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Dolphins are incredible. They are socially skilled, intelligent, agile, joyful, and playful creatures that share many emotional similarities with humans. In our dreams the dolphin was seeking you out with its special abilities long before you even noticed it.

Based on current metrics for intelligence, dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. So when they show up in your dreams pay very close attention to this message.

Dolphin Dream Meaning

Dreaming of dolphins are very positive symbol that act almost like our guides helping us along our journey called life. Dolphins can be seen as spirit messages from the depths of our unconscious mind; their behaviour and how you interact with them alters the meaning.

Dolphins love to show up in our dreams when we are emotionally lost. They want to help you carry you back to safety, but as well help bring awareness to something that was hidden.

Dolphins Spiritual Symbolism In Dreams 

  • New found awareness: Beyond echolocation, clicking and whistling, dolphins communicate with a variety of body language; a symbol that ties in with psychic senses.
  • Higher levels of consciousness
  • Dolphins in dreams act as our guides and protectors in our walking life.
  • Spirituality
  • New found intuition
  • Increasing motional intelligence

Dolphin Dream: The Hidden Meaning

Dolphins in dreams represents a happy time in your life — playfulness, joy, and a sense of freedom. They are often associated with the ocean, which can symbolize the depths of the unconscious mind and emotions. Swimming with dolphins in a dream may suggest a desire for emotional connection and social interaction.

What is the spiritual meaning of the dolphin in a dream?

The spiritual meaning of a dolphins can also represent intuition, intelligence, and spiritual awareness. They are known for their communication skills and their ability to navigate through complex situations. In this sense, a dream of dolphins could be a message to trust one’s intuition and to seek guidance from within.

They also want you to trust these deep inner feelings that might normally be blocked in your life. To trust these emotional feelings so they can help you navigate in society.

Alternatively, a dream of a dolphin could indicate a need for healing and emotional support. As gentle creatures, dolphins are often associated with nurturing and compassion. In this context, a dream of dolphins could suggest a need to be kinder and more compassionate to oneself or others.

Why did the dolphin attack me in my dreams?

To dream of a dolphin attacking could represent a sense of betrayal or disappointment in a previously trusted person or situation. It could also symbolize a sense of vulnerability or helplessness, as dolphins are often viewed as gentle and peaceful creatures.

Alternatively, a dream of a dolphin attack could indicate a fear of losing control or being overwhelmed by powerful emotions. It could also represent a need to confront and overcome inner conflicts or negative emotions that are causing distress.

In some cases, a dream of a dolphin attacking could simply be a reflection of the dreamer’s current life circumstances, such as feeling threatened or overwhelmed by a particular situation or person.

What does it mean to dream of a baby dolphin?

Anything that manifest into a baby in our dreams often symbolizes new growth or development in ones life. Your unconscious will send you specific coded symbols to let you know where it is growing from. A baby dolphin in your dream represents new development with your intuition, new spiritual vibrations, and vision. Baby dolphins in dreams are really messengers letting you known that they will manifest within you soon.

What is the spiritual meaning of a dolphin in dreams?

In order to understand the spiritual meaning of the dolphin you need to first understand its intelligence. Your unconscious has used the symbol of the dolphin as something developing within you.  They demonstrate self-awareness, problem-solving, and empathy, innovation, teaching skills, grief, joy and playfulness. The spiritual meaning of the dolphin represents new found wisdom and to use your intelligence as a guide on your spiritual path.

The spiritual meaning of a dolphin attacking only shows up when you are not using these hidden talents. A lack of trust and understanding might get the dolphin upset.

Why would a dolphin chase you in your dreams?

Whenever the dreamer is being chased in a dream it means they are avoiding or not facing their fears. Dolphins are seen as positive symbols, so when they chase you in your dream it means you are blocking these inner gifts within you. The dolphin doesn’t want you to hurt you but to help guide you to the path in life. You have gone off course and they are trying to put you back on track. But you will need to face whatever you are avoiding in life. The dolphins  happiness, positivity, and the importance of enjoying life is chasing you down. Does this mean anything to you?

