in our dream can be seen as a release of ideas, improving mental help or a sense of relief from emotional trauma.

Releasing emotions and crying can be immensely beneficial for our overall well-being and emotional health. Think of the last time you cried and how you felt afterwards. Shedding tears serves as a powerful mechanism for emotional release that helps us psychologically, physically, andour social well-being.

Emotional release through crying offers a profound sense of relief and catharsis. When we allow ourselves to express our emotions, especially those that have been pent up, we experience a sense of release and lightness. The spiritual meaning of rain in our dream is really about an outlet to let go of built-up tension, stress, and emotional burdens, creating a space for healing and renewal.

What is the biblical meaning of rain in our dreams?

The biblical meaning of rain in our dreams is a positive omen that represents blessings, fertility, and the provision of God. Rain is seen as a sign of God’s favor and a source of abundance, both in terms of physical sustenance and spiritual blessings. Water has the gift of providing nature with the nourishment for things to grow, however we must let go of these emotions in order to grow as individuals.

The biblical meaning of rain in our dreams reminds us about the idea of God’s grace and the refreshing and renewing work of the Holy Spirit. Rain in the Bible is commonly known to symbolize cleansing, purification, and the washing away our sins.

Why you are walking in the rain?

Walking in the rain can only be a negative symbol if you cared about being wet. But for the most part walking in the rain in your dream is a positive symbol of being comfortable expressing and handling your emotions.

You are not someone who wants to feel safe inside the comfort of their home, but are able to not let your feelings hold you back; a symbol of moving forward on your life journey being comfortable in your own skin.

To dream of rain falling on your clothes means your feelings will show to others close to you. When you get wet it makes you feel uncomfortable, so when these feelings are stirring up in your life you need to protect them against your image.

Reasons why you are running in rain dreams

Running in the rain can be seen as a positive omen that allows you to be free from your emotional trauma from your past. You can see the path you walk on as your life’s journey, as running is creating up energy that is getting you ahead.

The rain mixed with running brings you freedom, liberation, embracing emotions and rejuvenation in your life. Think about how good it feels to run in the rain as if nothing can stop you from having fun!

The unconscious has specifically used this theme to let you know how well you face these challenges in your life — instead of reflecting in your inner world you have embraced these feelings and are not going to be slowed down.

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