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16 Reasons why you are dreaming of poop!

Did you know you can learn a lot about yourself when you dream about poop? This is not just any old random dream symbol, but a particular theme your unconscious has used to shed light on what still remains hidden from you.

Poop dreams represents repressed emotions, unresolved issues, insecurity and public fears held deep below your mind.

#1.Contains Hidden Psychological Reasons

We understand that embarrassment surrounding bodily functions is primarily a cultural and social construct. This is why such powerful emotions emerge around poop dreams because it contains a hidden psychological feelings about self concealment that’s affecting your life.

As the saying goes you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today. Until you address what the meaning of “poop” means in your dreams these unconscious embarrassing feelings will never go away until you make it conscious.

The good news is once you are able to identify this weakness in your life you are half way there in becoming a more confidence and happy person.

#2. Possible unconscious fears of judgement

One of the main reasons why you might have had a poop dream metaphorically relates to lacking confidence by your peers. There may be a fear of being judged or ridiculed by others if bodily functions are openly discussed or displayed.

Your unconscious will strategically place you in a specific area and people around as a clue to who or what might be judging you. Remember this still remains unconscious to you at the moment so you would need time to reflect on some of these hidden feelings you may possess around people/society.

This fear stems from a desire to conform to societal norms and avoid potential negative social consequences, so you wear this mask over your face to blend in and not be judged.

From a psychological standpoint this is a fear of a negative evaluation. In evolutionary terms, a fear of judgement makes sense as relating to the need to survive in society.

#3. Your vulnerability about being exposed

Sometimes feelings of vulnerability can manifest itself in our body’s physical reactions in our dreams. This can stem from emotional, financial, physical or social vulnerabilities that you face with on a daily basis.

The theme acts as a hidden metaphor relating to these pent up weaknesses held inside the dreamer not wanting to be exposed by others. These feelings such as shame, embarrassment, and other judging may seem to be present in your life.

Remember these feeling are only known to you hence why it is kept private, when these feelings are exposed you are likely to have a poop dream. So in what ways you might ask yourself if you feel vulnerable or exposed lately? Did anyone in particular show up in your dream to watch you poop?

#4. How is your health lately?

Many bodily functions are associated with waste elimination, which can be perceived as unclean or unpleasant. This can contribute to feelings of embarrassment, as individuals strive to present themselves as clean and hygienic. But it is really the emotion that were expressed in your dream that determines a positive or negative outcome.

Dreams about poop can sometimes be related to physical health and digestion — the need for dietary changes, better digestion, or paying attention to your overall well-being. It could also indicate an awareness of bodily functions and the importance of maintaining good health.

#5. Has something about you gone viral?

From a young age, individuals are often taught to keep bodily functions private and to display modesty in public. In our dreams poop seems to show up for some individuals reflecting how they behave in public.

Sometime these actions are embarrassing because it shows these awful aspects of your personality that was once held inside. While other times it means what you have kept private has now been seen by the public.

The modern day of phones being show everywhere also contains unconscious fears of doing something embarrassing for others to see.

For some, this might be a school fight where others might be words said that will come with repercussions. Usually poop is found in our dreams at either our work or school hinting at what might be exposed from you.

#6. Psychological perspective

I never really like to use Sigmund Freud as a reference, but he might have a good understanding about poop dreams. According to Freud, the anus is the primary erogenous zone and pleasure is derived from controlling bladder and bowel movement.

Ok, so we enjoy this inner release from our body but yet everybody keeps this a secret. We can use this enjoyable feeling that we get out of us relating to how we communicate with others — unconsciously reliving yourself that contains enjoyment but also embarrassment.

However, Freud linked any major conflict issue during this stage is toilet training will result in poop dreams. A fixation at this stage can result in a personality that is too rigid or one that is too disordered.

#7. Is dreaming about poop good luck?

Yes! Dreaming about poop is good luck, but it doesn’t mean it right away. Poop in dreams can be considered a positive symbol in a psychological sense because you have now released something pent up from within that needed to come out.

We can view the poop in your dream as energy or emotional repression that was once held deep within your mind and now it has been exposed. Sure, the feeling might be a little embarrassing, but after you will become aware (conscious) of what was holding you back in your past.

Dreams involving poop could represent aspects related to elimination, release, or transformation. It may act in a way that reflects the psychological processes of letting go, purging emotions, or removing unwanted aspects from one’s life.

#8. Bring me the money!

There is a lot of buzz going around if dreaming of poop means getting lots of money. While there is not enough data on this subject there has been some sort of link between the two.

According to mythology, bird poop is often associated with good luck and prosperity. It is said that bird droppings bring good luck as it is believed that the bird has chosen a person to receive its blessing – and bird droppings are a part of that blessing.

#9. Why are you dreaming poop everywhere?

Did you know that the most common dreams about poop is seeing everywhere. Gross! But theme bizarre themes actually help the dreamer find out these feelings that are not contained. To dream of poop everywhere represents uncontrolled negative emotions that has made you feel anxious.

Ideally, poop is supposed to go in the toilet, so your unconscious wants you to know about these inner feelings not going in the right place. The outcome is disguise or shame in this particular area in your life. Now it all depends on where you see the poop everywhere in your dream to give you an idea where these negative emotions are arise from.

