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Dreaming about your hair represents what is currently on your mind, relating to your self image, wisdom and attitudes. This is because anything that is attached to our heads becomes a metaphor relating to our hidden feelings. There is a good reason why hair dreams are extremely vivid — disturbing themes of hair falling out or being cut short are very common themes that have an important message.

But does all hair dreams really have an unconscious meaning to it?  Not necessarily. The reason is that some people actually have a fear of losing their hair hence why it appears in their dreams in the first please. By dreaming of hair you are really looking into your mind, or unconscious mind rather, that will bring out deep rooted feelings or suggesting new growth that is on the horizon.

What does our hair mean spiritually in a dream?

The spiritual meaning of hair in our dreams represents creative power, warding off negative energy and health. Did you know that the Native Americans believe that hair is a sacred part of the body? This can be similarly applied to the spiritual meaning of hair in our dreams because is connected to one’s spirit or life force. They believe that growing long hair can help to connect them to the natural world and to the spiritual realm. But it really depends on what happens with your hair in your dream that will determine a positive or negative outcome.

Why is my hair falling out in my dream?

Hair falling out in your dream can be quite a disturbing theme similar to your teeth falling out. However, with hair falling out we cannot conceal this from other people and are forced to be seen. Now, I will ask you, if you are someone who might be losing their hair, or perhaps you have fears of going bald, than these dreams are quite common. Sigmund Freud might even say that your dream of your hair falling out has to do with a repressed emotions playing out in your dream.

But what I find oddly intriguing is the fact that the majority of hair dreams always seem to appear to be falling out. Why would our unconscious mind design our hair falling out. Let me ask you. What does your hair mean to you?

Hair can be a way to express our personal style and creativity, and can also be seen as a symbol of beauty and attractiveness. Do you fear that you are losing your looks? Losing hair in a dream can represent a fear of aging, illness, or losing one’s attractiveness or power. The spiritual meaning of losing your hair in your dream represents unconscious negative thoughts related to your self image. These feelings are being repressed and now emerging in your dreams at night.

The location and the people around you are great clues to find the meaning of why your hair is falling out in your dream. For example, if you dream of your hair falling out in the mirror it wants you to see how you really see yourself. If you are in public and you notice your hair falling it has more to do with your sexual attraction in society.

Why is my hair growing long in my dream?

As weird as this dream might seem it is actually a very positive omen. As we mentioned above that hair sometimes in dreams can represent wisdom. Growing long hair in your dream attaches your thoughts with knowledge — a symbol of strength, honor and protection. There is a reason why the Natives had long hair and that was to  protect them from negative energy and to promote healing and well-being. Did you ever notice that many spiritual leaders never cut their hair? The spiritual meaning of growing hair in your dream means you will become more spiritual aware of who you are in this world. Long hair in our dream lets the dreamer know about new found freedom; permissiveness; girlhood with woman.

Dreaming of hair breaking off

Hair and teeth seems to have a very similar pattern in our dream of either breaking, falling or losing in your hands. Similar to our teeth, without it makes us feel embarrassed when we are seen in front of other people. The definition of breaking: separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain. Breaking hair in your dream represents a loss of power based off of something that occurred in your life. Something that once keeps you protected, strong and healthy, has now been disrupted. Broken hair in a dream has more to do with fears of aging and losing your vitality. Alternatively, broken hair is also a sign that you need to take care of your image. Does this ring a bell? The spiritual meaning of broken hair in a dream is a symbol of transition or change. It could represent a shedding of old ways of thinking or being, and a need to embrace something new.

Why am I dreaming of my hair being cut short?

Anything cut short belonging to you contains a metaphor to something that has cut short in your life: to end (something) earlier than expected. Dreaming of your hair being cut short can be both a positive or negative symbol depending on how you react in your dream. The emotions expressed will mirror what took place in your life where something needed cutting back. In our dream cutting your hair short means your desire to change, maturity, letting go and confidence. Any resistance to this change will appear with the anxious feeling in your dream. The spiritual meaning of your hair being cut short represents a major transition in your life, to be less feminine as you have developed beyond girlhood to more of a masculine power.

Dreaming of someone doing my hair?

Allowing other people to work on your hair represents influences related to your mind. Now, the meaning can be both positive and negative based off of how you feel and who does it.  Usually, the person who is doing your hair in your dream contains unconscious traits you might want to see within yourself. If this person is confidence, independent or funny all plays a metaphor role. They are not really doing your hair but this is an image of change that will come in your life. The spiritual meaning of someone doing your hair in your dream represents relaxation, new found awareness and self care improvement.

Dreaming of my hair burning meaning

Who caused your hair to burn? Was it becuase of you or someone else? Burning hair in your dream points to your negative thoughts that are creating tension in your life. Something needs to cool down becuase this is overheating. Maybe you have a burning desire for something? The location and how your  hair burns in your dream are hints where to start looking. Burning hair in your dream becomes a warning to slow down and pay attention to these negative thought patterns such as ego driven desires.

What is the biblical interpretation of hair in our dreams?

Hair in the Bible is often seen as a symbolic image of your inner strength and power. The biblical meaning of your hair falling out will be to lose this aspect about yourself.

But if you are someone who might be ego driven by vanity and pride than its possible your hair will show up in your dreams. In 1 Corinthians 11:15:

“But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.” This verse is often interpreted to mean that a woman’s long hair represents her submission to God and to her husband.

The biblical meaning of hair encourages the dreamer to explore aspects of their vanity and pride that remains unconscious. Pride is in us because of the sinful nature. We can’t do anything about the sinful nature. However, by the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit abiding in us, we have the power to resist sin.

The biblical meaning of hair might even be in favor for the dreamer if it grows long — a symbol of divine protection. How God has complete knowledge and care for all of your thoughts and feelings.

What is the Hindu meaning of hair in dreams?

The Hindu dream meaning of hair represents power, strength, and virility. Depending the context of the dream the meaning alters based off of what occurs. Long hair is often seen as a symbol of spiritual power and strength in Hinduism. If you dream of having long hair, it may indicate that you are developing your spiritual or creative potential. But if your hair falling out in Hindu dreams it  represents anxiety or stress. If you dream of losing your hair in Hindu dreams it may indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed or that you are afraid of losing your power or status.

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