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Eureka! We Found Oil

While many search for what oil means in a dream they are not satisfied with the results displayed online. The reason is depending on what type of oil appears completely alters the meaning of your dream.

If you were to dream of crude oil which is extracted from the ground, it would have a totally different meaning than cooking oil, or even olive and anointing oil. Also, the interpretations about oil are not anywhere close to the actual meaning.

Since oil was commonly used in sacred rights the meaning in our dreams has to be looked at like a blessing or a special gift.

Why they get this wrong

This is what most dream interpretations sites get this symbol wrong, as they clump all symbols together yet missing out the true meaning. Regardless of what type of oil appears, the majority of dream symbols appear both negative and positive — it is what happens with the oil in the dream that determines the outcome.

Oil in dreams can be a positive symbol that contains both nourishment and healing properties. Dreaming of oil may represents emotional or spiritual nourishment, rejuvenation, or a desire for inner healing and well-being. Though, oil can be a negative interpretation relating to loss and upset depending where it is found.

What is the meaning of oil in dreams?

Assuming we are talking about crude oil, which is the raw natural resource that is extracted from the earth can be considered a very positive symbol.

To dream about oil implies you have tapped into this inner valuable source that has potential for huge success in your life. This dark crude oil within you still remains unconscious but needs to be refined in order to make yourself valuable. What special talents, natural resources or skills that have recently been found within your mind that has potential for greatness?

Crude oil is often linked to wealth and economic prosperity, this is why its important to understand how the oil appears. Dreaming of crude oil may represent the potential for financial gain, abundance, or material success. But a loss of oil means that you will lose this valuable energy from within.

Crude oil can come across as a metaphor for your internal source of energy. As a reflection of your own personal energy, vitality, or influence, it could indicate a period of heightened energy or power in your life or the need to channel your energy effectively.

Ok.. I am dreaming about cooking oil

Cooking oil is a very interesting dream symbol because it is associated with the kitchen and food; combined it becomes a symbol of transformed energy. Once you are inside a house in your dream it means you have entered a part of your mind, while the food your absorb within you becomes this new found energy. Cooking oil in your dream represents a skill, gift or assets that will bring you one step closer to success.

Cooking oil in our dreams is a positive symbol because this liquid has been extracted by plants. Dreaming of Plants is a symbolic image that represents growth and development in your life. Cooking oil  tells you that you have planted the seed of growth, cultivated, extracted and now confined this important energy to make success in your life. It tells you that you are using the right amount of energy to get what you want out of life.

What is the spiritual meaning of oil in our dreams

The spiritual meaning of oil in your dream represents balance, modesty, energy and transformation in your life. It tells you a story about the importance of finding the right amount of effort or energy to achieve desired outcomes.

Oils in dreams contains a lot of spiritual properties that if used property one can make great success in life. Cooking oil is used to transform raw ingredients into cooked food. A symbol of the process of transformation or change in your life, suggesting that you need to let go of old patterns, or find creative solutions to current challenges.

Cooking oil and pregnancy connection

Cooking oil needs to be warmed up on the stove; a symbolic representation of the womb (fertility), mixed with the pan (circle) that means transformation. Food that is cooked in your dream is new energy that will soon be absorbed within you. Since most cooking oils originate from plants this becomes a spiritual metaphor of something currently growing that will lead you to your goals and success in life.

The spiritual meaning of crude oil means tapping into the right energy within oneself in order to make growth and financial success in one’s life. This becomes a symbol suggesting that this is element within is crude, meaning that it needs your mental focus and the right energy to make it worth while for you.

Dreaming of oil on my hands meaning

Have you ever heard the term “oil ones hand” before? A saying to bribe one (to do or facilitate something), as or as if by slipping money into one’s hand.

Oil in hands in a dream is a negative symbol relating to using your power to facilitating something in your favor.

An oily hand in your dream wants you to become conscious of these aspects that benefit you but at a risk. Your dream will provide you with a lot of clues such as the people, location and emotions expressed in your dream.

Though oil on your hands can be seen as a positive symbol of your ability to heal others. Known as Reiki which is an energy healing technique performed by a Reiki master (who has undergone formal training in this healing art) uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy; (what’s known in Reiki as life force energy) through the client’s body to reduce stress and promote healing.

Dangers when it is found on the ground

To dream of oil on the ground warns you about a slippery situation you are encountering on your life’s journey. Your unconscious wants you to be careful of your future path by spotting something that might take you down.

You will notice from the location where you see the oil on the ground becomes a clue where this issue might be stemming from. Other times the exact location is a metaphor helping you find this slippery aspect in your life.

But oil on the floor really wants you to reflect on your wasted energy or resources in your life that needs to be properly cared for or secured so this doesn’t happen again. Oil is really a part of who you are or what energy that has been contain and used for your advantage – unresolved emotions, tension, or difficulties in your relationships or circumstances. The dream may be urging you to address and resolve these issues.

Biblical meaning of oil in dreams

Oil in the Bible has a very positive omen that means enlightenment, illumination, abundance and healing. But it really depends on what type of oil you see in your dream because there are over 12 essentials oils mentioned in the Bible. The dreamer would need to metaphorically decode the meaning based off the specific oil seen. For example, Frankincense oil was commonly used as an offering and symbol of worship in the Bible.

What is the Hindu dream meaning of oil mean?

Oil in Hinduism plays a significant role that can be metaphorically translated in the dreamer life. But it depends how the oil appeared and the specific type that alters the meaning. Dreaming of oil in Hindu dreams represents the presence of divine grace, protection, and favor in your life. It could signify positive energies, spiritual abundance, and the fulfillment of desires. Since oil is also used for purification rituals in Hinduism it brings your attention to an energy purification that can be done with meditation. It could suggest the release of negative energies, emotional baggage, or the purification of one’s thoughts and intentions.

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