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Has the python slithered in your dreams?

Python snakes are Large in size and extremely powerful. They can kill any living animal or human by attaching themselves with its sharp teeth, then will suffocate you to death via constriction.

Unlike the majority of snakes the emerge in our dreams, the python differs because it has the ability to “constrict” the dreamer; minor behaviors and traits that belong to the specific type of snake alters the meaning. Although, python may not be as fierce or threatening as most snakes, the unconscious has chosen this distinct style of snake to warn you about something in your life.

Good or bad omen?

What we do know so far is that snakes in our dreams have the ability to transform the dreamer regardless if it uses its venom to strike. But the trick is to decipher if the python in your dream is a good or bad omen when it appears.

Using a couple of tips you can determine if the python belongs to your own transformation or a threat in your life. In this article we are going to teach you how to properly handle the python transformational properties, but as well how to identify it a venomous person lurking in your life.

Why The Python Comes To You

The python is know to resemble the things in our lives in which we are threatened by. Now it is up to you to figure out if this threat belongs to your inner or outer world.

Dreaming of a python might indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed or threatened by something or someone in your waking life.

Due to their size and constricting nature we need to look at the most powerful things in our lives that control us. This can be anything from our own fears or what we need to confront to change as a person. If you cannot find anything, than it might be an actual person.

The python also appears as the unconscious is trying to warn you to address and confront a challenging situation or person in your life. If you are seeing a python in your dream it also has the ability to provide the right wisdom and knowledge that will help you transform as an individual.

The spiritual properties of the python

To truly be a good dream interpreter you must understand the python charactericts and apply it to your life. What should scare the pants off of you is the mere fact pythons can swallow their prey whole (including humans).

This is why in dreams the python is known to be a symbol of the dangerous people who want to consume you – or – being eating up by your own unconscious fears. This is where dream interpretation gets confusing. The python that swallows you becomes a symbol of a death and rebirth as a metaphor for shedding its skin. But we are going to talk more about this in detail.

The shedding of its skin is a symbolic of a rebirth, new beginnings, and fertility in alchemy. This is why it becomes a tricky symbols because even its bite is known to awaken certain energies that was once dormant.

We cannot ignore that pythons also take the shape of the people who might deceive or hurt us emotionally or physically. Sometimes this can be an unconscious attack in which the venom affects you later on down the road.

What the python in your dream is telling you?

Since the python is known to constrict its victims we must use this metaphorically and relate it somehow in your life. Basically, something is unconscious to you that is taking the life force out of you every single day. It would be helpful to take sometimes out of the day and reflect on the things in your life that consume you to a point of frustration.

  • The python reflects what stagnates you
  • May point to relationships you cannot get away from
  • Addictions or substance abuse
  • A powerful element is stuck to you
  • This is something that needs healing

How to identify if the python as a person in your dreams

The unconscious loves to use snakes and our enemies because what better symbol than to use than this cold blooded vicious reptile. Snakes are known for their ability to move silently and strike suddenly, often catching their prey off guard.

This aspect of their behavior can be metaphorically associated with humans who display deceitful or manipulative tendencies. Since the python uses stealth and deception to their advantage it might be someone in your life.

But this can only be applied if someone restricts your every word and movement in your life. If not than it could be someone else.

Humans often display cold blooded emotionally void of any conscious hence why the unconscious uses snakes as other people. Though, the python in real life is more chill than your average snake it only attacks when provoked. So we can look at the people who you might associate yourself around that you should be careful not to get so close.

Furthermore, the location where you see the python in your dream is often an indicator if this is an actual person. For example, if you saw the python inside your work environment it might be pointing at a particular person.

Why Killing It Is A Good Omen

Anytime the person kills the python it becomes a good omen that you will overcome your fears or remove someone out of your life who poses a threat.

Because the python has the ability to control and have power over you it becomes a metaphor to releasing this negative aspect that once restricted your movements. Just as pythons shed their skin, killing a python in a dream could symbolize your need to shed negative influences, toxic relationships, or harmful patterns of behavior.

If it chases than you are avoiding something

Anything that chases us in our dreams becomes our unconscious fears that we are avoiding. The pythons transforming abilities wants to devour you — a symbol of change that need to occur to achieve this rebirth.

To dream of a python chasing you represents not fixing the people, fears or emotional states that stagnate you in your life. Basically, something in your life is restricting who you could be as a person hence its ability to strangle you.

The chase is a spiritual reminder that you have the ability to transform, but this will come at a cost of facing your fears. This is ever as easy as it sounds but the only way out is to confront it head on.

Most often when you confront and conquer deep-rooted fears, anxieties, or insecurities they python meets its death. However, your dream was designed in a way where it shows you running away meaning you are unable to deal with this feeling that consumes you.

Look a baby python!

Babies in dreams are interesting symbols regardless if its a human, animal or reptile — a symbol of both positive and negative growth.

Baby snakes however are very complex symbols becuase they sway between a new transformation, or a warning to stop a threat before it gets out of hand. What might seem harmless for now has the ability to get very big and dangerous.

In this instance, the baby python in your dream represents your unconscious fears or relationships that are developing into something dangerous.

Many clues will pop up in your dream where you see the baby python and who is around you. Though, baby pythons may even show up in your house in your dream when a transformation is about to take place within you. Snakes, including pythons, are often associated with transformation and rebirth.

The spiritual meaning a baby python represents a rebirth within the dream that will take time before developing. The baby is a reminder that the negative or positive energy you feed it will determine its growth and behaviour.

Why Yellow Is Linked With Jealousy

Colors in our dreams are very helpful clues that often point to our unconscious emotional states, or in a spiritual sense our chakra systems.

We understand yellow has both good and bad connotations in dreams, but when it is attached to a snake it might be a warning of  jealousy, cowardice behaviour, or betrayal.

The color yellow can be a warning if bitten or attacked by the python because it points to the people who will betray or becomes jealous of us. These bad intentions will affect you hence why you were bitten.

Because snakes are generally seen as cold blooded enemies in our dream the location where you see the yellow python is a helpful hint. Usually if the yellow python bites you it means an enemy because they do not have any venom to transform you.

The spiritual meaning of a yellow python in your dream means you have awakened your solar plexus that was previously blocked. The yellow snake emerges out of this area below the navel to let you know the healing process in place.

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