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Do You Want To Go Down The Rabbit Hole?

Did you know that rabbits are prolific breeders and have a rapid reproductive rate? Female rabbits, known as does, can become pregnant shortly after giving birth.

They have a unique reproductive adaptation called “superfetation,” which allows them to conceive again while already pregnant. This means that a pregnant doe can have two litters developing at different stages simultaneously.

This is why in our dreams rabbits are known to be good luck symbols because it points to fertility, meaning that something is growing in multiples. But if you are not careful in interpreting dreams, you will soon learn they are also very destructive.

Why are rabbits special in our dreams?

Rabbits in our dreams is connected with the symbol of fertility that points to our creativity, growth, and the potential for new beginnings.

Unless they are not attacking, poop, or biting you than you are in the clear —¬† appears to flourish an area of your life that was once quite. We often see them in the distance or in various different colors in our dreams pouncing around. You will notice the specific location will metaphorically mirror where this personal growth is taking place.

When they say fertility it can suggest a baby on the way, but more often relating to growth in your relationships, career, creative pursuits, or personal development. Some might argue that it might point to your promiscuity or meeting a someone who is a nymphomaniac. Maybe this is a good luck symbol after all (joking)!

Rabbits Are Also Bad Dream Omens

If you are one of the many few who have had a dream about a rabbit attack, bite or just show up in a creepy way; than rabbit is a warning.

Rabbits that either attack or bite you tells you an interesting tale that something that seems innocent has deceived  you in. We think of rabbits as cute and timid until you get a bite. You soon learn to be careful around this animal, or in your life someone who displays its behaviour.

They often show up as trolls in our lives that are masterminds of fooling others and making you look dumb. It isn’t a fluke they are known to be master deceivers in mythology; known for its cleverness, wit, and sometimes even mischievous behavior, it can adapt in environments despite its small size.

Basically, if you are bitten or attacked by a rabbit in your dream it means their tricks worked in their favor and now you are hurt. By integrating one’s own shadow can use its tricks against them and stop the attacks.

Warnings Of Trouble

Warnings of a bad omen often pointing to people or unconscious aspects of oneself would take shape in rabbit poop, bites, or attacks.

Even though rabbit poop is not as bad as rat or mice droppings, it is still a warning to pay close attention to a possible threat in your life.

Poop shows that this person is around you and leaving a mess for you to clean up. However, its energy still remains hidden from you so you must use the context of the dreamer to pinpoint its origin.

Spiritual Meaning Rabbit

In a spiritual sense the rabbit in your dream can be a warning about your own unconscious mischievous behavior or that of someone else. We understand rabbits are also associated with good luck pointing to new growth, but when they turn on the dreamer it rules this out.

This can only be found by doing introspection and paying close attention to the motives of other people around you.

Because rabbits are associated with the trickster archetype in various cultures you have to watch the cunning ones who have set traps in front of you with you knowing. The only way to stop this threat is to kill the rabbit in your dream. This is a positive symbol that you have outsmarted the rabbit in your life.

How To Spot The Rabbit

  • Known to be clever and tricky
  • Shapeshifting
  • Duel nature
  • Loves chaos and to disrupt by using its intelligence
  • The biggest troll you know in your life
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