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Let’s keep this a secret

While one of the common motives of murder include jealousy, revenge, fear and anger… I bet you are like the 99.9% of people who would never do such a heinous act — in our dreams killing might even lead you towards a transformation. What your unconscious is doing is letting you know something that remains hidden within you, and your job after reading this article is to make this know to you.

I know from experience that killing in dreams is one of the most disturbing themes, and its not really the act but how vivid and gruesome it is. In short, killing in dreams represents fear of a threat, removing people out of our lives, independence, aggression, or repressing or stopping some aspect of oneself.

But there is more to just this. In fact, when we kill in our dreams it often targets the ones we love or sometimes we kill snakes, rats, tigers or bears… Did you know it is really how and what you kill alters the meaning of your dream?

#1. Killing Dreams: Letting go of your past

Dreams about killing someone can indeed be associated with a difficulty in letting go of the past and harboring resentment. They may indicate unresolved emotions and a need for healing and reconciliation. The dream could be a reminder to address these negative feelings and work towards forgiveness and moving forward.

It’s important to note that dream interpretations can vary, and personal experiences and emotions play a significant role in understanding the meaning of a dream. If you find that these dreams persist and cause distress, it can be beneficial to explore these feelings with the help of a mental health professional, who can provide guidance and support in processing and resolving past issues.

#2. Killing Dreams: Your need for power?

Killing someone or something in a dream can reflect a desire for power or control in your waking life. It might suggest a need to assert yourself or overcome obstacles that are impeding your progress. Could your power over others be unconscious to you? Power can be derived from one’s position or authority within a social, political, or organizational structure. This includes leaders, politicians, executives, or individuals who hold positions of influence and decision-making power. Control over valuable resources, such as wealth, land, or natural reserves, has historically been a significant source of power. Those who possess and control resources often have the ability to influence and shape the lives of others.

#3. Killing dreams: Repressed anger

Dreams about killing may stem from repressed anger or aggression. They can be an expression of frustration or a desire to assert control in situations where you feel powerless. These dreams can serve as a signal to address and manage your anger constructively in waking life. Traumatic or challenging experiences during childhood, such as abuse, neglect, or witnessing conflict, can lead to the repression of anger. Children may learn to suppress their anger as a coping mechanism or as a way to avoid negative consequences. From a young age, individuals are often socialized to believe that anger is unacceptable or inappropriate. They may be taught to prioritize politeness, harmony, or conformity, leading to the suppression of anger in order to maintain social relationships or avoid conflict. So your dream about killing might suggest that you are holding in these inner feelings of anger being projected on the person.

#4. Killing Dreams: Unconscious fears & Urges

Dreams about killing can also be a manifestation of deep-rooted fears or perceived threats. They may reflect anxieties or insecurities about certain aspects of your life or relationships. Exploring these fears can help you address and overcome them in a conscious and proactive manner. Alternatively, it might be related to watching too many violent movies or playing video games — images or graphics that act out killing might be unconsciously absorbed and not fully understood within the person.

Dreams of killing can represent natural and instinctive urges or needs that may be injurious to one’s overall well-being. It acknowledges that while killing in dreams is generally not beneficial, there may be situations in life where it becomes necessary to let go or eliminate certain aspects.

#5. Killing Dreams: Transformation leading to change

Killing someone in a dream can symbolize a desire for transformation and change. Killing in dreams speaks to us in a metaphoric manner relating to things we have finally chose to break away from — this will lead to a new phase in your life where you gain self knowledge and independence. We kill off things such as old habits, beliefs, or relationships that no longer serve you. The act of killing can signify the end of a certain phase or aspect of your life, making way for personal growth and new beginnings. This is why we often kill the ones we love in our dreams only when we change as individuals.

#6. Killing Dreams: Guilty conscious

Dream about killing someone and feeling guilty means you have forcefully removed someone out of your life and now you are feeling guilty about it. Killing someone in a dream and feeling guilty can symbolize inner conflicts, repressed emotions, or unresolved issues in your waking life. The act of killing may represent a desire to exert control, eliminate a certain aspect of yourself or a situation, or even symbolize the need for significant change.

