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Why Did Queen Elizabeth Appear?

You might wonder why am you are dreaming of Queen Elizabeth? It is not because you may have wanted to meet her in real life, but she holds the key to who you really are as a person. Its just you do not know it yet.

Because our dreams speak to us in coded language trying hint at something you are currently unaware of. The reason why you are dreaming of Queen Elizbeth because she contains hidden attributes you see within yourself. Basically, the image of Queen Elizabeth remains unconscious to you and now you need to awaken her personal skills that you inherit.

Interesting Perspective Of  Your True Self

Dreams have a funny way of using specific famous people to illuminate particular qualities we have within but never use it. Psychiatrist Carl Jung called our submerged creative potential the “Golden Shadow.” You can discover your golden shadow in your intense admiration of other people. The bright qualities that you admire in others represent the disowned aspects of your unique potential.

This is why Queen Elizabeth has appeared in your dreams to teach you about her own personal skills and how to use them in your life. Just think about the power you hold within when you have the ability to rule over others with class and dignity (cough cough).

She built a firm and steady vision and executed it with originality, consistency, and resilience. She enabled her leadership skills by being flexible and adaptable, with a unique sensitivity and capacity to feel the times.

Conversations with your higher self.

Unless you have clairvoyant abilities, talking to Queen Elizabeth in your dream is really an unconscious to conscious dialogue. What we mean is you are really awakening your royalty, power, leadership, tradition, or grace within.

Your dream might be exploring these themes or reflecting your thoughts on authority and influence. Sometimes we are given great advice while other times it might just be a random conversation.

Regardless, this communication is a very special one because you are really tapping into this hidden source within you that needs to been seen. So I will ask you. What does the Queen mean to you?

Dreaming of Queen Elizabeth

Remember if you have a particular interest in history, British culture, or the monarchy, it’s possible that Queen Elizabeth’s presence in your dream is a reflection of those interests. Your subconscious mind may be drawing upon familiar or iconic figures to create dream scenarios.

Keep in mind if you are watching a movie about the Queen it could have influenced your dream content. Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth in your dream might be a symbol of the feminine part of your psyche.

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