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There are certain dream symbols that should not be messed with and the eagle is one of them. Your unconscious just didnt put the king of the skies to tell you about freedom — this is why little birds manifest in our dreams. But the eagle has come during a specific time in your life when your inner vison has been activated.

For centuries, people have seen eagles as a symbol of beauty, bravery, courage, honor, pride, determination, and grace. While these awesome traits might be a representation of who you might become in the future, there is a hidden meaning of the eagle when appears in your dreams.

Eagle Dream Meaning

The eagle has seen you long before you have noticed its presence. They are carriers of important gifts once you trust the message it brings for you. An eagle in your dream represents your intuition, minds eye, spiritual protection, strength and power. While most dream interpretation websites online fail to acknowledge is that the eagle in your dream might in fact be sent in from the higher realms to guide you.

Spiritual meaning of eagle dreams

Without getting too psychological, the best way I can tell you what the eagle means in your dream would be comparing your life to the movie the Lion King. We all remember this movie, but did you know its deeply rooted in psychological archetypes?

Like your dream you are the protagonist similar to Simba (hero) along on your life’s journey. While some dream symbols such as the snake might appear disguised as Scar, the eagle can be hidden with in Zazu — He is in charge of keeping Simba out of trouble and is suppose to watch over him keeping him safe.

The spiritual meaning of the eagle in your dream manifests as a divine teacher. In psychology known as The Herald archetype is an AVATAR who brings a message to the protagonist that signals a call to adventure or a significant change in their life.

The eagle will appear in different ways in your dreams depending on your relationship with it in your life. Commonly known to attack, fly into the house, feathers, landing on you; or just looking at you.

Why does the eagle attack the dreamer?

Whenever the eagle is attacked in their dreams it means they are not trusting their intuition or guides. In turn they and other people might end up down the wrong path. As we mentioned before the eagle shows up to protect you from danger because it has the ability to see farther than you. Your unconscious has specifically sent the eagle to attack you only for you pay attention to these senses. The eagle attacks you in your dream when you are paying too much attention to your logical part of your mind (left hemisphere) and not the creative (right hemisphere).

The eagle contains hidden psychic elements that you inherit, but these gut feelings or senses are blocked within you. For example, if you are walking alone at night and you refuse to take a ride home with your friend even though you had a bad feeling. You may have been followed by a stranger or perhaps something way worse that can happen. This is why you must look at the eagle that attacks you as a positive symbol helping you trust these inner feelings.

Furthermore, the exact location of the eagle attack and where you are become great clues where to look. The spiritual meaning of an eagle attack means you train your mind to be alert and focused and wait for these signals from your guides to come in.

Did you dream of an eagle landing on your arm?

If the eagle lands on your arm in your dream it is a positive omen relating to your skills, life goals, success; visions that have manifested from your past now activated. It is not really your arm but relates to your strengths and visions that gets things done. It becomes a positive symbol of trusting your objective and goals without any doubt.

But it all depends on what hand the eagle lands on your hand in your dream. If the eagle lands on your right hand it mirrors your active outgoing self, your conscious and capable skills such as you express with this hand and arm. It is the part of you obvious to others and yourself, your strength or lack of it.

If the eagle lands on your left arm it emphasize your supportive qualities, inner power, and confidence you are now developing in your life. The left arm is the qualities that support outer activities and relationships.

What does it mean to have an eagle as a pet

To dream of an eagle as a pet suggests you have mastered and understood your visions, intuition, and become friends with your spirit guides. The eagle as a pet in your dream contains a hidden meaning of using your talents vision at the right time — but savvy enough to use trial and error to adapt to new situations. The spiritual meaning of having an eagle as a pet suggests you have domesticated something that is wild to most individuals. Because eagles are known to attach themselves to visions, it becomes a symbol of your own friendship with your intuition. These special gifts that most people block out of their lives you use it to your advantage. An eagle as a pet is a very positive dream symbol that encourages you to use this skill in every way in your life becuase it will only benefit you and help others.

Why is the eagle landing on my head?

In our dreams the head points to the mind of the dreamer —  thoughts, opinions, your intellect, and especially your ability to make decisions. Whenever this apex bird lands on your head in your dream consider yourself lucky. The eagle attaches itself to your head letting you know that there has been a big change in your thinking in a good way. The eagle lets you know that you have a special gift of knowing things before they happen; an understanding of your goals, but as well as your intuition. You have renewed your strength that was once dormant.