If you are dreaming of killing someone and covering it up it means trying to hide from your bad behaviors and actions. This might be becuase you feel guilty and don’t want others to know that you have an aggressive side. Perhaps this might be what Carl Jung called the “human shadow” — unconscious behaviors, urges and emotions that are repressed within the dreamer. By exposing or uncovering your mask shows you in another light.

Why we kill the ones we love in our dreams?

Dreams about killing a family member or close friend can indeed be associated with difficulties in personal relationships. While not uncommon, we tend to kill of the people close to us when there is underlying confliction between two individuals that is now being addressed. In essence, we are killing off old underlying conflicts, opposing viewpoints, or challenges within the relationships themselves. The dream could serve as a reminder to become conscious of these issues and work towards finding resolutions and maintaining healthy connections.

If you dream of killing a friend or loved one, it can be interpreted as a warning that the relationship is being tested or that the person may be going through a challenging time and could benefit from your support and understanding.

The dream suggests that killing one’s parents in a dream does not imply literal harm, but rather symbolizes the process of asserting one’s independence and breaking free from the constraints of parental influence. It signifies the transition from relying on the values and beliefs inherited from parents to developing one’s own identity and values.

Dreaming of killing with barehand

Hands in our dreams express the full range of human emotions and desires. Everything from violence to the tender caress, or skillful surgery or creativity, are manifest through the hands. Dreaming about killing someone with bare hands might symbolize your inner strength, resilience, and ability to confront and overcome obstacles or challenges in your life. To kill using your barehand in your dream is a positive symbol that shows you have developed new found power that will stops your fears right in its tracks. If you dream of killing a snake with your barehand it reflects boundaries, defend yourself against perceived threats, or overcome feelings of vulnerability. The spiritual meaning of killing with your barehand means overcoming your past weakness and taking charge of what fears that once had the power over you. Even animals or reptiles that we kill in our dreams sometimes relates to the people in our lives that display its charactericts.

Killing spree dream meaning

As unusual as it sounds these types of dreams are quite common. To dream of a killing spree reflects repressed anger, hostility and your inability to control your emotions. Your anger is seen though the gun as you point your frustrations at society or people who might not have anything to do with your feelings. The spiritual meaning of a killing spree is a metaphorical representations of transformation or significant changes in your life. You are forcing a radical shifts, letting go of old patterns or aspects of yourself, and embracing a new identity or direction — but this change will come with an outburst of anger.

If you are seeing a killing spree it might have to do with underlying fears stemming from external influences, media exposure, or personal experiences that have left an impact on your psyche.

Dreaming of someone being killed in front of you

Dreaming about someone being killed in front of you represents underlying anxieties or fears about personal safety, vulnerability, or a loss of control. It depends if this person is known to you and how they are killed. Dreams can be influenced by past experiences, including exposure to traumatic or violent events. Witnessing someone being killed in a dream might suggest that you are processing or trying to make sense of such experiences. It could be a way for your mind to process and release the associated emotions or to find ways to heal from the impact of those events.

What does the Bible say about killing in dreams?

The sixth commandment in the Old Testament’s Ten Commandments states, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). But in our dreams does this make you a bad person? No, because like the Bible that speaks in parables, our dreams speak to us in metaphors. The biblical meaning of killing someone in your dream points to your own inner conflicts, unresolved emotions, or symbolic representations of struggles and challenges in one’s life. You might be defending and unconscious part of yourself that was once vulnerable in the past. Killing is really the act of removing something out of your life; people we kill could be removing them or projected aspects that you inherit within — a representation of the need to “kill” or eliminate harmful behaviors, negative thoughts, or destructive patterns.

What it means to kill in Hindu dreams?

Like most dream themes that are always represented as upside down mirrors, killing in Hindu dreams actually leads to a profound understanding of oneself. Killing someone or something in Hindu dreams represents desire for change, transformation, or letting go of old habits, negative influences, or aspects of oneself that are no longer beneficial. Despite its vivid or disturbing theme, when this removal in ones life has to be forced or recognized it will appear in this manner. Killing in Hindu dreams is a positive symbol that allows you to overcome an old obstacle that was once a problem in your life that was unconscious. We learn from our past and in order to change we need to figure out what was once hindering our progress to advance or show our true self. In essence we are really killing off the old part of yourself that no longer needs to be around these particular traits, people or things.

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