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Hello Again!

Did you know dreaming of the dead might be the closest proof of evidence that we have to the afterlife. While the true meaning of why we dream is still up for debate, their are thousands of dreamers who search every week to find answers on their dead loved ones appear.

By analyzing google’s advanced search engine results we have come to a very interesting find that might bring us closer to the truth than expected. With this powerful artificial tool we were provided insight into the collective mind of every human that dreams of the dead in the world. Now this is where it gets a bit spooky.

Fact or Fiction?

Regardless of your race, cultural background or religious beliefs, dreaming of our dead loved ones seems to be specifically coded in way that everyone seems to dream. We also seem to understand the difference between a regular dream of the dead and actually making contact. These dreams are very vivid almost you felt you actually connected with them.

In this article, we are going to tell you if you have interacted with your passed loved one and give you some insight of what the afterlife might look like. Even though this dream might not be real we are going to provide you with some tips to actually make direct contact in your dreams to come.

Dreaming Of Our Passed Loved One: Real Vs Fake

Let’s be honest, accepting death of a loved one can be extremely difficult. Sometimes we are clinging on to any bit of hope wanting just to say hello one more time.

Analyzing my dreams and others for over 25 years I can tell the difference between a dream of a dead loved one, or actually making direct contact with them. The enigmatic nature of dreams can be a bit tricky at time to decipher between the two, but their are specific guidelines that appear where we can the difference.

Many cases dreaming of our dead loved ones emerges becuase of grief, regret or sorrow. These dreams tend to show up not too long after our passed loved died because they are still trying to cope with these new emotions or lifestyle. These dreams about our passed loved ones are not as vivid or make any sense at all — a feeling as if it was just a dream and nothing more to it.

Another way to decipher if this dream of your dead loved one was real or not is the theme of your dream. If you dream about them still sick it means you are still trying to process these painful emotions that are still burdening you to this day.

When you have accepted the fact they are dead the better chance you have of making contact with them. It seems when the person is still in the grieving process our dead loved ones have a harder time getting into your dream world becuase of this block.

Once you have finally accepted and move on the block will come down and they might just appear out of the blue.

Signs of the deceased visiting in our dreams

Ok, let’s get to the interesting part of the dead visiting us in our dreams. Anyone who is unfamiliar with dream interpretation will find it difficult to believe or trust any online source that tells them what it means. Regardless, if the debate is still on the table of why we dream, many people who actively engage with the unconsciousness every night will tell a different story. Based off of my personal experience and the data retrieved from Google searches, I have come to the understanding that the deceased visit us in our dreams at night.

What makes visitation dreams differ than your regular type dreams is the vividness and feeling upon waking. You actually feel you made contact with your dead loved one in your dream and nothing is really doubting it. You instantly know that something was different about this dream that is unlike the others you may have had. Often times the dreamer would wake up feeling refreshed as if they actually saw them.

Signs of seeing a dead person alive in my dreams

When the dead appear in our dreams they are never sickly looking but they look really good. Many people online search for reasons why the dead look so much younger than when they last saw them. It seems that in the afterlife they keep a much younger appearances — an experiences that is commonly seen with people who have had a near death experience. They report a similar find to the people who dream of the dead alive looking much younger and healthier; usually the age is in the middle of their lives.

Another tell tail sign is how the dead person interacts with us in our dreams. They are commonly known to hug, kiss or smile at the dreamer. This is not just any random symbol but tends to show up time and time again when the dead make contact with the living in our dreams.

These powerful hidden metaphoric symbols are used as a code that exchange energies between two parties. All what you wanted to say, talk about and feel seem to be understood by hugging and kissing in our dreams. The dead person that is alive in your dream is really alive but manifests differently than what you are used to. After this meeting place in the middle world of dreaming and reality they will take what they know from you and vice versa.

Visitation Dreams: Did you feel really tired?

What many people never really report upon dreaming of the past loved ones is the energy that gets depleted upon waking. The contact tends to be early morning dreams during the last phase of rapid eye movement (R.E.M), where they report sleeping in a bit longer — a comfortable yet exhaustion feeling waking up in bed.

It seems that a real visitation dream zaps the persons psychic energy thus making them time upon waking. Sort of like when an actual psychic mediums makes contact with the dead they feel really tired right after. But this is an actual good feeling as if you just want to lay in the bed and think about your dream. In fact, these dream are so vivid you will remember it like it happened yesterday years down the road.

Visitation dreams: The offering

Another interesting find we encountered from Google’s advanced search was our dead loved ones in dreams offer us food, gold, jewelry, rings or even money. It seems that these specific symbols of wealth or nourishment become a hidden metaphoric clue that they are doing just fine.

But why do they give us these specific symbols in our dreams? Well it turns out that these aren’t your typical symbols, but is coded in a way for you to better understand the hidden meaning. When they appear to give us an offering it means they are happy about something.

They give something to you as a gift becuase they might know what the future might bring. They act almost like messengers or guides telling us something. Even my personal experience when my dead grandmother was smiling at me and giving me bread I woke up confused — two months later I found out I had a baby on the way.