You may ask yourself in what areas do you feel that you have lost complete control, repressed toxic feelings, or this emotional release is directed in the wrong place. The feeling that was expressed in your dream mirrors the emotion expressed in this particular area in your life.

#10. The spiritual connection

The spiritual meaning of poop in your dreams represents unbalanced root chakra, unconscious emotions or past trauma now being released from your body.

The root chakra located the base of the spine and is considered the foundation of the chakra system. It is primarily linked to issues of stability, security, and grounding. While the root chakra is not directly connected to poop, the anus is close to the root Chakra to link the two spiritually.

In symbolic terms, poop represents the physical and material aspect of our existence. It is the waste product of the body, and its elimination signifies the body’s ability to let go of what it no longer needs.

Similarly, the root chakra is related to our basic survival needs, including food, shelter, and a sense of safety. The root chakra is also associated with the earth element, which represents grounding and stability. Poop, being a product of our physical bodies, is connected to the earth in terms of its materiality and eventual return to the soil.

#11. What does it mean to clean poop in a dream?

Believe it or not, cleaning poop in a dream is a very positive symbol that has many psychological rewards. By cleaning up your mess shows you have become aware of your ideocracies and now it is time to heal.

Cleaning up poop in your dream represents emotional cleansing that only happens during a time of self reflection — cleaning signifies change of the mind for the better. Usually when we are cleaning up poop in our house it means we are on the brink of a major renewal in life.

Seen as a positive symbol of transformation and your willingness to face challenging situations or uncomfortable truths in order to progress and evolve. The dream may suggest that by addressing and resolving difficult issues, you can experience personal growth and positive change.

#12. Why is someone else pooping in my dreams?

Sometimes dreams are odd while other times they are down right bizarre. Dreaming of someone else pooping means a lack of privacy, watching others release pent up feelings, or a fresh start with this person.

Usually, if the person that is pooping in your dream is known to you it means you are understanding (un)consciously they are going through change. You are observing because you might be close to this person during this embarrassing time in their lives.

Someone pooping in your dreams might even be a situation in your life that you are not fully attached too. For example, this can work collectively as a workplace environment that has released a pent up issue that was long overdue.

#13. Touching feces in a dream meaning

Our sense of touch is controlled by a huge network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin known as the somatosensory system. In our dreams what we touch has more to do with this mind body connection that seems to be creating a negative feeling in your life.

Touching poop in our dream represents unconscious personal feelings disgusts and embarrassment during unpleasant situations in your life. The location where you touched it might be linked to an embarrassing moment yo experienced in your life.

By touching it means you have engaged with something from within that makes you feel awful. A symbol letting you know to address this problem and to clean yourself from it by using positive affirmations.

#14. Dirty Sheets!

Our beds are very symbolic in our dream because it points to our personal relationships, intimacy and pleasure. Freud’s theory about this area a symbol of “release” of “feel good” area towards your relationships. Dreaming of poop on your bed represent a messy relationship, childhood trauma or a getting mental relief from sexual interactions.

However, dreaming of poop on your bed could in fact be related to unconscious desires that one would deem unclean or dirty. 

There is good news is  once you have identified and cleaned up the poop on the bed it means your relationships will be a lot healthier. Some might even suggest that the poop that is found on the bed has been let go or released in your relationship that was messy. A lot of unwanted emotions have serviced and now its time to sort it out.

#15. If it comes out of other places?

As gross as some dream may be they actually have an important meaning. Whenever our dreams become so vivid like having poop come out of your mouth,  your unconscious is warning you about something you are completely unaware of.

To dream of poop coming out of your mouth suggests you are talking a lot of sh*t, poor verbal communication and feelings coming out the wrong way. What should be held in private something nasty is coming out of you for others to see. What could this be? Sometimes the location where you see the poop coming out of your mouth is an indication where this is stemming from.

Our mouths in dreams are very symbolic because they direct us toward our communication and pleasure — poop coming out of mouth signifies a change of speech and feelings towards something.

#16. Cannot flush for some reason

As long as the poop is where it needs to be it can be a positive symbol of transformation. To dream of poop in the toilet suggests you have released this pent up energy but cannot let it go.

It means you are fully conscious of what you held in from the past but it’s up to you to let it go fully. Bathrooms in dreams are known to be symbols of transformations that take place in the dreamers mind.

Negative association with poop in the toilet revolving around clogging or unable to flush suggests a mental block not allowing it to let go. This block belongs in the mind that still remains unconscious.

Does the Bible have anything to say?

The biblical meaning of poop in your dream brings your focus on your  impure thoughts, unclean nature, and defilement. The Bible often uses bodily waste, including poop, as a metaphor for moral and spiritual impurity.

In the Bible, poop is known to associated itself with sin, perhaps linked with the 7 deadly sins that are written about. A symbol to become aware of your own thoughts, behaviors or actions that are embarrassing yourself in life.

What do other cultures say?

Passing stool in Hindu dreams can be seen as a positive symbol of letting go of past emotions that were once toxic to your mind. Poop represents waste and impurities, so dreaming of poop in Hinduism can symbolize the need for detachment from the material world.

It may signify the importance of letting go of material desires, attachments, and negative influences to focus on spiritual growth and liberation.

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