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Did you just dream of the most intelligent sea creature?

Whenever your unconscious mind sent in one of the most intelligent sea creatures in your dreams you must take this symbol very seriously. But it tricky yet mysterious appearance has blended itself so well it is unconscious to you. Until now!

The reason why the octopus is considered a complex dream symbol is the fact they can complete puzzles, untie knots, open jars and toddler proof cases, and are known escape artists from aquariums. When it comes to decoding our dreams we have to strategically breakdown the symbolic elements of the octopus and see if it applies to the person or someone else.

Octopus Dream Interpretation

In our dreams the octopus awakens your adaptability, power, intelligence, flexibility, psychic elements; but can lead towards feminine manipulation or emotional fears.

Like most dream symbols that contain a positive and negative connotation attached to it, the meaning alters based off of your interaction with it.

This is a symbol that can awaken you at any given moment or shows up to pull you down to the depths of your fears. Are you ready to explore the true meaning of what an octopus means in your dreams?

Octopus hidden symbolism hints

  • Known to tap into our creative mind by using the mind as the sword.
  • The octopus in your dream finds the dreamer once it uses its true hidden powers.
  • A feminine energy that awakens intuition and psychic energy.
  • Known to commonly blend into its environment making it hard to catch.
  • It has emerged from the depths of your emotional unconsciousness to tell you something important.
  • The octopus usually outsmarts the dreamer as they are often attacked, chased or caught.
  • The eight tentacles (number) is symbolic for a rebirth in your life.
  • Its ability to produce ink might encourages you to put your thoughts to paper so people know the truth.

Octopus awakening your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize, understand, manage, and effectively express emotions in oneself and others. It involves being aware of and responsive to one’s own emotions and the emotions of those around them.

Seeing the octopus in your dream might have shown up as a symbol of awakening these new found abilities. Because the octopus dwells underwater it tells you about the power of this hidden emotion.

What the multiple arms tell you

The octopus’s many arms and intricate behaviors can symbolize the complexity of the human psyche. In psychology, an octopus can be seen as a metaphor for the diverse aspects of an individual’s personality and the multiple roles they play in different contexts. It represents the idea that human beings are multifaceted and have various dimensions to their identities.

You can use the intelligence of the octopus and see how it applies to you in your life. It would be beneficial to adapt the skills of the octopus in your life so you can navigate with ease and get what you truly want. The octopus in your dream mirrors how self aware, intuitive, socially aware, and your ability to regulate your own emotions.

Why is the spiritual meaning of octopus in dreams

In our dreams the symbol of water is a feminine energy that is linked with our intuition, unconscious or psychic senses.

In a spiritual sense the octopus might have emerged from these hidden unseen depths to awaken these once dormant energies. Its ability to blend it tells you that you it has been watching and waiting for you to use this gift that was given to you.

Octopuses help the individual pick up on things that cannot be seen or heard but only felt.  This attribute can be seen as a metaphor for psychic sensitivity and intuition.

It also has the ability to jump between land and water making it a symbol that can transcend different realms of consciousness.

Was this a baby octopus?

To dream of a baby octopus means this new found intuitive energy has been awakened and will take time to develop. Babies in dreams are very positive symbols of a growth and transformation in one’s life; the awakening of the octopus turns on this new found intelligence that the average human cannot see. Remember the tentacles of an octopus are highly sensitive and responsive to their environment telling you to protect your energy.

There is a but… Sometimes they can be seen as a feminine threat that starts off small and non threatening if you are not careful of this particular person in your life. What you would want to do is see if anybody new has entered you life that matches its behaviors.

Sometimes they are scary predators

To give you a simple answer on why the octopus attack you in your dream would be an injustice to its complex nature. The octopus in your dream may show up for many reasons, but when it attacks you it becomes a warning that you are too close to a very intelligent energy.

To dream of an octopus attack represents overwhelming emotions or situations in your waking life. It may also want you to investigate areas in your life where you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, tangled, or entangled in a particular aspect of your life.

Because it dwells in the depths of the oceans waters it means this issue is bringing up a lot of emotional feelings to the surface, but first must bring you down towards the unknown side of your emotions. This is why octopus are scary dream symbols because once it traps you with its suction like tentacles you will be stuck in this feeling for a while.

