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Answer nature’s call

Peeing in our dreams is a great metaphor for the things we hold within us that needs to come out. But, first make sure that when you dream about peeing doesn’t mean you really need to go.

Sometimes the urge to pee at night will alter the theme of your dream that might automatically make a bathroom appear. But this is not the case for everybody, in fact peeing in dreams is quite symbolic its just you dont know yet.

The Truth Behind Peeing In Dreams

Any sort of release from the body in our dreams whether it is poop or pee it tells you about a lot about your pent up feelings.

Believe it or not but peeing in dreams is seen as a positive symbol of releasing repressed feelings that needed to let go, cleansing emotions and relief. Though, it has a negative connotation when the dreamer is peeing blood or peeing on the floor which we will get to the bottom of this.

Remember we are not really talking about “peeing” here but a deeper meaning connected to your inner feelings that now finally discharged from your mind.

In this article, you will find more your repressed emotions and where to expect this transformation to take place in your life.

Peeing Dreams: Congrats! You have finally let go!

Peeing in your dreams is considered a good omen when you have finally removed yourself from emotional attachments. Mind you some people have difficulty with this and it shows it their dreams as well!

It is really about understanding the art of letting go of all the feelings or past trauma that we hold within. Peeing tells you that this emotional build up has now been removed and will restore balance in your life.

However, if you keep having dreams about peeing it means you you have a lot of pent up emotional trauma that keeps needing to be released from your mind.

Your unconscious keeps hinting these feelings that you carry around with you in your walking life that needs to be released. To stop dreams of peeing would require introspection into the emotions that are pent up within.

Peeing Symbolism

  • Worrying about what has happened in the past.
  • You are no longer trying to control everything.
  • The idea of a “perfect life” doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Unhealthy relationships.
  • Worrying about things you can’t change.
  • Clothing you haven’t worn in over a year.
  • Repressed emotions now coming out of you.

Peeing Dreams: The Emotional cleanse

What you really should be investing is the emotional cleansing that is currently taking place in your life. Ideally, you should explore your relationships or pent up negative emotional energy that has just been discharged from you.

Peeing is really an unconscious metaphysical release that has now unblocked within your mind and body. Our emotions create blocks within our body making an uneven flow or blocks within your chakras.

Peeing actually contains a lot of hidden spiritual metaphors that wants the person to learn how holding on to the past only makes things worse in the future.

Hidden emotions tend to mask itself into peeing in our dreams are frustration, anger and sadness that can only be expelled under self examination. I know this is not an easy task that cannot be solved overnight but one should look into better coping skills that will make them happier.

I had a dream about peeing?

Not all dreams have some cryptic meaning but an actual signal from your brain that you really need to pee. The urge to go to pee can sometimes become very urgent.

Usually when it comes to this point the mind and body start to work synonymously and makes you dream of peeing randomly. At this point your sleep may break off or you may end up peeing in your bed at night. The theme of your dream might have you running to the toilet or peeing somewhere randomly.

What are the most common peeing dreams?

To dream of peeing on a floor represents relieving yourself of your emotions in the wrong area. Because the floor is where we walk it becomes a symbol of a messy situation or something that will cause you to slip and fall. Pee on a floor in your dream becomes a warning to pay attention to where you are releasing these inner feelings because its not the right place.

Usually the location where you see the pee on the floor becomes a great indication where you might be spilling your feelings. Remember the floor only appears in our dreams when it relates to our path or stability in our lives.

If you are dreaming of peeing blood it becomes a negative symbol of a loss of energy or vitality in your life. Peeing blood feels almost like a nightmare, but it appears to warn you about your unconscious fears or relates to stress in your life. While some might suggest to talk to a medical professional if you are having any issues related in this area.


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