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What is the true meaning of lemon in dreams?

Did you know that the color yellow in your dream suggest you are destined for happiness and growth?

But what if I told you that this color may also lead you towards enlightenment if its channeled properly? When you combine this magnificent symbol with the lemon you are in for a surprise.

What the other dream interpretation websites fail to tell the dreamer is how lucky it is to stumble upon lemons in dreams.

Extracting its spiritual benefits

Lemons in dreams holds the key for you to spread this new positive energy into the once dark areas that no longer exist. What many people don’t know is that lemons have a very spiritual property attached to it hence why so many pregnant women often have random dreams about them.

For some reason anyone who dreams of lemons will increase their level of happiness, success, hope and vitality in your life. Of course it also comes with healing properties that will rid you of negative vibrations.

Strange connection with lemons and pregnancy

What is interesting about google search engine is it becomes a collective unconscious database for dream searches. While it’s not unusual to have vivid dreams or even nightmare’s when pregnant, certain symbols randomly appear during pregnancy.

Lemons are one of these specific citrus fruits that has been sent in from the unconscious mind to represent something special about the baby. Since dreams speak to us in metaphors we can breakdown a list of what it means to dream of a lemon while pregnant.

  1. In Spanish lemon is: limón. Lemon is a masculine word: el limón; citron {masculine}. Could this be a play on words for having a boy? Let us know after in the comments!
  2. Lemons fight off negative energy: This is because lemon has the power to hold strong energies and reduce the impact of negative energies and evil eyes.
  3. Dreaming lemons while pregnant might also imply your baby will be healthy, bring you happiness, growth, prosperity (seeds) and fertility (brothers & sisters).
  4. The ancient Egyptians understood the lemon as a sacred dream that symbolized fertility and good fortune. Could your new child bring you wealth?
  5. Lemons were status symbols for the ancient Roman ruling elite, according to a study which found that they were the first fruits to arrive in the Mediterranean around the time of Jesus.

Why purchasing lemons tells you something new

Usually anything we “buy” in our dreams means we have been in search for something in our lives. But why the lemon and not an orange? Its bright yellow color tells you whatever you have been looking for will make you a lot happier. An unlike any other citrus fruit, the lemons many seeds brings you fertility and success in this area in your life.

Many clues will emerge in your dream such as where you were buying the lemon, who gave it to you and how many you purchased. The lemon energy has come to you so it means you will soon inherit its benefits: lemons are a symbol of cleansing, freshness, and healing

Lemon dreams: Hidden growth in unexpected areas

Ok, its great in all to dream of lemons, but like most people who wake up in the morning nothing really has changed. You see, lemons in dreams contain a lot of psychic properties suggesting this new found growth is now undergoing in your life. You might not know it yet, but the lemon has appeared from your subconscious mind hinting at this new found development.

Your job as the dreamer would need to figure out if this is relating to your inner or outer worlds. I mean its not unusual to dream of lemons when you are developing spiritually or if you are experiencing financial growth in your life. How to tell the difference?

Not all lemon dreams are the same for everyone, in fact sometimes we see lemon trees, while other times we pick the lemon and eat it. Your dream would be coded in a way that will let you know if the spiritual elements of the lemon belong to you or from the outside world. Regardless, the lemon in your dream will bring you happiness.

Raising your spiritual vibrations

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Antioxidants help remove free radicals that can damage cells from the body. What does this mean in our dreams? Basically, your unconscious is hinting at getting an extra level on protection that might even have to do with your health.

In our dreams lemons have the ability to heal the dreamer, but more on a spiritual level. Often times when the dreamer eats a lemon it means they have now absorbed this energy and now its about to change your whole way of living. The spiritual meaning of lemons in a dream removes negative energies or warding off evil spirits and bringing in positive vibrations.

Dreaming of lemons may signify a need to cleanse yourself from negative influences or to protect yourself from harmful energies in which you surround yourself in your life. Its strong connection with the sun suggests comfort, love, and support. It could symbolize a sense of security and emotional well-being. This dream may indicate a need for emotional nourishment or a reminder to embrace positive and nurturing relationships.

The biblical meaning of lemons in dreams

As has often been said, God is very good at “making lemonade out of lemons. In a biblical sense lemons in a dream represents value (success) out of a bad situation. In some cases, scholars might suggest that the symbol of the lemon is known to ward off evil.

But the true meaning of the lemon might have to do with hope becuase of its close association with the SUN. To keep patient and wait for God to grant you eternity or happiness in the near future.


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