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Why do we quarrel in our dreams?

Anyone who has ever quarreled in a dream might have woken up slightly confused why this even happened. In our dreams we are most likely going to quarrel with the ones close to us like our friends and family members. While you might not think you have a problem with them, your unconscious mind thinks very different.

Your dream about quarreling wasn’t just some random dream, in fact a theme that is bringing awareness to these powerful emotions trapped within because of these inner conflicts you experience. In our dreams our repressed feelings are known to bubble up to the surface and target the ones responsible. In this article, we are going to tell you the reasons why you quarrel in your dream, but most importantly to master and channel your emotions properly.

What themes to expect

  • Dreams about quarreling with your sister
  • Quarreling with your brother
  • Arguing with your husband
  • Dreams about quarreling with friend
  • Seeing quarreling in a dream

Repressed Feelings Coming To The Surface

Maybe your true feelings are coming out!  Known as an emotional repression,  a common coping style used to hide and push away negative emotions because of avoiding facing it head on.

Why do we do this? It really protects the ego — a defense mechanism to decrease the stresses in your life. But holding in these feelings are really toxic and do more harm to our mind and body.

The main purpose of your dream would be to understand our repressed emotions involves acknowledging and exploring the emotions we have suppressed or buried within ourselves.

However this requires self-reflection, introspection, and creating a safe space to confront and process those emotions. This is not as easy as you think, but by paying attention to your own feelings will lead you towards healing, self-awareness, and personal growth.

Dreaming of quarreling is really a warning that you need better coping mechanisms so you can live a healthier life.

How to reconize your emotions?

  • Start by recognizing and acknowledging you have feelings of avoidance, frustration, anger and discomfort.
  • Take it easy as this is a very difficult process.
  • Try to identify the triggers right away such as emotional reactions or anger that you never express.
  • Use a journal to track your daily emotions, thoughts and feelings on a regular basis.

Fighting Our Inner Conflicts

Conflict can happen when family members or friends have different views or beliefs that clash. As it is perfectly normal to have conflicts with our personal relationships sometimes conflict can occur when people misunderstand each other and jump to the wrong conclusion.

But let’s be honest, we never really get to the bottom of our issues and in turn will lead to more arguments, sarcasm, anger; but as well appear in our dreams when we are quarreling with these people.

The hidden meaning of quarreling in your dreams is really to understand your own personal feelings better. The root cause of inner conflicts can vary from person to person, but it often stems from a discrepancy between our desires, values, beliefs, or needs.

Now these conflicts probably arise due to unresolved past experiences, conflicting goals or priorities, societal or familial expectations, or internalized self-criticism.

Hiding behind your anxiety & stress

Quarreling in dreams can be influenced by our emotional state, including stress and anxiety in our lives. If you are experiencing heightened levels of stress, the energy needs to come out but becomes stuck within. This anger and frustration you express in your dream can be projected on the person we quarrel with becuase of underlying tension.

Your dream is really wanting you to channel this pent up energy into different ways to get it out. Are you  getting enough sleep? Maybe you are not eating well-balanced meals or exercising regularly? These are the big things we need to tackle first. For now you can try breathing exercises such as mindfulness meditation, time management or seeking support.

What is the spiritual meaning of quarreling in your dreams?

Dreams and the symbols in them are sort of like a psychiatrist in disguise. Sometimes dreams are confusing while other times it is straight to the point.

The spiritual meaning of quarreling in your dream symbolizes misdirected anger, lacking self confidence and avoidance that has become a burden in your life. Sure, this might seem like a bad dream when you wake up, but once you understand your own emotions yo become very strong minded person.

Ultimately, by going though and figuring out what makes you tick will automatically stop you from having dreams about quarreling and will become a happier individual.

Quarreling with relatives in a dream

Family wouldn’t be family unless it didnt have relatives to quarrel with. In our dreams we often quarrel with our relatives because we have trouble expressing our feeling in fear of a major split between the two families.

We fight with relatives in our dreams because they may have said or done something to you that you accepted as if you were a punching bag. These conflicts might seem like you got over it but your dream is telling you otherwise.

Dreaming of fighting with your relatives tells you that there still is tension that you are holding within and needs to be sorted out. Sometimes talking to certain people only makes the situation worse so we end up taking a punch to the chin. What the dreamer needs to do is learn the power of forgiveness and move on so you can live a happier life. Alternately, if you have a good relationship with your relative than you can speak to them and express how you feel.

Watching It From A 3rd Person

Seeing quarreling in your dreams really takes you out of the equation as you stand back and watch an argument pursue. Dreaming of seeing quarreling in your dream means you personally close to these battles that you are trying to understand yourself.

These could be two people in your family or friends that are at ends with each other as they fight for common ground. Sometimes we are caught in the middle watching this unfold and you are really empathic of what is going on.

Seeing others quarrel in a dream may mirror conflicts or tensions that exist in your waking life, either within your relationships or in your social environment. It could be a reflection of unresolved issues, disagreements, or interpersonal dynamics that you have observed or experienced.

Even The Neighbour Can Get It

I know it sounds odd but we tend to argue with our neighbours according to google’s searches. Even though you might get along these dreams have nothing to do with them but someone else who is close to us.

The unconscious seems to use the theme “quarrying with your neighbor” as a metaphor for the people close to us but might not be related. Basically, the dream is projecting on the neighbour because they share similar qualities to the people close to us.

These neighbors may also possess the same personality as these people you quarrel with in life hence why it mirrored the image. If you remember what you are quarreling with your neighbor about in your dream are great clues where to start digging.

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