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Lightning never strikes twice

Sometimes there are specific symbols that emerge in our dreams that makes you wonder if it is a bad or good omen.

If you happened to dream about lightning you will soon come to the realization that this is one of those symbols that contains both positive and negative meanings.

A symbol that strikes down to tell you about a profound awakenings, sudden realization or punishment. Though, one can only look reflect on this symbol in the future and something will click reminding of you of its true meaning.

What we do know is something big is about to strike and you have now been warned. In this article we are going to help you understand why the lightning has come into your life and what to do with it if its bad news.

Hidden dream meaning of lightening in our dreams

The key element in your dream would be to deconstruct the metaphoric meaning of what lightening really is in your dream. We know that the chance of being stuck are less than one in a million, so the odds of this happening in real life are slim to none.

Remember a bolt of lightning is an ancient symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance; but may also be seen as random terrible events or awakening of your intuition. Just think about the Greek mythological god Zeus that uses the bolt of lightning to represent divine message, balance, punishment and authority.

We can look at the lightning symbol in our dreams in a similar manner. So far we know that this symbol has been sent in from your unconscious mind to illuminate something very big that will soon take place in your life — often associated with precognitive themes meaning it will soon unfold in the near future.

However, this powerful symbol could frighten the dreamer because of its powerful energy that can kill, but it might take shape as a divine message, honoring those chosen. According to Jung, a phallic shape penetrates down to the earth thus liberating the soul.

How to understand if lightning is a good or bad omen in dreams?

Before you jump the gun and think lightning is a bad omen, you first must breakdown some key elements to see if this is a bad omen.

Did you notice if the lightning struck or damaged anything in your dream? What turn or events happened after the dream? Who was with you and what was happening before you noticed the lightning strike in your dream? What feelings emerged when you noticed the immense force of this electricity?

The funny thing about dreams is sometimes being struck directly by lightning might not be such a bad symbol. Why? Because death in our dreams only happens when the dreamer will undergo a rebirth.

But then again it might even be a destructive or sexual energy. How do we know the difference? Well this remains solely up to the dreamer to do some serious introspection to find the answer. The good news is your dream will provide you with enough metaphoric clues to find the answer.

FUN FACT: A lightning bolt can reach 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, about five times hotter than the surface of our sun. Lightning moves about 30,000 times faster than a bullet. Thunder is the result of the rapid heating and expansion of air caused by a lightning flash.

Lightning and rising energy

Electricity is seen as a symbol of divine energy and the life force that animates all living beings. It represents the spiritual power that flows through everything in the universe, connecting all forms of life. Electricity has been known to be that symbol of  the presence of a higher power or spiritual essence that gives life and vitality

The electricity can mirror the neurons in your brain mirroring an awakening or the expansion of consciousness.

What the Hindus call Kundalini which is the electricity emerging upward within the body to connect with the right hemisphere. It can represent the sudden surge of awareness, insights, or spiritual understanding that illuminates one’s perception and brings about a deeper level of enlightenment.

This powerful random burst of energy can also be linked to these divine forces that communicate with individuals through energetic sensations or synchronistic events involving electricity. It acts almost as a message from the can be spiritual realm pushing you towards a new transformation and purification process.

A burst of new transformative energy that kick starts this new journey of the soul, shedding old patterns, and embracing higher states of consciousness.

Psychological meaning of lightening in our dreams

From a psychological standpoint lightening may emerge in our dreams as sudden awareness, powerful emotions, drastic change and a warning. Lightning in dreams may also signify the emergence of unconscious thoughts, desires, or impulses.

According to Carl Jung, he  felt that lightning in dreams related to an archetypal symbol, representing universal patterns and collective energies. In dreams, he might have viewed lightning as the activation of archetypal forces within the individual’s psyche — evoking a sense of luminosity, awe, and connection to the collective unconscious.

You can run but you cannot hide

Running away from lightning in your dreams is an interesting symbol that suggests you are avoiding change in your life. But this might not be the case for everybody. You see sometimes we can run away to avoid punishment from doing wrong.

The act of running away in dreams says you are avoiding something that needs to be confronted. The loud bang and dangerous force is a reminder to pay attention to one’s actions or decisions that you might have regret.

You will know from the location of the strike about where these actions or consequences are arising from. Running away from lightning in your dreams wants you to look at if you are not wanting to transform as an individual –fear of exposing yourself to outside elements so you remain looking for safety.

If this is the case you would want to look at the areas in your life where you feel vulnerable and fear being judged by others of authority. Because gods have been known to use lightening as punishment it might wants you to reflect and change your past behaviors.

Dreaming of lightning and rain meaning

Rain in dreams has always been known to be a symbol of repressed or a release of emotions. But when it is associated with lightning it tells you once you express these feelings there will be an element of danger in the process. But we must remember that the electricity tells you about the changes of your brain waves thus creating a new various of you in life. This will have to come at a change you might not expect.