The spiritual meaning of a dolphin chasing you in a dream means you are not able to communicate with your own emotional intelligence — the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

How come the dolphin bit me?

Dolphins only bite you in your dreams when you are not trusting or using your intelligence. Because they use echolocation it becomes a symbol of dormant intuition; unaware of using these vibrations or sense that warn you. Furthermore, becuase dolphins are considered our friends in the water; ocean water is the unconscious emotional side suggesting feelings of betrayal or hurt. The location of the dolphin bite are clues where it might be stemming from.

Why are dolphins jumping out of water?

We have established that the depths of the oceans water belong to the emotional unconsciousness and the very top is your conscious awareness. Something very special has darted out of this area to bring attention to something in your life. In our dreams whenever dolphins jump out of water, they are messengers of news coming your way. Dolphins that jump out of water in a dream is considered good luck that will bring you great happiness. This new found energy will arise from the depths of your unconscious mind — usually they are precognitive symbols suggesting this will happen in the distant future.

Dead dolphin dream meaning

Death in dreams is not such a bad symbol because it gives the dreamer a chance to be reborn. But why would you dream of a dead dolphin? A symbol that contains multiple meanings. First, a dead dolphin in a dream might tell you that there is an ending of joy in your life. This is because of their playful behaviors. Secondly, you are not using your intuition in life situations, so the dead dolphin in your dream wants you to activate it. Lastly, the dead dolphin in your dream represents being emotionally drained or overwhelmed. The spiritual meaning of a dead dolphin represents sense of loss, grief, or sadness.

Prophetic meaning of dolphin in dreams

Prophetic meaning of dolphins represents good luck, important news, and happiness in your life. Dolphins act as our spirit guides that never allow us to drown in the depths of our emotions — no matter how bad it might get they will rescue us. Once you are back on shore it becomes a time to heal and use these bad experiences as valuable life lessons. To always know that dolphins have our back during the hardest times in our lives.

Dreaming of dolphins playing meaning

Whenever you see dolphins playing in your dream expect happiness to head your way. They have brought you news and they are happy. Who was around you in your dream? Usually your locations and what happens before and after are great clues where this happiness will unfold. Because of their natural habitat is in the water it will pull a string with your current emotional state. They only come up to the surface so you can enjoy the good things in life and not to take it seriously.

Dreaming of dolphins while pregnant

Strange dreams occur when women are pregnant, but if one symbol where to appear to be a sign of good luck is the dolphin. Dreaming of dolphins while pregnant can be a powerful and positive symbol, representing the connection between mother and child, as well as themes such as joy, playfulness, and protection. The dolphin will awaken some emotional part deep within you that you never once knew about. But what is interesting about dreaming of dolphins while pregnant could be related to the birth of the child — known to be empathic or psychic. Dreaming of dolphins during pregnancy may therefore be a sign of support and guidance from the spiritual realm, as well as a reminder to trust your instincts and intuition as you prepare for the birth of your child.

Dreaming of dolphins and whales

Whenever we dream of both dolphins and whales together get ready for some big news ahead. These powerful mammals have come to the surface (consciousness) as messengers — often precognitive in nature the dreamer will soon find out in the future. Dreaming of both whales and dolphins together can be a powerful symbol of the deep emotional and spiritual connections that you have with others, as well as themes such as intuition, communication, and transformation.

Biblical meaning of dolphins in dreams

The biblical meaning of dolphins in dreams is a positive symbol that reflect grace, intelligence and empathy. The dolphin is a reflection of the dreamer that might suggest they have tapped into these gifts. Because dolphins jump out of water and go back down it can be a symbol of a spiritual rebirth or renewal, similar to when we are baptized. Though, they are also known as messengers from our guides. This meaning would be connected with the sea god Poseidon associated with cleansing and purification.


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