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What is the meaning of flying in dreams?

Dreams in which you are able to fly are very positive symbol that leave the dreamer waking up feeling like 1 million bucks. Flying in dreams is often associated with new found feelings of freedom, liberation and success.

Flying in dreams always contain a new found energy that has now been activated within you. You will now have more personal freedom, control and hidden talents that will impress others.

Most people who fly in their dreams will notice that this inner change will emerge randomly. This can be anything from new opportunities, confronting fears, breaking down mental barriers, spiritual ascension and psychic awareness.

Sure, flying makes you feel really happy in the morning, but this is a very symbolic symbol that only comes once in a while in your life. Are you prepared for the change?

Hidden truths about flying dreams

There is a fine line between flying and lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a type of dream in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while the dream is still in progress. Way too often the dreamer becomes aware of their flight scoring though the air and they automatically land.

Lucid dreaming can be a powerful tool for personal growth, as it allows the dreamer to explore and confront their fears, anxieties, and desires in a safe and controlled environment. This is why so often they dream of flying away from danger because it shows that they have changed as a person. Furthermore, once lucid dreaming is mastered then the sky is the limit — increasing creativity, psychic abilities, and overcoming PTSD nightmares.

What does flying in a dream mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of flying in dreams represents raising your energy, vibration and awareness. There are some common parallels between flying in dreams and a precursor to astral projection —  the ability of a person’s spirit to travel to distant places.

People who practice yoga, mindfulness or Qi Gong may have an increase of flying in dreams. This would be due to your old stagnant energy, clearing karma and life force. Flying dreams also allows you to tap into your psychic sense; ability to be in different places as you are still at home.

Some type of spiritual awakening in your life has caused you to break free out of the confides of your body. If you think about it the Kundalini energy goes upwards that starts at the root (ground). Some might connect flying dreams to spiritual ascension. The feeling you get from flying in your dream will also be related to a new found freedom in your life.

Flying like a bird in a dream tells you about what new found freedoms that will come in your life. You and only you have the ability to access what you want in your life. What they don’t tell you about flying in dreams is where you fly from and where you land becomes symbolic of your area of growth.

Why are you dreaming about flying without wings?

Most dreamer head online to find out why they are dreaming without wings. Well it tells you that whatever you are using to move forward in a rapid rate will not need any assistance. But we really want to recall how you felt when you were flying with out wings. Did you feel confidence, anxious, doubtful or happy? This exact emotion will mirror how you are handling this new found freedom in your life. Any inner doubts or fears will soon be forgotten as you are in more control.

Dreaming of flying away from enemies?

In our dreams what you really run away from are you hidden fears. So flying from your enemies in your dream becomes a profound symbol of overcoming your unconscious fears. You have will or have made a conscious effort to remove yourself away from a hostile environment that will holding  you back.

In is not uncommon to fly away from danger, monsters or unknown people behind us. Flying dreams tells you more about you changing as coming to an understanding. Flying becomes a metaphor relating to breaking down the old walls and hurdles that you once had trouble getting over. You will no longer be the old you anymore!

Reasons why you are flying low in your dream

Flying low and floating in your dream has sort of similar meaning. Flying low in a dream is still a positive symbol, but the only difference is your confidence level. An unconscious feeling or fear is stopping you from progressing to the maximum. Whenever you are up in the air you have full control to see and go wherever you want; a symbol that is reflected in a particular area in your life.

Once you gain this confidence in your life than your spiritual Self will open the door for you. Think about if a plane is flying low, you don’t really feel confidence but anxious. You would want to explore the new areas of development in your life where you feel timed or scared to progress. Your unconscious wants you to let you become aware of these hidden fears so you can succeed.

How come you are flying over water in your dreams?

Water is a very significant dream symbol when it emerges. In short, water points to an unconscious emotional state of mind — flying over the water tells you about personal control, balance and overcoming emotional barriers.

By looking down at the water you are essentially away from any past turmoil that once burdened you. Having the freedom over your emotions can only be dreamed about (no pun intended). Dreaming of flying over water is a very positive symbol that only brings the dreamer luck, success and happiness in their lives.

Biblical meaning of flying in dreams?