We can break this down metaphorically for a lot of built up tension in your life that you might be experiencing. Many of these feelings are mixed with unconscious emotions that are trying to process during this turbulent time.

Some questions you should reflect on is your safety in your dream. What emotions did you express when you saw it? This plays a very important role when it comes to decoding the true meaning — once you are safe it tells you about your emotional comfort and mental safety during this trying time in your life. The good news is that these storms do not last forever and there will always be a lesson learned when you come out of it.

Dreaming of lightning striking the ground meaning

When it comes to analyzing your dreams it always important to remember the location of where you saw the strike. Why? Because this area is usually the place where this awakening or disaster might take place. Furthermore, your emotions that you expressed along with your comfort level.

This powerful force almost hit you. What do you think was the reason and how does it reflect in your life at the moment.

The tricky part about lightening dreams is we really do not know if this is a sign of sudden enlightenment or bad news. What we do know so far that the lightning strike in your dream is letting you know about a sudden discharge of tension that has the possibility to be dangerous.

While some dream interpreters might suggest that this might be a sudden sexual discharge — sudden and disturbing change or release of emotions or sexuality. Some might even link these strikes with revenge. But this will all depend who was with you in your dream to see if there is a connection between the two symbols.

Personally, I like to see the lightning strike as a breakthrough of consciousness, realizations, or tension that has now finally released. The spiritual meaning of a lightning strike signifies change within the dreamer once they have found that eureka moment.

Blue lightning in a dream meaning

The color blue didn’t just occur randomly. In fact, whenever a powerful color such as blue is seen with such a powerful earth element it contains a deeper meaning. To dream of blue lightning represents awakening of your intuition — heightened sense of spiritual awareness or a connection to your inner wisdom. It could indicate a need to trust your instincts and rely on your intuition in navigating your life’s path.

White lightning dream meaning

White in dreams has a very strong connection with God because of its purity, joy and spiritual energy. White lightning in dreams suggests that you might be undergoing a purification process before this transformation.

This might contain something of divine origin that will spark this new found awareness in your life. The spiritual meaning of white lightning can symbolize spiritual or divine illumination and revelation. It may suggest that you are receiving insights or messages from a higher power or your higher self. This dream could signify a profound spiritual awakening, heightened intuition, or a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

Dreaming of lightning and fire meaning

Both fire mixed with lightning can represents change and transformation, but also be a very dangerous symbol of a destructive force of anger and destruction. A symbol that encourages you to see if you have any anger issues that might be causing an emotional buildup that will eventually lead you cutting away from everyone, or vice versa.

What we seem to know so far is that this is a symbol that has the ability to bring a major change whether this will come at a cost or not.

This will be a sudden discharge that will follow with something that has the potential for renewal or punishment.

The location you see the fire is an important clue where this change will take place in your life. If you are unaware where this change might be currently taking place it either means this is an unconscious shift or something that will soon take place in the near future.

What is the biblical meaning of lightening in our dreams?

Similar to ancient myths, the Bible see lightning in both a positive and negative light with the influence of God’s power. We understand the lightning comes from above the dreamer (clouds) hinting at these divine awakening that can occur at anytime. As it strikes down you will soon become illuminated with knowledge; the sudden discharge comes as a random event that will change your energy.

Exodus 9:23-26 The Message (MSG)

Moses lifted his staff to the skies and GOD sent cracks of thunder and hail shot through with lightning strikes. GOD rained hail down on the land of Egypt. The hail came, hail and lightning—a fierce hailstorm. There had been nothing like it in Egypt in its entire history.

When Moses ascends Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments from God, the mountain is enveloped in thick clouds, thunder, and lightning. The description of thunder and lightning accompanying the giving of the commandments symbolizes the awe-inspiring nature of this divine encounter and underscores the significance and authority of the laws being given. Given the connection with the Ten Commandment, the biblical meaning of lightening in your dream might have to do with sins from your past. It would be helpful to refresh your memory on the Ten Commandments and see if anything rings a bell.

We understand that dreams are complex and subjective in nature, so the meaning could in fact be more positive than negative. Lightning can also symbolize spiritual enlightenment and revelation of truth. In Luke 10:18, Jesus describes seeing Satan fall from heaven like lightning, symbolizing the victory of truth and the defeat of evil forces.

What do the Hindus say about white lightning in dreams?

Lightening plays a very significant role in Hindu mythology with Indra the god of  heaven, lightning, rain, storms and thunder.

Lightning appears to transform, enlighten, punish or sometimes relates to karmic energy. Based off of what happens in your dream the meaning may alter from both positive to negative. Lightning represents a powerful elemental force in nature or  primal energies within you and the universe. It could signify the awakening or balancing of elemental forces within your psyche, such as fire, electricity, or transformative energy.

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