Elderly dreaming of dead relatives

After collecting enough data about dream of the dead we also noticed that the elderly tend to dream of the dead more often than most. A general decline in the dream recall frequency is commonly reported in the elderly, and it is explained in terms of a diminished interest in dreaming and in its emotional salience.

But what is interesting when the elderly dream they often recall seeing their dead loved ones or significant other. While not unusual there could be both a psychological or a spiritual reason why this is occurring.

Psychologically speaking, the elderly may dream of the dead loved ones because they are question what happens after they die. Since they are getting closer to the inevitable these dream might show up to comfort them.

In a spiritual sense the elderly might be actually tapping into this grid and actually communicating with them. However, it would all be based off of there feelings about death, the theme that emerges and if they are missing there spouse. Also it is not uncommon for the dead to show up in our dreams when other people are passing away.

The elderly might encounter dreaming of a wedding or a party where everyone comes to bring them home. Lets just hope its not for them!

What is the meaning of a dead person alive in your dream

There is a saying, “the best dream analyst is you”.. When in comes to understanding dreams you must first trust you inner feelings because they will never guide you wrong.

The meaning of a dead person alive in your dream means it could be just a dream or you actually made contact with them. Many accounts report instinctively knowing that dreaming of a dead person alive was more than just a dream.

These vivid dreams about dead loved ones are not like your average dream but it will spark something within you that you have never felt before.

If you actually contacted with the dead there is a meaning. Sometimes the dead person in your dream becomes alive to tell you some good news or a warning to be careful about something. But this will be coded in your dream and what abstract symbols appear.

Usually, when they dead person alive in your dream comes as a warning you will have consecutive dreams based off of the same theme. For example, dreaming of a dead person alive that comes in a serious manner around a theme of snakes could detect a possible enemy in your life.

Dreaming of a dead person asking you to come with them

Some dreams are confusing, while others might make you a little creeped out. When it comes to dreaming of the dead there are no limits. Sometimes they tell us things that make us question if we are going to die or not. But I can reassure you that the dead tell us things only becuase they miss us.

To dream of a dead person asking you to come with them represents their eternal love, faith in the afterlife, or the feeling of missing that person. Consider yourself lucky becuase the afterlife for your dead loved one is not the same until you meet again.

This might be why they wanted to tell you this information because it might a while before you guys meet up again. While this can be debated because we really don’t have that much proof, but this could also be a dream related to unconscious emotions about accepting the death.

From my own personal experience we tend to talk to the dead during a specific time during R.E.M that might seem very short, but for them it is a lot of time.

Are you dreaming of the dead talking to you?

Sometimes our dreams are not coded by abstract symbolism, but are downright to the point. Many people often experience dreaming of the dead talking to them that seems to last for a long time. Mind you, most people might wake up thinking they only said a couple of words because they might have forgotten most of the dream.

When the dead talk to us it seems to pull towards an actual contact, however this can only be established based off off what happens and what they say. Sometimes the dead talk to us to find out about what is going on in your life, while other times they are sending us coded messages of love or warnings.

The dead are known to deliver us message from the afterlife, but also questions you may have wanted to know about them that you never asked while they were alive. It seems as if your psychic antenna has reached them for a reason.

The communication via phone

There are people who dream of a the dead loved ones talking to them on a phone. The phone in dreams is really a coded metaphorical symbol that has this “invisible” connection between this grid both are tapping into you. You cannot see them but hear there messages.

Could this mean you have a clairvoyant ability on earth that you are able to hear things that are not there – or – you had the chance to speak to them? What did they say? We would love to know in the comment section.

The spiritual significance

Dreaming of the dead is not your typical dream because it seems we use our etheric bodies to bypass the normal dream grid that we are commonly tuned into.

When we communicate with the dead in our dreams it becomes much more vivid than your average dream — this middle zone drains more of our energy but gives us a chance to finally meet up again.

Though, these dreams come very rarely and when they do it comes with a lot of hidden meaning and symbolism for you to decode. This is because the unconscious allows us to find the meaning in a metaphoric manner as opposed to giving us a direct answer.

The spiritual meaning of the dead in our dreams has a hidden undertone of internal healing, unconditional love and hope to meet again in the afterlife. These are very special dreams that should give us hope and happiness for the future to know there is life after death.

Do you want to communicate with the dead in your dreams?

Forget going to the gypsy psychic in some old apartment when you have the power to talk to the dead all along. I am pretty sure you have spoken to them already but you never remembered your dream.

In order to talk to the dead loved ones in a dream you will need to warm up your dream muscle before you begin. Its pretty simple, but it just takes a bit of trust and hope to get you through the door.

  • Learn to keep and record your dreams in a dream journal
  • Think of your dead loved ones before you go to bed
  • Ask specific questions that you have for them
  • Give them permission or request to speak to them
  • Belief. Once you believe in it and just wait and see what happens.
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