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Are lions really good or bad dream symbols?

Just the other day I was wondering why many years ago I had a dream about an anorexic lion outside my house. Like the majority of dreams they seem quite bizarre, but it was only looking back I understood its meaning.

As you will soon realize like I did that the unconscious never sends in the most powerful Lion in the jungle by fluke, but to show you about your own inner strength and power you have in your life.

By looking back in my position many years ago I realised this was a time in my life where I had very little energy and drive to get me where I needed to be. Based off of how you interact with the lion will tell you if you have tapped into this hidden masculine drive that will push you to your limits.

Tapping into this hidden energy

The lion in your dream is really reflecting your vital energy in life. In essence, for the lion to be a positive omen in your dream it needs to be healthy, strong and friendly in your dream.

The lion reminds you if you have the right energy to get out there and approach life with excitement and energy; feeling vigorous and enthused; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated; and maintaining a zest for life.

Like most people who are missing this element in their lives will end up being chased, bitten or attacked by the lion. If this is the case than you will want to investigate if you are suffering from depression, low energy or drive that needs to be fixed.

The lion is a teacher in our dreams that holds great value once its energy becomes integrated within the dreamer. By understanding your own power or weakness that needs to be integrated you become more balanced and confident in your life.

Fun Fact: Spending up to 20 hours of the day sleeping or resting, lions are the laziest of the big cats. They can be found lying on their backs with their feet up or taking a snooze in the shade. 

If it enters your house it enters your mind

A lion that is seen in your house in your dream is a very positive symbol that awakens your strengths, assertiveness, dominance, and bring light into a once dark place.

Houses in our dreams are very symbolic images of the mind of the dreamer, and each floor the the lion is seen on will alter the meaning. Generally speaking, the lion that enters your house activates your inner strength, but if it turns on you with aggression it means you are not challeling it properly.

The lion in your home is really a call to tap into your inner strength and courage to confront challenges or difficult situations in your personal life. Some might argue that if you are having a power struggle with your father the lion or gorilla might also emerge in your house.

Remember we are dealing with a masculine energy that wants you to recognizes your assertiveness, emotional intelligence, protector of your family; the king of one’s domain.

Why did the lion chase you in your dreams?

A lion that chases you in your dreams points to your own inner weakness. A symbol warning you that you need to develop the energy of the lion to fight these masculine figures or powerful people who dominate you. Sometimes you need to face your fears hence why the lion shows up for you to man up!

In a weird way you would want to be attacked or eaten by the lion because you are one step closer to integrating this energy within no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

But I get it, it’s not easy to incorporate the assertiveness and strength of the lion, but something that will take time to develop over time. This could be why our fears are often attached to the lion because its really hard to do something we don’t think we are capable of doing.

The lion really wants you to examine your unresolved issues or emotions that you have been avoiding for so long. These feelings are so powerful and overpowering when you are reflecting on it so you need a lot of courage to face it. It might suggest that it’s time to confront these issues head-on and find a resolution. Because Lions are often associated with strength and transformation, if you are chased it pulls up feelings in fears of change relating to personal growth.

Spiritual meaning of lion in dreams

The spiritual meaning of a lion in a dream means you will become a natural leader. Even though the majority of dreams involve the lion attacking or chasing the dreamer, it encourages the person to have more pride, confidence and courage in life. The spiritual meaning of the lion wants you to incorporate your true self and use it in the world we live in. Let’s be honest, we are often surrounded by sharks and snakes — being the king of the jungle they will all bow down to your commands. How do you become a lion in real life? Cultivate self-confidence and self-assurance by recognizing your strengths, embracing your uniqueness, and practicing positive self-talk. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Develop the courage to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone. Take calculated risks and embrace new challenges. Trust in your abilities and be willing to take action despite uncertainty.

Why does the lion chase us in our dreams?

Whenever the lion chases the dreamer it becomes a negative symbol relating to their lack on confidence, insecurity and fears. The act of running away becomes a metaphoric clue that you are really running away from something more powerful or intimidating. I know it sounds crazy, but facing the lion head on and maybe being devoured might be your only saving grace. Let me explain. The lion is not really in you as yet, meaning you haven’t intergraded its own powerful energy within you hence why you are running way.  By identifying than challenging this threat in your life it means you will soon become the lion. Often times the dreamer ends up killing the lion in their dreams when they have fully incorporated the energy within oneself. The spiritual meaning of a lion chase in your dream wants you to build up your own strength and courage so you would be able to use this energy to benefit you in your life. Once you have adopted and become the lion it means that nobody will mess with you. Other people would not take advantage of you but pick on a weaker target. Right now your dream is letting you know that you are the gazelle roaming around dangerous people waiting to be picked on. The location and the people around you when you notice the lion attack lets you know if this stems from your own inner weakness or someone who displays the lions behaviors.