The Bible does not specifically mention flying in the sense of human flight in the sky. However, there are many passages in the Bible that reference the heavens, guides and angels.

The Biblical dream meaning of flying without wings suggests you will be spiritually guided by Gods angels. Flying in Biblical dreams puts emphasize the importance of faith and trust in God’s plan and protection. Whatever you are doing in life have trust in God’s plan and he will guide you accordingly. So without wings in your dream you have put your life in Gods hand. How did you feel?

Psalm 91, for example, speaks of God’s protection over those who trust in him, saying “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge” (Psalm 91:4).

Alternatively, the Biblical meaning of flying in your dream may also symbolize increased vision. By metaphorically applying the new found awareness around you with flight, but also according to the book of Isaiah. The prophet describes a vision in which he sees seraphim, heavenly beings with wings, flying around the throne of God and calling out praises to him (Isaiah 6:1-3).

Did you fly when you were chased?

Chase dreams represent your fears that you are unwilling to face. They are so common and recurring that they become the top 5 dreams most people dream.

But when you are flying away from what has been chasing you this whole time is a positive symbol of maturity, growth and new found awareness.

This is why lucid dreaming is known to help people who had past childhood trauma, emotional damage and fears they had trouble overcoming. Whenever you have flown away from whoever chases you in your dream it means you will no longer be captive by your past. You have broken down the barriers and now a new you has emerged.

A flying snake dream meaning

As unusual dreams can be a flying snake randomly appears. But should you be worried about this dream? Because snakes are enigmatic symbols they may appear to be both good and bad. But what if I tell you that the unconscious speaks to you in a metaphoric language and it wants to help you.

One of the many things snakes are known for is healing. Does a snake with wings ring a bell? The  Caduceus is a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings while the Rod of Asclepius is the one with a single snake. But in modern times is a symbol of the medical field — a flying snake in your dream represents healing you. Snakes can be considered very positive dream symbols the majority of the time, but can encounter an aggressive snake when there is resistance to change.

Most dreams about flying snake usually ends up attacking the dreamer. Does this mean an enemy is about to get you. Probably not based off of the symbolic reference, but rather, a flying snake that attacks tells you implies you need to die in order to rebirth. You really need the snakes venom in your veins to kill you in your dreams because how else are you going to transform. This change is often met with fears or blocks that are not allowing you to progress.

What does flying mean in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, the concept of flying in dreams contains various symbolic meanings. The meaning of flying in dreams in Hinduism becomes a symbol of liberation from earthly attachments, higher consciousness (yoga practices), and supernatural abilities.

What do we mean by supernatural? Basically an increased awareness to you other senses that are hidden. In Hindu mythology, various gods and goddesses are depicted as having the ability to fly or levitate, as a symbol of their divine powers. For example, Lord Hanuman, is often depicted as flying or jumping across long distances to complete his missions. Flying in your dream could also be a symbol of completion of major events in your life.

Flying a kite in a dream

Flying a kite can be quite symbolic in a dream once you decode the hidden meanings behind it. You need wind to move your kite, and in dreams wind is seen as a powerful symbol of change, transformation, and the movement of energy. But you are on the ground as you are using these invisible forces to move something about. Sure, some online dream sites say that flying a kite brings you back to a happier time in your life — they could be right but I highly doubt this in every case.

The spiritual meaning of a kite in a dream connects the dreamer to the divine. The wind acts as a life force energy as you balance within it. What could this be? The color of the kite and your locations are great clues where to start.

The Biblical dream meaning of a kite represents a medium between you and Gods power. Wind in the Bible represents change, punishment, protection and guidance. Whatever happens in the dream will be either in favor or against the dreamer.

What is it mean to fly a drone in dreams?

Many people don’t really understand the hidden meaning of dreaming of a drone. Did you know the Humming noise might be connected with the spiritual or O.B.E (outer body experiences). In some spiritual or paranormal contexts, a humming noise may be interpreted as a sign of a presence or activity beyond the physical realm. For example, some people believe that humming or buzzing sounds can be a sign of the presence of angels or other spiritual beings, or of psychic or telekinetic activity.

Furthermore, the symbolic meaning of the drone in your dream allows you to see far beyond what you are capable of — hidden meaning for increase awareness, intuition or psychic power.

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