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Not all insects are bad dream omens but are actually known to some of the most powerful dream symbols out there. But this is not the case when these insects are biting, attacking or crawling on the dreamer as they tend to have a serious underlying meaning.

In our dreams insects tends to illuminate unconscious negative feelings, anxieties and irritations taking place in our lives. While you might be unaware of these feelings that are held deep within you, the end goal of your dream would be to identify and exterminate this threat in your life. Insects in our dreams are sent in from the unconscious mind letting you know that your not very comfortable dealing with this problem and even by looking at it you get squeamish. The good news is once you identify and work on fixing this hidden issue you life would be much happier. I know this is not that easy task, but I can assure you that you have a lot of symbolic clues in your dream that will lead you to the answer.

What you need to know about insects in dreams

While other dream interpretation sites might give you a generic answer, most people end up leaving more confused than when they started. Dream symbols can be quite complex and depending the type of insect and where it goes alters the meaning completely. For example, see bed bugs on your dreams points to negative aspects of your relationships, whereas a beetle that attacks inside your house relates to fears of change.

Here is where it can get a bit confusing. If you dream of a swam of insects such as a wasp in your dream it becomes a warning of a personal attack. So insects in our dreams can point to the negative aspects of oneself but may also be a real threat in your life.

With that said most insect dreams are negative but they contain a powerful meaning once decoded. Usually an individual insect has a positive omen but when they overwhelm the dreamer it becomes bad. Regardless, if insects enter your mind your unconscious has put them inside your dream to help you identify what is really bugging you in life.

Why are insects in my house!

Insects love to enter our dreams when we are at our max with life’s pressures. Did you know that high levels of stress can trigger negative emotions and anxiety, making it difficult to cope with everyday life. Stress can come from work, personal relationships, financial issues, or health problems. This is why insects attack you in your dreams because you are unable to cope with what is taking place in your life.

Specific insects like to show up in our house when we have experienced past trauma in our lives. The house becomes a symbol of the mind and when we have experienced depression, trauma, such as abuse, neglect, or a major life event, can make the insects show up.

Are you someone who cannot get out of negative self talk? Negative self-talk or a negative self-image can contribute to feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem. The insects appear in your house wanting you to get rid of them by changing the way you think. The only bug spray that works is usually positive thinking.

The spiritual meaning of an insect inside your house represents a depletion of energy and negative thought patterns. Insects trigger a disgust response which seems to mirror something in your life.

How come the insects are biting me in my dreams?

Depending the location of the bite and what type of insect alters the meaning. However, most insect bites in dreams are often symbolic of irritations or annoyances. Dreaming of insect bites may represent feeling irritated or annoyed by something in your waking life.

Dreaming of insect bites may represent feeling attacked or targeted by something or someone in your waking life. This will be determined by the location of where you got bitten. For example, being bitten at work or school will point you towards this issue in your life. This could be a situation, person, or your own negative thoughts or emotions. Insect bites in your dream may represent a small problem or issue that is causing discomfort or irritation in your waking life.

When the insect bites your legs it brings your attention to your mind body connection — your direction, stability and grounding will halted by your own thoughts. If this is the case than you would want to focus on positive thinking to remove this blocks.

The spiritual meaning of an insect bite represents a depletion of energy; bites on legs attacks your stability where as your head your thoughts.

Dreaming of insect in my ear?

Dreaming of ears suggests awareness of subtle intrusive thoughts, rumors or intuition. So when the insect is in your ear it is bring attention to this irritation in your life. What we know so far is you seem to have a fear of it going inside you head. So let me ask you if the insect in your hear has something to do with issues with your communication? Usually the location and people around you in the dream are great clues where to start looking.

What they forget to tell you on other dream interpretation sites is the fact that ears may actually lead to awakenings or a rebirth. The spiritual meaning of insects in your ear are closely associated with the spiral, the whorled shell and the SUN, and the shell, in turn, is a symbol of the vulva. The buzzing noises that go in the ear are similar to the noises heard during spiritual awakenings. Some describe it as sounding like an engine idling just outside the house. Others report hearing a low-frequency rumble.

Dreaming of insects on my bed

Dreaming of insects on your bed directs your attention to relationship anxieties and fears. Despite the gross nature and vividness of your dream, insects on your bed teaches you to challenge these annoyances and irritations that are causing you distress in your life. What the dreamer should do is reflect on the unconscious feelings associated with their relationships — what urges, behaviors or emotions that are bugging them. The type of insects you see might be clues to help you figure out where this might be stemming from. For example, dreaming of bed bugs points to people that leech off of your phyical and emotional energy, whereas cockroaches is a play on words related to disgust.

