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Are Pigs Really Good Luck?

It’s a big misconception that pigs are dumb. In fact, pigs are gentle creatures with surprising intelligence that are smarter than dogs. But in our dreams pigs are kinda bad omen related to the the emotions we bury deep within us.

We all have heard the terms “greedy like a pig” or “eat like a pig”, we never think of pigs as positive but associated with negative things in our lives.

The pig in your dream has come to unconsciously dig something up within you that you might not like. Pigs in dreams are bad omens that reflect your greedy, gluttonous, or unrefined sexual behaviors.

While most dream interpretation websites only tell you what a pig means they do an injustice to the dreamer, because there is a psychological root cause behind these undesirable traits — connecting to past trauma that needs to be healed.

Regardless, if the pig is a bad luck symbol it has emerged from your unconscious to help you change as an individual. In this article we are going to dig up unwanted traits within the dreamer, examine it but as well tell you the root cause.

What does it mean to dream about a pig?

As a rooting animal, the pig show up as a metaphor in our dreams to pull up unconscious dirty contents by bringing it to the surface.

Once the pig appears it becomes a signal to start paying attention to these undesirable aspects within that other recognize — related to living in filth, greedy behaviors and pig headedness (stubbornness).

We should also note that pigs in our dreams also have a special link with motherhood and fertility, a symbol of the lowest primitive needs or sexual instinctual needs that dwell in negative or low vibrational energy.

Pig Symbolism In Dreams 

  • Unclean living situations
  • Pigs in dreams point to greed and materialism
  • Do you eat like a pig? A dream symbol to improve on your health and diet.
  • Make a pig of oneself, a hint of your own rude and obnoxious behaviors.
  • Like a pig in slop tells you about your dirty nature.

#1. Pigs in dreams: A deadly sin

What makes the pig such an undesirable symbol in our dreams because it contains two of the 7 deadly sins humans possess; greed and gluttony are two redeeming attributes that could be unconscious in your life.

Like the pigs massive appetite it will consume as much as it can and never stops. This is why your unconscious has sent in the pig so you reflect this deadly drug you are consuming within but its eating away at your soul.

Materialistic pursuits are one of the main reasons why the pig appears in your dream to show you that money you may chase could be the substitute for what they feel is lacking inside.

The root cause of greed stems from emotional trauma, so the pig in your dream really wants you heal this trauma within so you can help provide others with your nourishment. This is why the pig is also known to be a symbol of motherhood and a provider.

#2. Eating like a pig

Pigs often show up in our dreams not to relate to one’s greedy nature, but reflecting on being overweight. This interpretation does not apply if you are overweight or not fully conscious of the dangers of being overweight does to the body.

The pig emerges in your dreams as a metaphor for consuming to much food and barely doing any exercise. The small confined area it dwells in can sometime reflects your own mental confinement that is stopping you from going to the gym.

Gluttony is described as excessive eating, drinking and indulgence, and covers also greed. The pig in your dream may have emerged as a warning to make you conscious of these pig like behaviors or else you will have a health problem.

The root cause of obesity seems to have a direct link towards past trauma that still remains hidden within the person. Sure you can lose weight, but pig in your dream has a deeper more symbolic meaning to help you fix this trauma within to balance both your mind, body and soul.

#3. Are you filthy like a pig?

The pig loves to show up in your dreams as a reminder of your nasty living conditions. The pig metaphorically targets behavioral-health condition characterized by poor personal hygiene, hoarding, and unkempt living conditions.

A hoarder is usually someone who obsessively and unnecessary keeps things they do not need and keeps accumulating junk overtime. The pig in your dream sometimes manifests in your life relating to your hoarding behaviors or living in complete mess. The pig also loves to live and eat in nasty environments. A reminder that you unconsciously enjoy living a particular lifestyle that is not healthy.

Trauma Alert: Some researchers believe hoarding can relate to childhood experiences of losing things, not owning things, or people not caring for you. This might include experiences like: Money worries or living in poverty in childhood. Having your belongings taken or thrown away by someone.

Fun Fact: In the Muslim world the pig is considered forbidden (haram) to eat not because pork is dirty but rather regarded as impure, unhealthy and harmful for humans due to the fats, toxins and bacteria it contains. The pig is a reminder to metaphorically reflect on your own living conditions if its similar to rolling around in mud and its own excrement.

#4. Your Sexual appetite

Sometimes the pig in our dreams unconsciously appears to your own primate sexual desires or drives. Often times dream interpretation websites connect the pig with fertility relating to our own ungoverned sexual instincts or life being controlled by these basic phyical needs.

The size of the pig tells you about the amount of time and energy goes into fulfilling these sexual drives that drain you emotionally and spiritually. The color pink is also symbolic of the feminine energy that is off balanced within the dreamer.

Freud’s Eros: The Life Drive:  According to Freud, the pig in your dream points to your basic drives that deals with basic survival, pleasure, and reproduction.

Why the pig chases the dreamer?

