Marriage Dreams

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Head over heels

Before you jump the gun and say “I do“, we highly encourage you to slow down and know what you are really getting into.

Marriage in dreams is not your average symbol but your unconscious saying that there will be a very significant change occurring in your life. Now are you ready to tie the knot?

Marriage dream interpretation

The meaning of marriage in our dreams is an interesting symbol that often informs you about a new partnership, or a major commitment that is taking place in your life.

Basically, the whole idea of marriage as a symbol in our dreams suggests you are joining two things together to make something work. A symbol that encourages you to reflect on what new partnerships that you might be teaming up in whether it is business or a new friendship.

How the marriage is in the dream gives you future insight to how well this project or unification will be. We can use it to determine if this will be a positive union or a complete disaster.

But the weird thing is that many people never talk about is the connection with marriage and an upcoming death.

Marriage from a spiritual perspective

Marriage can be one of the few symbols that might predict how well two people (energies) gel well together. It contains spiritual elements of fertility, prosperity and future growth in ones life if all goes well.

But to truly understand marriage from a spiritual standpoint we must breakdown it metaphoric meaning and extract value from it

We understand so far your unconscious is telling you that two energies are coming together to create balance, harmony and joy. But this could also come as a forewarning letting you know what you might be pairing up with could cause your more harm than good.

Since the majority of marriage dreams contain precognitive elements we kind of have to let go and let what happens happen as its in the cards. Like most marriage we don’t really know the outcome but to take a chance and learn to see what road this leads us to.

Seeing marriage in a dream good or bad?

Everyone wants to know if marriage is a good or bad omen. I hate to break the news to you but marriage dreams contains both positive and negative elements to it. Many people often freak out because they may have heard from someone that marriage automatically means death becuase of cultural beliefs passed down.

Anybody who remembers their dream will also find a strange correlation between weddings and death because this might be the final party before one goes to the other side.

As if this wedding is only inviting the once living a chance to carry the living to the light. These weddings are often very vivid and sometimes we are not really allowed in but can see in a distance.

Dreams are often subjective and these symbols may appear during specific times in ones life when major unifications are about to take place. Death in dreams can be considered a positive symbol suggesting a transformation within the dreamer.

How to tell if marriage dreams means death?

You see our unconscious speaks to us in a coded metaphoric language that is often misunderstood. Sure, marriage dreams could mean you are going to team up with someone to start a new venture or business idea, but what about the grey area that few people only speak out.

While most online dream interpretation sources say that weddings are often a unification between two parties, they often forget to mention that it marriage could mean death. But there are certain protocols that tend to emerge when someone is actually going to die. One thing is for sure is that marriage dreams are not your average style dreams; they tend to have more meaning and are extremely vivid like watching a movie in high definition.

It also seems that these “large gatherings” are the meeting place between the living and the dead to interact with each other for a short period of time. As if they know when someone is ready to depart so they prepare themselves. Wedding cards or marriage invitations are often another clue that could relate to death.

Similar to death, marriage mirrors it representing  a new stage in ones life so this could a metaphor for the spirits unification with the afterlife. If you are picking up on a death it might pull towards a dream theme of attending a wedding as opposed to you being married by some unknown person.

Marriage and death are significant life events that evoke strong emotions and profound changes. Symbolically, marriage can represent a union, a new beginning, or a deepening commitment. Similarly, death can symbolize endings, transformations, or transitions. Dreams often use symbols to convey deeper meanings, so the presence of both marriage and death in a dream may reflect a symbolic representation of significant changes or transformations happening in your life.

What happens if you are seeing other marriage in a dream

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