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They never tell you the truth about gold in dreams

Gold is a relatively rare metal that has been valued for its beauty and durability for thousands of years. There was a reason why the ancient Egyptians who buried their pharaohs with vast amounts of gold because it represented power, wealth, and prestige.

While some dream interpretation sites claim that gold in dreams represents material wealth, temptation and greed, but this is furthest from the truth. Clearly don’t really understand the true meaning of gold in dreams. Greed in dreams is often coded in a metaphoric way such as being bitten by a green snake.

Gold in dreams contains a lot of hidden properties that have more to do with the inner richness or a divine energy. This is is why gold in our dreams often attaches itself to jewelry, earrings, rings, coins or bangles.

Fun Fact: Did you know that gold is often given to us by the dead in our dreams? I wonder why…

In this article we going to let you in on a hidden secret about this highly symbolic metal and what its going to do for you in your life.

What is the spiritual meaning of gold in dreams?

The spiritual meaning of gold in your dream connects you with a higher vibration that links with God. How did we come up with this interpretation? Well it turns out that the symbol of gold dates as far back to ancient Egypt with the god Ra, who was the god of the sun and the creator of life. In the Bible, gold is mentioned as a symbol of divinity and spiritual purity. Do you want us to keep going? Gold in Buddhism is also associated with the idea of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. In Greek mythology, gold was associated with the god Apollo, who was known as the god of the sun, music, and poetry.

To truly understand the spiritual meaning of gold in our dreams we need to first understand its value from the past. The reason why it appeared in a specific way in your dreams because it want you to know the metaphoric value that has now opened up.

The spiritual meaning of gold in our dreams lets the dreamer know before hand that whatever has unlocked in your life will illuminate, it will show your inner beauty and possibly bring you eternity.

Dreaming of gold jewelry meaning

Dreaming of gold jewelry is a positive symbol of inner wealth or prosperity in your walking life. It may indicate that you are experiencing financial or spiritual abundance or that you will soon come into money. Dreaming of wearing or receiving gold jewelry may indicate that you are feeling confident and valuable. The spiritual meaning of gold jewelry gold often points with your connection with God; enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Dreaming of gold jewelry may indicate that you are on a spiritual journey and this becomes a reward for raising your vibration.

Dreaming of gold earring meaning

Do you know that you ear in your dream has really nothing to do with your “listening” but something more symbolic. The spiral shape of the ear circling towards your mind; the gold earing provides immense value to this unconscious energy. The gold earring in your dream teaches you about growth, transformation, balance and harmony; but is also a symbol of infinity. Something recently in your life has shifted that will change you forever… In a good way that is… But what exactly? The spiritual meaning of a gold earring in your dream activates a once blocked energy that will lead you towards enlightenment.

If you are buying a golden earing it means you have been on a spiritual search for wisdom and now you have found it. Buying a golden earring in your dream is a very positive symbol in which you will find harmony in your life. This is not something that will happen over night but will take time to develop. Finding a gold earing in your dream represents good luck and prosperity on your journey called life. For some reason your unconscious wants you to know you found value that can never tarnish or lose value? Where did you find the gold earring? Usually these are hidden clues in what will open up in your life. Dreaming of stud earring means protection — its ability to withstand harsh conditions, the shell is often used as a symbol of resilience and strength.

If you had a dream about losing gold earring it means you have lost confidence, self worth or relates to your relationships. Something that had value to you before has become a metaphoric clue. The location by the ear suggests this will create an imbalance in your life. To dream of stealing gold is a bad omen pointing to unconscious materialistic or greedy ways. It may indicate that you are too focused on material possessions and may be neglecting more important aspects of your life.

Why am I dreaming of a gold necklace?

Dreaming of a gold necklace is a very powerful symbol that enlightens your mind. The neck in our dreams is metaphoric in the sense is the fact it connects the mind and body. Because its close to the throat it points to our communication. The gold necklace in your dream shows up when have consciously changed for the better as a person. The value of this precious metal will shine and reflect how you think and speak to others. Because gold is often associated with the Gods, the gold necklace might imply speaking the truth and never evil.

If you are seeing someone with a gold necklace in your dream suggests that you have an unconscious desire to better who you are as an individual. That you have to potential to have this inner richness that is shown on other people. This stands out to you. In Buddhism, gold is associated with the Buddha’s teachings, which are said to be more valuable than gold. What does this mean to you?

To dream of receiving a gold necklace is a very positive symbol of physical and emotional healing. The person who gave you contains a hidden unconscious clue suggesting they are providing you this new energy. Maybe this is something within them you now have incorporated in your life. Was this person dead or alive?

If you are dreaming of a broken gold necklace targets your expressions, communications, & creativity that once held in high regards; something that was once showed on you in front of others. But what breaks can always be fixed. In your dream a broken gold necklace is a minor inconvenience until you figure out how to fix this issue.

Dreaming of gold chain meaning

Dreaming of a gold chain is a positive symbol that rewards you with increased confidence, protection and security. The type of chain link would also contain a hidden metaphoric clue related to this new strong bond in your life. For example, if the chain contained a circle, than it would represent wholeness and completion. In some contexts, a chain can represent a connection between people. Dreaming of a gold chain may represent a strong bond between you and someone else, such as a romantic partner or close friend.

