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The truth about pregnancy dreams

You know those type of dreams you swear actually happened? The feel so real that you actually woke up thinking you had a baby? Well there must be something unconsciously going on behind the scenes, right?

Did you know that pregnancy dreams are so common that they rank in one of the top 10 most dreamt about theme up there with snakes and teeth? The reason why this is so vivid becuase this symbol is going to be one of the biggest changes of your life!

What they do not tell you about pregnancy dreams

But most online interpretations say that being pregnant in a dream represents new beginnings, growth, fertility and  creativity. YAWN! But I am not one bit satisfied because not all pregnancy dreams mean the same thing for everybody — sometimes we give birth to twins boys or triplets, while other times you might be hiding the news from others. Maybe someone is undergoing a spiritual awakening while others find their creative passion.

Most online dream interpretation sites tend to fail in providing the true meaning of what it means to be pregnant, and never tell you exactly where its taking place.

In this article we are going to tell you the hidden truths behind being pregnant, the spiritual meaning of pregnancy and what it means in other religions or cultures.

What is the spiritual meaning of pregnancy dreams?

If you didnt notice but pregnancy dreams are so vivid that you actually feel that you were giving birth. There is a reason behind this because whenever there is a major shift in your life your dreams tend to be more vivid than usual.

The spiritual meaning of pregnancy dreams represents this harvesting phase that has been manifesting within you has now matured. Though this is not something that has been growing just overnight — the seed has been planted a long time ago for this unconscious rebirth to develop.

Did you know that most people who dream of having a random baby in their hands probably never remember being pregnant in their dreams. Fortunately, you have remember this amazing dream that is telling you about this profound awakening in your life. But where is it coming from?

While other sources say that it means a new project, idea, or opportunity that you are nurturing and developing. Sure, this could be possible but we often have dreams about trains, planes and cars for that reason. The true spiritual meaning of pregnancy tells you about a conscious shift, a spiritual rebirth developing within and the old you that is dying off.

Pregnancy dreams may also lead you towards a spiritual awakening becuase it acts a metaphor for the new person that is growing underneath the surface. The spiritual meaning of pregnancy in your dream prepares you for this major event to happen in your life.

What does it mean to dream of a pregnancy test?

I just want you to think about the anticipation, fears, unknowing and excitement when it comes to taking a pregnancy test. Your unconscious wants you to understand this exact same feeling will be mirrored when you find out this major change is coming in your life. But what exactly could this be? Based off of the theme of your dream and the people around you will provide you with enough clues where this new growth and development is taking place. If you are afraid of taking a pregnancy test in your dream it means you will resist this change in your life which is inevitable. The spiritual meaning of a pregnancy test in your dream symbolizes the positive and negative aspects of your thought which will allow this seed to flourish. Remember this seed has been unconsciously planted by the opposite energy to make you more balanced and joyful.

Hidden clues to find the answer of your pregnancy dream

Basically, how pregnant are you in the dream determines how close you are to this major transition in your life. For example, if you are something that in in labor in your dream it means that this rebirth within you is now undergoing. But if you are someone who is 3 months pregnant in your dream it tells you about this process taking half a year to develop. Catch my drift?

But why are some people pregnant with twins or triplets? How come you know the sex of the baby?  Well your unconscious is smarter than you think, and it seems to gather all this information way before you do. Basically the more babies the better. It means these growths can hit you in multiples, create opposites that grow or balance and harmony will be achieved.

This is why they never tell you online that pregnancy dreams may contain some precognitive themes. So no matter how hard you rack your brain thinking what is developing within you, the unconscious part of you knows and now has been manifesting — it can only be understood later on down the road.

What does the Bible say about pregnancy dreams?

In the Bible, pregnancy is often portrayed as a natural and expected part of life. In many cases, it is seen as a blessing from God and a sign of his favor. Similar to our dreams that communicate to us in metaphors, the Bible speaks to us in parables to find the answer.

The Biblical dream meaning of being pregnant suggests this is a powerful omen that will give you blessings in the future. However, what reinforces the spiritual meaning of pregnancy dreams is the fact that Mary’s pregnancy was seen as a miraculous and holy event. In essence, what is currently taking place between your mind, body and soul can be considered an spiritual awakening of some sort.

In general, pregnancy in the Bible is seen as a natural and positive part of God’s plan for human life.

What is the Hindu meaning of being pregnant in a dream?

In Hinduism, pregnancy is seen as a sacred and spiritual experience, closely connected to the concept of karma and reincarnation. The Hindu meaning of being pregnant in your dream suggests that your soul has been reborn during this lifetime on earth.

Pregnancy dreams in Hindu have more to do with your inner worlds or soul rather, that should be treated with great respect and care. The sacred text of Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita, teaches that the soul is eternal and is reborn again and again in different forms. It is believed that the soul chooses its parents and circumstances based on its past karma, or actions, in previous lives. So something you are doing in your life has caused this rebirth to take place, hence pregnancy in Hindu dreams is seen as a continuation of this karmic cycle.

Pregnancy dreams: The psychological approach

Since dreams are subjective to the dreamer this analysis could also be interpreted differently based off of the therapist. Though, pregnancy dreams can be considered a very positive symbol in our dream related to a mental development that is taking place. However, Freud’s theory called the “wishful fulfillment” might be a helpful symbol for some dreamer.

Like any analytical psychologist they will dig and ask questions until they find the answer. Now, if you are someone who is longing for having a baby based off of your mother instinct or societal pressures than it might emerge. Freud’s thinks that these wishes that are not fulfilled will be carried out in dreams.

Freud believed dreams reflected one’s unconscious desires, thoughts, and motivations. A pregnancy dream mimics pregnancy because it represents the creation of something new in your life.

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