Painting Dreams

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Let’s Paint The Town Red

Who doesn’t love a new look of fresh paint? The feeling of removing the old washed up color from the past has now been revitalized with this fresh color makes us feel happy.

In our dreams painting is a very positive omen that represents changing of old habits, ignites self expression and and renewal in your life.

While some might argue that painting in our dreams could even appear suggesting you are trying to cover up something in your life. This might be true to a certain extent, but what color and how you feel when you paint in your dream determines the outcome.

The Benefits Of Painting In Dreams

It is not random that the majority of our dreams with paint either involve painting walls or our houses. Anytime we are painting a house in our dream it really implies we have undergoing a transformation in our lives.

The house is such a powerful symbol of the makeup of the dreamers mind, so by applying new paint suggests you will be changing the old you only for the new to noticed. Painting our house in our dreams will bring up inner feelings of accomplishment and a sense of control in your life because you can change what you want.

Some might argue if someone is undergoing a personal change that painting a house mirrors your beauty and well being. Sort of like foundation or makeup that would apply to this personal change that is taking place.

But to paint walls in our dream has a different meaning because it protects your feelings and confidence levels. These are sort of like metaphorical wall you have designed to keep the bad things out in our life. So by painting a wall in your dream means you are more care free, confident, and a strong minded individual. Freshly painted spaces often appear cleaner and more orderly, which can have a positive impact on our mental well-being.

Does the color of the paint really matter?

Absolutely! Specific colors that show up in our dream happens for a reason. Colors in dreams can hold significant importance as they can evoke emotions, represent subconscious thoughts or feelings, and add depth to dream experiences. The use of colors in dreams can reflect the dreamer’s emotions, desires, and the overall atmosphere of the dream.

Understanding the role of colors in dreams can offer valuable insights into the dreamer’s subconscious mind and emotional state. This is why so often people dream of body paint because it is not only a symbol of self expression, but seems to connect with the mind, body and soul connection. You are really showing others what new feelings will be shown!

Painting & Spirituality

The significance of painting in dreams can represent creativity, self-expression, and emotional processing. The paint really shows you how you express your feelings and emotions that will be shown in the world around you.

There seems to be an interesting connection between the paint that was chosen and your chakras. Each chakra color is like an energy vortex that activates this new found energy within.

Basically, the color you are painting in our dream really tells you about this new chakra being opened up — the old paint can be considered low vibrational energy that was showing an imbalance.

The biblical meaning of painting in dream brings out this new creativite spin and self-expression that will lead you towards happiness and balance.

Quick Tips

  • How did you feel when you saw the paint applied?
  • What emotions did you express when you saw the paint
  • Think of saying such as painting the town red or its like watching paint dry to find clues.
  • Has your emotional state of mind change lately?
  • Has anything changed with your self expression?
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