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What Rhymes With Orange?

If you had a dream about oranges consider yourself lucky. Oranges contain secret hidden properties in dreams that only a few know the truth behind its magical properties — and maybe the fact that an orange is technically a berry and not a fruit.

While other dream interpretation sites just topically scrape the surface of the true symbolic power of the orange, we are going to take you on a journey of the oranges true spiritual benefits and what to expect in the future.

What Happens When The Orange Appears?

To dream about oranges means you will embark on a new creative expression, a remover of negative energy, growth and renewal, success; but also a symbol reminding us of a spiritual awakening.

Remember when it comes to analyzing dreams we are not really talking about oranges, rather a symbolic metaphor that has been sent in from your unconsciousness to provide you healing. Are you ready to find the truth of the orange in your dream?

Orange Dreams & The Metaphoric Breakdown

The complexity of dream symbols are really layered when fruits are involved because it contains shapes, colors, seeds, skin and health properties; attached to a tree connects with life and growth.

One of the reasons why the orange in your dream is such a powerful symbol becuase of its circular shape — wholeness, transformation, protection, eternity and infinite potential. Your dream also wants you to know that you will peel back this layer within you to obtain this new found growth in your life.

Since the orange is a tropical fruit we also need to tie in the element of the SUN — provides the dreamer with new growth, happiness, warmth and a connection with God.

In this case the orange in your dream has show up to boost your mood by bringing you happiness, joy and positive energy, but as well removes negative vibrations.

The Tree Of Life

Why all fruits are symbolic in our dreams because they are grown from trees which is one of the most powerful symbols.

Trees in our dreams represent stability, strength, and the cycles of life and you are getting the nectar from it. It tracks your personal development progress by keeping you grounded so you can grow and flourish.

The hidden element of seeds

Oranges in dreams are often overlooked because they never mention the hidden, yet power symbol of the seeds that are contained within each one.

Orange seeds can be symbolic in dreams as they represent potential, growth, and fertility in your life. They may signify new beginnings, creative ideas, or the potential for personal development and expansion.

Orange seeds in dreams remind you nurture and cultivate something important in your life that will bring you both spiritual and financial success.

The Spiritual Association

Did you know that the color psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit?

Just think of the positive words associated with orange are: warmth, security, sensuality, passion… Just to name a few.

This is why when these special colors appears in our dreams it becomes a positive omen that will soon give you an energy boost. But what they never tell you is that the orange in your dream contains a plethora of hidden spiritual meanings that shows up only to awaken them.

The image of God has always been associated by sun because he will provide you with light, warmth, life-giving energy, and the source of all creation.

Awakening The Sacral Chakra

In order to find the spiritual meaning of the orange in your dream we need to examine what they called the 7 Chakras.

What is known as the Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana, the second energy center located in the lower abdomen, below the navel has now been activated. This powerful hidden energy source that is responsible for your emotions, creativity, transformation and sexual energy in your life.

But often times these energy centers close up because of emotional or past trauma causing you to be off balanced in your life. The orange shows up to release past trauma, anxiety, low libido and blocked creative expression. The orange also has spiritual properties that wards off negative energy because of its close connection the the sun.

What Does It Mean When We Are Eating Oranges In Our Dreams?

Well we know the saying “you are what you eat”.  Whenever we eat particular foods such as the orange we are essentially absorbing its energy within ourselves.

  •  positive energy
  • happiness
  • creativity
  • wisdom
  • past impurities removal
  • health and longevity

Are you dreaming of ripe oranges?

Don’t you love how dreams speak to us! Ripe oranges commonly appear in dreams to let the dreamer know this is the right time to obtain this energy in your life. You must seize the moment because you have waited for this to develop for days, months or even years.

Of course dreams are subjective, so in order to single yourself out from the rest is all in the location. Dream locations may tap into archetypal or collective unconscious symbolism. These are universal symbols and themes shared across cultures and may carry deeper, universal meanings. For instance, a dream about being in a dark forest might evoke themes of the unknown, transformation, or self-discovery.

Did you dream of an orange tree with fruits?

One of the best dream symbols you can think of with oranges is when they are laden with fruits. We are not talking about one or two oranges here, but something that can multiple over and over again in your life.

The tree is a reminder of the roots touching the ground and the leaves reaching for the heavens, you have now connected both your  physical and spiritual worlds.

Orange trees love to show up during a time in your life when theirs is a period of growth, success; but also flourishes your relationships or creative powers. Once the

What would Carl Jung say?

Carl Jung, a prominent psychologist and founder of analytical psychology, interpreted the symbolism of trees in dreams as representations of the self, personal growth, and spiritual connection.

He viewed trees as archetypal symbols that embody wisdom, strength, and rootedness. Jung understood  that trees in dreams could represent the integration of different aspects of the self and the potential for personal growth and transformation.

Did you see oranges and lemons in your dream?

Not often do people dream of oranges and lemons together, but when it does occur it contains a hidden meaning that might you smile. Lemons in dreams are often refreshing symbols that cleanses the energy of the dreamer.

When mixed together, orange and yellow create yellow-orange, also known as amber. Amber in dreams is often associated with protective qualities.

It is believed to possess a warm and nurturing energy that offers a shield against negative influences. Both the lemons and oranges together are reminiscent of sunlight, hinting at new found vitality and energy emerging in your life.

Amber is often associated with protective qualities.It is believed to possess a warm and nurturing energy that offers a shield against negative influences.

Dreaming of oranges during pregnancy

For some strange reason women who are pregnant tend to dream about oranges more than any other fruit. With a bit on investigating there seems to be a strange connection between your child and the orange.

Dreaming of oranges during pregnancy might have appeared to let you know your baby is healthy. Why? Because oranges have a lot of benefits that improve your health. But its would also be a good idea to ask your doctor or check about your vitamin C intake. Sometimes our dreams give us direct meanings if we are lacking something in our lives.

Symbolically speaking, oranges can seen in dreams as a symbol of fertility and abundance due to their vibrant color, juicy nature, and association with harvest and abundance in many cultures. In some folklore and traditions, oranges are believed to bring good luck, blessings, and prosperity, including in matters related to fertility and childbirth.

Hindu dream meaning of oranges

In Hindu dreams the orange is a powerful symbol that represents a spiritual transformation, devotion & practice, energy and fertility. Since oranges are considered auspicious fruits in Hinduism, it brings your attention to the presence of divine blessings and positive energy surrounding you.

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