If not in all cases being chased by anything in your dream symbolizes avoidance or unconscious fears. But it is what that chases us in our dreams that will bring us closer to the meaning of your dream. A pig that chases the dreamer means they are not facing the pigs symbolic energy in their lives.

We have come to the understanding that the pig can represent your greed, unclean behaviors or environments, low sexual drives, or possibly being overweight. Now the dreamer would need to pick one or two of these traits that might be unconscious to them.

Ideally, you would want to face or kill the pig in your dream that shows acknowledgement of these flaws. The pig that chases the dreamer wants to shed light on this dark and unclean aspect of the Self — a recurring theme that tends to show up when nothing is being done about it. The spiritual meaning of a pig chasing means your fears of changing out of the pigs ways are too painful to examine.

What is the spiritual meaning of a pig in our dreams?

I never like to look at a dream symbol as a negative or positive but something that will bring change to the dreamer. The pig could be considered good luck in your dream only when the dreamer has made these undesirable traits known and willing to fix. The spiritual meaning of the pig offers you great change that comes from understanding one’s flaws. What will happen once you fix the pig within you is becoming a cleaner, healthier, stable and generous individual; but it is up for the dreamer to change and than transform as an individual.

To dream of a pig in your house always brings your focus back to the mind of the dreamer. Each floor and room can be decoded in way that brings your attention to what type of pig you have developed into. Sometimes the pig in your house points to a messy environment, while other times it can be related to a sexual drive if found on the bed.

Does the pigs color matter in our dreams?

Colors in dreams are very important tools that tend to target our emotional states, yet they carry a wide range of symbolism. According to Carl Jung, colors in dreams can indicate our four psychological functions and the stages in the process of individuation.

To dream of a black pig means the pigs symbolic energy still remains unconscious to you. By making its hidden characteristics known to you the color will change in another dream.

A white pig in your dream is interesting because it shows your past pure and innocent ways being tarnished by your behaviors. White is a very symbolic color in our dreams that attaches itself to symbols that can be both good and bad. A white pig encourages you to change the way you think and behave that might be related to childhood trauma. The pink pig in your dream represents off balanced feminine energy, or pig like feminine behaviors.

Why does the pig attack the dreamer?

Being attacked in our dream means we are getting closer to understanding the true meaning behind a symbol. Unlike being chased which mean you are running away from it, by being attacked by the pig tells you that you have either acknowledged this symbolic energy – or – relates to someone else in your life.

The pig that attacks in your dream can be a tricky symbol because you will need to figure out if this symbol belongs to someone who display these unclean behaviors or belonging to yourself.

Sometime we are attacked when we get to close to something that might scare us. For example, a pig that attacks the dreamer can stir up fears when they are challenging or examining their own impure ways. Alternatively, a pig that attacks could be someone close to you that you have provoked.

Your personal sacrifice

Usually when an animal such as a sheep is slaughtered in a it becomes an offering, but when a pig is involved it means something else.

Killing in dreams becoems a symbol of “removal” of negative aspects or behaviors in your life in order to grow as a person. It means with hard work and personal sacrifice you will achieve the desire to let go of indulgence, gluttony, or other negative habits that are detrimental to one’s well-being.

Dreaming of piglets?

Piglets might come as a bad omen warning you about what can develop in the future if you are not careful. Let’s be honest, piglets are very cute, but nobody looks at a full grown pig and wants it in their house. Piglets in your dream becomes a metaphoric clue suggesting you are starting something in which you perceive good but is bad. It is up to you to feed this thing you like in your life that can potentially damage your mind and body.

Usually the location of the piglets are clues where to look. For example, piglets on your bed will point to your relationship or sexual instinctual drives that can get out of control.

How come the pig is giving birth in my dreams?

While some might connect the pig in your dream to fertility or motherhood this could be a metaphoric hint relating to it. Usually, birth in dreams is a hidden symbol of a rebirth within the dreamer, however the pig giving birth means you are developing these negative habits.

In our dreams a pig giving birth is a bad omen suggesting to watch these specific behaviors or traits before they get out of control. What we want to do is stop it before it gets out of control. Since its connected with the mother it could suggest an off balance of feminine energy, low vibrational energy, primitive instincts developing within oneself.

What is the biblical meaning of the pig in our dreams?

In a biblical sense we can see the pig as our own unclean acts that needs to be cast out of us. By eating it means we are absorbing this negative energy within us in our lives. The Bible also teaches us that the pig in our dreams can represent the low vibrational people in our lives who do not deserve how you are. If you say that someone is casting pearls before swine, you mean that they are wasting their time by offering something that is helpful or valuable to someone who does not appreciate or understand it.

What do pigs mean in Hindu dreams?

Pigs like most religions are considered impure or unclean animals, and Hinduism, and they are associated with greed, indulgence, and uncontrolled behavior. A pig in Hindu dreams emerges to show the unconscious negative ways or behaviors that need addressing in their lives. The symbol wants you to control these materialistic desires, gluttony, or a lack of self-control when it comes to sexual desires.


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