Dreaming of a lion attack?

Lions are known for their focused and determined nature. Sometimes the lion can appear in your dream relating to the people who display its powerful qualities and you getting in their way. Sometimes the lion attacks when it relates to our own insecurities or lacking leadership qualities. The dream will position the lion in a way that will help direct you either to your inner or outer worlds. By embracing your leadership qualities by taking charge of your life and making decisions that align with your values and goals will stop the lion from attacking. By practice assertiveness in expressing your needs, setting boundaries, and standing up for yourself and others when necessary.

If the lion belongs to your own personal weakness in your dream, than it wants you to develop courage to face your fears and kill off the old you. Sometimes it would be a good symbol that the lion defeats you because you need to die and be reborn again.

Why would the lion be inside my house?

Wouldn’t the last place you would want to see a lion would be inside your house? Well in our dreams this might not be such a bad symbol as you might expect. If not in most cases the lion that enters your house is more tame than usual. The house in our dreams is really the mind of the dreamer so when the lion enters it means this powerful energy is known become aware to the dreamer. The lion inside your house is a reminder that you possess the same qualities of the lion and now it is time to use it to your advantage. What do we mean by the lions qualities? Basically, the lion known for their bravery and fearlessness. Dreaming of a lion inside your house represents the persons need to confront fears, take risks, or overcome obstacles. It may serve as a reminder to embrace courage and face difficult situations with resilience. Your unconscious is telling you to find this energy within you so that you can use it in your walking life. Are you someone who is more timid? Maybe you need to be a lion around the people in your life that have always taken advantage of you. The spiritual meaning of a lion in your house is a positive symbol suggesting you will soon adopt courage, assertiveness and masculine balance in your life. Since dreams are subjective, the lion could in fact be related to your own uncontrolled behaviors. Basically, if you are someone who is unaware of your own strength, pride or aggressive nature than the lion that enters the house becomes a symbol of your own understanding of yourself. Important clues emerge when you see the lion enter different rooms of the house. For example, a lion in the kitchen would point towards transformation, whereas the basement would remain unconscious to the person.

Psychological meaning of lions in dreams

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung, he felt the lion was attached to the unconscious side of the dreamer — an archetype, can represent strength, courage, the shadow self, and the integration of opposing forces within the individual. Basically, by understanding your own hidden behaviors you will become a more balanced person that will only use your strengths when needed. The lion needs to be tamed within the dreamer, but first it must be understood.  Lions can also symbolize the unconscious or shadow aspects of the dreamer’s psyche. Dreams involving lions may indicate the presence of suppressed emotions, desires, or instincts that need to be acknowledged and integrated for personal growth and wholeness. It can signal the need for exploring and understanding hidden aspects of oneself

Biblical meaning of lions in dreams

The biblical meaning of a lion in your dream means you need the strength to stand up for your beliefs. The lions massive presence lets you know that you will be challenged by an outside force that needs taming. Though, like most dreams about lions they appear in many different ways. Sometimes when we have a good relationship with them or they enter our house they can be a message from your higher power. Lions are also sometimes associated with God’s protection and deliverance. In the Bible, there are references to God rescuing His people from the mouths of lions (e.g., Daniel in the lion’s den). Dreaming of a lion may indicate that God is watching over you and providing divine protection in your life. Biblically speaking, lions have a regal and authoritative presence. In biblical symbolism, lions can represent spiritual authority, kingship, or the power of God. Dreaming of a lion may suggest that you are being called to embrace your spiritual authority or to recognize the sovereignty and power of God in your life.

Seeing lion in dream Hindu meaning

If you seeing a lion in Hindu dreams it means you have been protected by a higher source. Dreaming of a lion in Hindu dreams means the presence of divine protection and guidance in your life. It can be a symbol of auspiciousness and positive energy surrounding you. But like most dreams the lion sometimes attacks or chases the dreamer. If this is the case, than the lion in Hindu dreams wants you to gather enough inner strength and courage to fight on through during difficult times in your life.

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