Quitting Job Dream

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How It Felt Tells You Everything!

If you felt good quitting from your job than you might not be true to yourself.

I mean who wouldn’t like to quit their job right? But with bills, kids or car payments monthly, who really wants to rock the boat. Anytime we dream of quitting our job in our dreams there is really an underlying feeling that you are unconscious of.

Maybe this dream of quitting has a deeper underlying tone that wants you to break free of these chains you have put on yourself for too long.

Quitting Job Dreams: The Call For Adventure

Are you the person that randomly reflects on how much you hate your job and the people around you? Well these feeling might be seeping throughout your dreams at night in hopes you do what you are really put on earth to do.

The call for adventure is a concept often found in literature, mythology, and storytelling. It is always the pivotal moment when a character is beckoned to embark on a journey or undertake a significant quest that will lead to personal growth, transformation, and the exploration of the unknown.

This might be why you are having dreams of quitting your job because something needs to push you to the edge in order for you to make the plunge. Perhaps you escape though watching movies such as The Matrix or Star Wars, or possibly projecting on others who have made this journey,

Quitting your job might be your own unconscious calling for you to be free!

By answering the is inner call your life will change, like the character embarks on a transformative journey that challenges their beliefs, tests their abilities similar to the movies we watch.

What happens if you feel bad after?

I noticed that there is a high demand for people wanting to know why they quit their jobs and automatically regretted the decision. Remember, our dreams communicate in metaphors in hopes you can relate it to some way shape or form in your life.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you will quit your job, but rather relating to your own unconscious fears of the big decisions you make in life. A big decision that can alter how you feel as a person. Are you someone who like routine? Leaving a job represents a significant shift in one’s routine and security.

From a spiritual perspective

The dream might have even shown up for you to reflect on your anxiety about the potential consequences or challenges that could arise from making major life changes. The spiritual meaning of quitting your job and regretting it in your dream represents resisting the path you are supposed to go in.

We must embrace change as it comes, regardless of the position or feeling it brings up. It will open another door for you and get you where you need to go. Sometimes doing the same thing everyday and expecting change is the real worry.

Why would I return back to my old work?

Sometime we head back to our old schools or old jobs to remind us of forgotten memories from the past. Other times when emotions or situations that mimic the past in our new jobs we tend to go back to the past.

We can learn a lot of going back to our old jobs because their might be a specific skill that you had that was left there. For example, learning how to use a specific program on your works computer that was once used in your old job. Sometimes people or drama occurs that mirror your past job, so by heading back you are trying to analyze or process these situations.

Time for the boss to leave!

Who wouldn’t want their boss to head out the front door. But that might not happen unless you have precognitive abilities in which you will predict it. But most often, dreaming of your boss quitting means there will be a change undergoing in the company. There might even be a change with you boss hence the old version of him/her will leave.

What is the biblical meaning of quitting your job?

The biblical meaning of an old job in your dream means you are going back in the past to help you in the future. By heading back it means you forgotten some skills that are needed right now in your job placement.

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