Dreaming of a gold coin meaning

Did you know that coins are often associated with luck and good fortune. But it also has a hidden meaning with its circular shape. Once we attach such a prestigious metal to a circle it produces wholeness and completion. The spiritual meaning of the gold coin in your dream has appeared to remind you of a major transformation that will take place within you. This value of the gold coin in your dream will be shown on the outside. The spiritual meaning of a gold coin suggests you will raise your consciousness to a higher frequency that can be found in the realm of gods.

  1. To dream of a gold coin falling from the sky it means that this is a message from God or your higher self. Something that you have put out in the universe has now come back with a major benefit to you. Dreaming of gold coins falling represents good luck and fortune on your path in life.
  2. If you are dreaming of a finding a gold coin means you will run into luck in your life. Finding in dreams lets you know that along your life journey whatever you take it will promote self worth, spiritual richness or financial gain.
  3. If you are picking gold coins in your dream suggests you have found luck in your life. This might be related to an inner treasure, wisdom, and awareness you have picked up on.
  4. If you are dreaming of receiving a gold

What is the meaning of dreaming of a gold ring?

The spiritual meaning of rings in dreams are symbolic because its often associated with completeness, unity, and harmony. When you combine gold with the iconic circle it brings you wholeness mixed with inner richness. The circle is really the hidden meaning that contains all of the wealth.

  1. To dream of a gold ring on your finger contains elements of emotional fulfillment, love, self worth or points to your romantic life. The meaning alters based off if this is a gold wedding ring and if you are single. Sometimes a gold wedding ring appears in your dream to symbolize new found love and marriage.
  2. Wearing a gold ring in your dream represents an eternal bond with a higher power or a state of enlightenment. The spiritual meaning of a gold ring may suggest a search for spiritual meaning or a desire for inner transformation. These dream are very positive messages hinting at your self worth and to continue working on yourself to reach a higher state of awareness.
  3. If you are dreaming about finding a gold ring in your dream it might bring you romantic luck, or a desire for commitment, security, and stability in your romantic life. Does it mean you need  closure after a past relationship?
  4. If you are dreaming about losing a gold ring in your dreams it could mean loss and grief. This would depend if you are in a relationship and was your wedding ring. Some dream experts think that losing something that contains such wealth relates to a loss of self worth. Alternatively, losing a gold ring might have to do with your current relationship; a need to let go of the past in order to create a new self worth for yourself.
  5. If you are dreaming of a white gold ring represents new found purity, innocence, balance and spiritual growth. White gold can be considered the most valuable symbol for rings in dreams — you have possibly reached a new level of awareness or sophistication.
  6. To dream of a gold ring with a diamond is a powerful symbol implying your own inner strength and resilience. For some people this might actually relate to their relationships or possibly engagement.
  7. If you where to dream of buying a gold ring it tells you that you are in search for love and commitment. When you find and buy it in your dream it means you have incorporated this new energy in your life. Just be on the look out for what might come to you in the future becuase its going to be quite nice!

Dreaming of gold nuggets

Nuggets are gold fragments weathered out of an original lode. If we are dreaming of gold nuggets it brings you luck, prosperity and spiritual wealth; something that needs more refining (shape) for you to reach this new state. Finding gold nuggets in your dreams is a very positive symbol that represents a desire for authenticity and honesty in your relationships and interactions with others, or a recognition of the importance of living in alignment with your values and beliefs. The spiritual meaning of finding gold nuggets symbolizes your desire for spiritual growth and awakening, or a recognition of the importance of spiritual values and practices in your life.

Why are you dreaming of gold snake?

The enigmatic nature of the snake might make you think that this is a bad omen. But when gold is attached to a symbol that sheds its skin — a symbol of a major transformation taking place in your life. But where exactly? The gold snake in your dream brings your attention to raising your vibrations, relating to a major rebirth or regeneration of the mind. The gold snake in your dream has a connection with the divine power. How did we come up with this interpretation? The uraeus was worn by the pharaohs as a crown or headdress, and was believed to represent the pharaoh’s divine power and authority over the people. It was also seen as a protective symbol, capable of warding off evil spirits and dangerous creatures. The gold snake in your dream is actually a coded metaphor relating to new found power, protection, and the divine connection between the ruler and the gods.

Gold dreams and the Bible

Gold shows up for Christians in dreams to signify the divinity, purity, and inner value that has been obtained. Because Gold was considered a precious and valuable metal in biblical times, this can be a symbol in your dreams that signifies new found wealth and prosperity. Biblical dreams about gold are coded like any other dream, so depending the context the gold was on will alter the meaning. The prophetic meaning of gold represents the eternal value and reward that awaits believers in the afterlife. A powerful symbol that wants you to refine a part of yourself that will only make you more whole as a person. The biblical meanings of gold in our dreams emphasize its value and significance as a symbol of the divine, as well as its associations with purity, wealth, refinement, and eternal reward.

What could the Hindu dream meaning of gold represent?

Hindus might interpret gold in their dreams differently than other religions. Though, the meaning will alter based off of what the gold was seen on. In most cases, the Hindu dream meaning relates to spiritual purity or enlightenment. A symbol that encourages the dreamer to continue reaching higher states of consciousness as you will be blessed by the divine. Since gold is a precious and valuable metal that requires refinement and purification to be transformed into its purest form. The Hindu dream meaning of gold may therefore symbolize a desire for inner transformation and growth, or a recognition of the need to let go of impurities and negative emotions in order to become one’s best self.

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