The spiritual meaning of insects on your bed encourages you to rid yourself of these negative thoughts about your relationships. Perhaps this is something that happened in the past; letting go and practicing mindfulness usually help exterminate the insects on your bed.

Why am I dreaming of insects on my body?

In dreams each individual body parts the insect craws on contains a different meaning. But this all depends if any body part stands out in your dream. If not, insects found on the body in your dream suggests you are emotionally overwhelmed in your life. The insects are reminders that these feelings of anxiety are pulling up unconscious feelings of discomfort, frustration and fear that needs to be addressed. Let’s be honest whenever insects crawl on our body we automatically direct our attention right away to trying to get this gross feeling off of us. Basically, your dream wants you to address these unwanted anxious feelings you are trying to rid within yourself. Your unconscious might put you in a location that might help you figure out where the root of this issue is stemming from

The spiritual meaning of insects on your body in your dream brings your attention to unresolved past trauma that creeps up on you everyday. crawling on your body may symbolize a perceived invasion of personal boundaries or a feeling of being overwhelmed by external factors. It could indicate that you are facing situations or people in your waking life who are intruding upon your personal space or affecting you in a negative way.

Dreaming of insects under my skin?

Anything that is under your skin brings your attention to unconscious fears and anxieties. What the dreamer should do is remember the feelings expressed when they felt the insects crawling under the skin becuase it will mirror the unconscious feelings related to something in your life.  Usually locations where you see the bugs under your skin in your dreams are also symbolic clues where these repressed feelings originate from.

Think of the idiom to help you get a better understanding of what it means to dream of insects under your skin: “gets under your skin” is itself a metaphor. It means having someone make you annoyed or angry, or to irritate or upset you.

  1. A parasitic relationship or situation
  2. Obsessive compulsive negative thoughts
  3. Anxieties and fears
  4. A symbol that wants you to heal as a person
  5. Areas in your life of chaos or disorder

Dreaming of bugs crawling on the floor

When the dreamer notices the floor it is depicting the present situation, attitudes, feelings or environment you are in. The bugs help us realize what might be currently “bugging” us in our lives. While it might not be that easy to identify the location where you see the bugs on the floor are great clues where to start.

The spiritual meaning of bugs on the floor may symbolize underlying concerns or anxieties that you have been ignoring or suppressing. As if your unconscious mind is saying “hey look right there in front of you”; something that can be made aware just by giving a bit of attention to it. It could suggest that there are issues or worries in your life that need your attention, even if they may seem insignificant or “creeping” up on you. Similar to real life bug on the floor will cause you a minor annoyance until you remove the issue in your life. All it takes is sometime to figure out what is causing it and how to remove it.

What does it mean when you dream about insects attacking you

Anytime we are attacked in our dreams it means we are overwhelmed or threated by something in our lives. Insects that attack the dreamer becomes a symbol of external pressures, challenges, or conflicts that you are currently facing or anticipating. It is something that might scare you in your walking life so you end up avoiding it. Unlike insects that crawl under your skin, when they attack it is almost like an outside element that makes you feel very uncomfortable.

Depending on your location where you see the bugs attacking you it could also point to hostile or dangerous places you should avoid. The spiritual meaning of insects attacking you Dreams of insects attacking you can sometimes be connected to unresolved emotions or past traumas. It may suggest that there are deep-seated fears, anxieties, or unresolved issues that are resurfacing and need to be addressed for healing and growth.

Biblical meaning of insects in dreams

The biblical meaning of insects in your dreams alters based off what insects you see and where they eventually end up. The Bible has many references to bugs such as bees, ants, locusts or even worms — each symbol contains a different meaning. Though, if you were to dream of insects in a negative way it may symbolize a sense of being overwhelmed or threatened in your waking life. But the Bible teaches us to grow and transform as individuals so you can use the insects in your dreams as a guide to help heal you. Insects in biblical dreams can also be seen as symbolic of transformation and growth. Dreaming of insects crawling on your body could signify a need for self-examination and personal development. It might be an invitation to address and confront certain aspects of yourself or your life that require attention or change.

Did you know? There are more than 30 references to locusts. John the Baptist ate them, along with honey, and locusts are the only kosher insect.

What do insects mean in Hindu dreams?

Insects in Hindu dreams contain more of a positive meaning than other religions. Though, if you have had a bad experience with insects than it is perceived as pests or carry negative connotations, such as cockroaches or mosquitoes, may reflect worries, anxieties, or disturbances in your life. Such dreams may signify the need to address and resolve these concerns.

Insects can also symbolize desires, attachments, or cravings. Dreams involving insects may serve as reminders to examine your desires and attachments, and to cultivate detachment and spiritual growth.

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