Olive Oil Dreams

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The Most Symbolic Image

Olive oil has long been considered sacred dating back from antiquity. Over the years, the olive is known to be a powerful symbol representing wisdom, fertility, power, and purity. But in our dreams the unconscious tends to use this anointing oil for much more symbolic reasons.

Olive oil is a very positive dream that shows up in our dreams to bring us spiritual blessings, protection, guidance, healing and illumination.

It can be seen sort of like a positive energy within you that needs to be found. Your unconscious might be guiding you in hopes you find this natural wisdom and healing power given to you from the divine.

Olives are often associated with wisdom and divine knowledge. This is not your ordinary symbol, but a product of your own pursuit for wisdom, spiritual growth, and the quest for higher understanding.

The spiritual meaning of olive oil in dreams

Olive oil has deep spiritual connotations that are often overlooked. In our dreams it appears to bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, connecting individuals to the divine.

It symbolizes the sacred and the transcendent, fostering a sense of spiritual connection and presence. When we mean bridging the gap between both worlds we are speaking about clairvoyant abilities that awaken when olive oil appears.

Some sources might suggest that this valuable oil relates to awakening your mediumship abilities or accessing divine knowledge though certain mediations.

Mediums act as a bridge or channel between the physical and spiritual planes and this special oil shows up letting you know about your gifts.

Olive oil dreams and its healing properties

The health benefits of olive oil have been attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, observational studies have shown a link between lower risks of cardiovascular disease and even some cancers. Because of its natural healing agent this symbol can be used in our dream as a symbol of internal healing.

Olive oil is also linked to purification and cleansing of the mind and soul. It can represent the removal of impurities, negative energies, and obstacles on a spiritual or emotional level. Olive oil is used in various rituals and ceremonies for purification and protection.

Olive Oil Symbolism Facts: Did you know that the Olive tree can live up to 2000 years?  Trees generally symbolize various aspects of life, growth, stability and the Self.

When buying olive oil is symbolic

If you dream about buying olive oil it means you have been in search for healing and now you have found it. Though, this internal search is not yet known to you, but this is something that would be felt later on down the road.

Buying olive oil is a very symbolic dream because you are finding something that brings you wisdom, nourishment and spiritual awakening. Where you buy it and who you buy it from are metaphoric clues that lead you towards your answer.

Try not to spill this precious gift

If you dream of spilling olive oil it becomes a warning to properly use the gifts the universe has given you. Spilling something of value encourages you to look inward to see what mistakes have been made to make this happen. If you look at this symbol as an energy or gift and use how it spilled and your location — symbolic clues that connect the dots to what has been lost.

Why might you be drinking?

To dream of drinking olive oil means represent healing and restoration. It is believed to have therapeutic properties and can be used in spiritual rituals to invoke healing energies, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. A

How about dreams about anointing oil?

Anointing oils were used in scripture as a symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit for prayers of healing. In our dream anointing oil represents internal healing, protection warding off evil, purification of the soul and spiritual guidance.

What makes anointing oil so symbolic in our dream is the fact it taps into our inner wisdom that was never activated before. A symbol that wants you to reflect to keep going on your spiritual journey and never give up.

What is the biblical meaning of olive oil

Did you know that olive trees, olives and olive oil are considered one of the most symbolic images in the Bible? It was even mentioned in Scripture when the dove returned to Noah’s ark carrying an olive branch. This is not just an oil we use to put on our salads, but something more symbolic that is leading you towards balance and healing.

Since that time, the olive branch has been a symbol of “peace” to the world, and we often hear the expression, “extending an olive branch” to another person as a desire for peace.

The biblical meaning of olive oil in our dreams means spiritual anointing, empowerment, and the setting apart of individuals, objects, or spaces for sacred purposes. Olive oil symbolizes the presence and favor of God, divine guidance, healing, and spiritual abundance that will soon be apparent in your life.

My personal experience

I remember I dream I had years ago where a Buddhist monk in an orange robe knocked on my front door and asked me to step outside on the front porch. He was happy to see me and explained that their was olive oil buried underneath my house and then left.

He left me confused so I decided to search online only to come up empty handed. I instinctively knew that the symbol of olive oil in my dream was symbolic of something and it has nothing to do with my finances (shaking my head)….

I kept seeing negative associations attached to such a powerful symbol that has been known to purify the soul. So I decided to go on a mission and dig deep into the true symbolism of olive oil. In this article you will soon learn the importance of olive oil in your dream and how to tap into this precious source.

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