How come you are dreaming of killing an eagle

Killing in dreams means a forced removal of something in your life. To dream of killing an eagle in your dream is a negative omen related to your honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom. As they roam the sky, they are believed to have a special connection to God. Does this mean you do not believe in God or trust your guides that take you to where you need to go safely? There is a good reason why your unconscious used killing of this powerful bird in your life. But this can mean anything really, but the eagle helps direct you towards authority, security, freedoms in your life that has been removed. The spiritual meaning of killing an eagle in your dream means you have either blocked your intuition or have become an atheist.

What does it mean when an eagle is seeing you in dreams?

Since eagles are also associated with keen vision and perspective, the moment it watches you it means you have now aware. You are really seeing your new found strength, power, freedom, and courage; once hidden it has now been seen. Alternatively, seeing an eagle in a dream could suggest that you need to gain a different perspective on a situation or problem you are facing. The location of the eagle would help you understand where this might be stemming from. Additionally, eagles are often associated with spiritual or mystical experiences, so seeing an eagle in a dream could indicate a connection to the divine or a higher power.

Why am I seeing an eagle feather in my dream?

An eagle feather in a dream is considered a sacred symbol that lets you know its presence is around you. The eagle feather in your dream reminds you that you are being protected by God, guides or vision that you trust as you navigate on your life’s journey. Eagle feathers in dreams are also known to link with your bravery or other significant accomplishments, and are seen as symbols of honor and respect. The spiritual meaning of an eagle feather in your dream represents your strong connection with the divine. It is a message letting you know to have no fear and keep pushing forwards.

How come the eagle is in my house?

The house in your dream is really your mind. Each floor and room the eagle lands in will have a different interpretation. Anytime the eagle enters your house in your dream consider yourself lucky. They often enter though the window or door that links to your eyes (conscious awareness). Once you start developing a relationship with your higher power or development of your senses — the unconscious will send the eagle right into your house. The eagle inside your house really means this powerful force has now been energized and now its time to connect with it. Some might even say that the eagle that lands in your house in your dream is Gods messenger or relates to the divine. I mean its not really far fetched to think this way; the ancient Egyptians used the eagle as HORUS the protector and guide of the pharaohs.

Are you seeing hawks and eagles together in your dream?

A very powerful omen in your dream occurs when both the hawk and eagle appears together. Both of these apex predators have extremely good vision hence why they are seen plastered on the hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt. Hawks and eagles in our dreams are seen as messengers between humans and the spirit world. Seeing these birds in a dream could suggest a connection to the divine or a higher power.

But most importantly it connects with the third eye of the dreamer. Through meditation and other spiritual practices, individuals may have sought to cultivate their inner vision and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. The hawks and the eagles together bring your attention to introspection and mindfulness meditation. The spiritual meaning of hawk and eagles in your dream point to increased intuition, sharp vision and keen observations.  If it appears negatively it could suggest that you need to pay more attention to the details of a situation or problem in your waking life.

What is the meaning of a bald eagle in dreams?

In your dream the bald eagle means your new found ability to soar high; escape earthly constraints is often seen as a symbol of freedom and liberation. Seeing a bald eagle may be seen as a sign that it’s time to break free from old patterns or limiting beliefs. Bald eagles are able to spot their prey from very far away, thanks to their super eyesight; they can see four to seven times farther than humans. This is why the bald eagle in your dream directs you towards trusting your vision as this could be a guide being sent in from the heavens to protect you. Because the bald eagle in your dream can see ahead, this might become a metaphor suggesting something will occur in the distinct future. The objective would be to write and record as mush information about the dream than wait to see if the dots connect in the future. Bald eagles are not really bald, but this could also be a metaphor relating to your thoughts (non thinking) — by practicing mindfulness you can control your thinking to become more entuned with nature and your surroundings.

Biblical meaning of eagles in dreams?

The biblical dream meaning of the eagle represents new found strengths, divine protection and transformation. But if we dig a bit further we will understand that the Eagle might be related to witnessing a spectacular but rare event of Christ. The eagle is the symbol used to depict John the Apostle, whose writing is said to most clearly witness the light and divinity of Christ. The eagle is often described as a bird of great strength and power in the Bible. In the book of Job, for example, it says “Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high?” (Job 39:27). This imagery emphasizes the eagle’s power and independence. The biblical meaning of an eagle attack only happens during a time of judgement.

Hindu dream meaning of the eagle

The eagle in Hindu dreams represents power, strength, and protection, and is sometimes seen as a symbol of divine guidance or spiritual insight. Like most religious and spiritual meanings, the eagle for Hindus links with the god Vishnu — seen as a symbol of protection and preservation. The eagle in Hindu dreams reminds you that you will be protected along your spiritual path and to continue to be strong. The eagle will protect you against destruction because it has the ability to predict your future movements by seeing ahead.

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