The reasons why it has attacked you

The octopus that attacks has the ability to hit you from all angles and keep you below these unwanted emotions for sometime. Octopuses are known for their tentacles, which they use for manipulation and control; a connection between the relationship with the archetypal devouring mother that uses its intelligence to hold you close.

Dreaming of an octopus attack could signify a feeling of powerlessness or being manipulated by someone or a situation in your waking life.

Usually the location of the attack and the people around you are great clues where to start. The symbol wants you to investigate areas of entrapment, entanglement or trapped in a difficult or manipulative relationship.

The good news is that the octopus wants to help you transform as a person despite being held down in this unknown territory. So by becoming aware of the people or things that hold you emotionally down as a person will make the attacks stop. This is why killing an octopus in some cases can be seen as a positive dream symbol by relieving yourself of this trap people have set for you.

Octopus chase dream meaning

Whenever anything chases us in our dreams it means we are not ready to stand up to the fears that consume us in our lives. But why the octopus? It’s possible that the octopus that chases you because it wants you to awaken this intelligent dormant ability within you?

The octopus symbol represents our ability to overcome challenging situations with creativity and intelligence. The Octopus reminds us to express ourselves by using our minds and to trust our instincts. You might be avoiding something that will involve you multitasking or solve abstract problems?

But it’s also possible that the octopus that chases you relates your unconscious emotional side; overwhelming emotions or situations you always seem to be trapped by.

The octopus may want you to face your challenges, responsibility or emotions that has entangled you for so long. As long as you are avoiding dealing with these challenges in your life you are only giving the octopus more power. Similar to its ability to produce ink, a clue emerges for you to write down these emotional fears that consume you and ways to get out of this sticky situation.

Why would you eat an octopus in dreams?

Eating in our dreams doesn’t mean we are hungry and wanting a late night snack, but rather a more complex meaning of absorbing this energy within you.

They say you are what you eat, and in dreams this might be closer to the truth. Eating an octopus in your dream is a positive symbol of awakening new found intelligence, creativity, intuition and emotional awareness.

Because the octopus is known to multi task it means this new found skill of your will make you do more than one thing with ease. What was once found hidden deep on the ocean floors you have brought it to the shore (conscious awareness) and will use its energy to benefit you.

Killing an octopus in dreams

Anything that we kill in our dreams has both a positive and negative association attached to it. Killing an octopus in your dream can both signify removing yourself from an emotionally complex situation – or – blocking your own intelligence that will make you successful in life.

It is usually how we feel when we kill the octopus in our dreams that becomes a helpful clue. Killing it after numerous previous attacks is a good symbol, but feeling sorry for it might have to do with you. Remember the majority of neurons in an octopus are found in the arms, which can independently taste and touch and also control basic motions without input from the brain.

This should give you some insight to what emotioanlly intelligence that has been severed in your life. To kill is to remove something out of your life. What is your guess?

Biblical meaning of octopus in dreams

The Bible doesn’t mention the octopus, but it mentions Leviathan in the Old Testament appears in Psalms 74:14:¬† a multi headed sea serpent that is killed by God and given as food to the Hebrews in the wilderness.

We may use this reference than the octopus might be more of a negative symbol in Biblical dreams relating to chaos and evil. But this also depends on how the octopus appears in your dream. For example, in the Bible, the number 8 is often associated with new beginnings, regeneration, and resurrection.

The 8 tentacles can be used as a symbolic metaphor for some sort of awakening within the dreamer. However, it either attacks or chases the dreamer it might relate to experience chaos, but remember at the end of this turmoil will bring order.

What does the octopus mean in Hindu dreams?

Similar to most religious texts the octopus is nowhere near to be found, but that doesn’t mean it has a very symbolic meaning in Hinduism.

If we metaphorically break down its multiple tentacles (hands) we come up with an interesting find that connects you to divine wisdom, cosmic authority, multi dimensional existence, spiritual transformation, and a depiction of omniscience.

The octopus is a very positive dream symbol in Hindu dreams, but can be seen as a negative omen when it attacks or chases the dreamer. Because of its connection with the divine, the attack means you are not exploring deep within your own unconscious self to find out your true nature.

In Hindu mythology, the number 8 is closely associated with the concept of Ashtalakshmi, which refers to the eight forms of the goddess Lakshmi. With this reference being attacked might be connected with the devouring mother (see above) or an imbalance within the feminine energy.

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