Mountain Dreams

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So you had a dream about mountains!

Some say that overcoming obstacles is just another way of describing life. Very few dreamers truly understand how symbolic mountains are when they show up in our dreams — a metaphoric blueprint of what you are about to face in your life.

If you are the lucky few who is able to pinpoint what the mountain means you will be able to get hidden insight to your progress and possibly the future. In this article, we dive deeper into the dream meaning of mountains, and how to help guide you towards the top.

Why Mountains are special symbols

In our dreams mountains represents any obstacle that comes our way in our lives. Whether it is achieving losing weight by going to the gym, dealing with a bad breakup, fears, illness, or reaching a state of enlightenment.

The main objective would be to get to the top, all your dream is saying is how close you are to completing this task.

Basically, life has thrown you an obstacle you have no other choice than to face head on. When these obstacles surface, we can either run from it or meet these challenges with determination and inner strength.

Furthermore, people who decide to head on a spiritual path might come across the mountain — to reach higher states of consciousness the mountain becoems a symbol of the mind. This is a subjective dream and must be interpreted based off of what is going on in ones life.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Forget paying thousands of dollars to a psychologist when you had a dream about mountains. It sounds crazy, but once you find out what the mountain represents in your life than you can be more self aware as a person.

You will not only be able to track your progress but will give you an understanding how close you are to being free. Unconscious fears play a big role when it comes to the early stages whenever we are faced with whatever obstacle life gives us.

Fear can be a useful tool in situations where there is a genuine threat to our safety. It can activate our fight-or-flight response and help us respond appropriately to dangerous or challenging situations.

However, when fear is based on imaginary or perceived threats that are not grounded in reality, it can indeed hinder our progress and prevent us from achieving our goals. This is why many dreamers encounter mountain lions or falling off the cliff because they have given into these unconscious fears in life. Anyway you look at it, the only way is up to achieve your goal, and if you are not ready to take on this challenge than your unconscious will make this theme recurring until you learn you lesson.

  • The college you applied to has denied you.
  • Your boyfriend or girlfriend has broken up with you.
  • You’ve just found out that a loved one has passed away.
  • Your Mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer


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