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What does a desert really mean in our dreams?

Usually deserts in dreams are negative symbols that only appear in your life when your are heading in the wrong direction. What you have been in search for still remains unconscious — the lack of water and recourses will only make you feel more depressed.

Desert Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a desert may signify a situation in your life that is emotionally barren or lacking in fulfillment. This may involve feeling disregarded, unimportant, or disrespected. The dream can evoke a sense of emptiness, boredom, or a feeling of being deprived of joy or meaningful experiences. It can also represent a desire for renewed vitality, fertility, and excitement.

A desert dream may be a manifestation of feeling isolated or disconnected from others, especially in new environments or situations where you have not established relationships. Being lost in a desert in a dream can symbolize feeling trapped or stuck in an unfulfilling situation, unable to find a way out.

In addition, dreaming of being lost in a desert can also reflect feelings of having a significant problem or responsibility without any support or assistance. This may arise when going through a significant life transition, where you feel alone and unsupported in facing new challenges.

What does it mean to dream of walking in a desert?

We have established that the desert is a place that lacks growth and spiritual nourishment. By walking though the desert in your dream is a warning to find your proper grounding. This is reflecting your direction forward or your spiritual journey; challenging, lacking help, feeling alone or unsupported as you navigate your way through uncharted territory.

Try not to look at walking though the desert as a bad omen in your dream, but as your unconscious trying to guide you back to growth in life. This tends to target your relationships, job, spiritual connection or your own happiness. Think of what areas in your life that need your love and attention for thing to flourish.

Dreaming of a desert train?

Because train in a dreams symbolize a journey or progression in life,  the desert train means you could be be heading into a difficult time ahead. But this all depends if you are leaving the desert or heading into it. A desert train may indicate that you are navigating through difficult circumstances or challenging situations in your life.

What is the spiritual meaning of the desert?

The desert has a lot of hidden mysteries underneath that suggests its unconscious. Many people who unlock a lot of spiritual powers; linking back to ancient Egypt that was depicted on the hieroglyphs. The spiritual meaning for the desert reminds us about our spiritual journey — a time in your life that you need emotional nourishment. You will need to trek in these unknown parts to find yourself.

Sand is often used as a metaphor in our dreams for time because of its ever-changing nature. As you navigate along on your spiritual path there is not much room to grow here. The spiritual meaning of sand in dreams becomes the passage of time, as the grains of sand are constantly shifting and changing, just as time is always moving forward. Sand can also represent the impermanence of life and the transitory nature of all things, as it is always being transformed and reshaped by natural forces.

Dreaming of desert snake?

Desert snakes are extremely venomous and has the ability to camouflage in the sand. To dream of a desert snake can be interpreted in two different ways depending the context of the dream. We understand that the desert lacks growth so the desert snake might be a symbol that needs to kill you in order to transform out of this emptiness, solitude, and isolation in your life. Secondly, the desert snake that bites or attacks the dreamer could heal and transform them – the venom kills and the shedding of the skin implies a rebirth. To dream of a desert snake is a positive symbol of change and transformation. It leads them out of the lost state they were once in.

Biblical meaning of desert in dreams

The biblical meaning of the desert in dreams symbolizes spiritual dryness or emptiness, a feeling of being cut off from God. In the book of Isaiah, the prophet speaks of a desert that will blossom like a rose when God’s salvation comes. The desert in Biblical dreams may also represent barrenness, isolation, and trial, but it is also a place where people can encounter God and be prepared for their calling. It is a place of testing and transformation, where faith is refined and strengthened.

What is the Hindu dream meaning of desert

In Hindu dreams the meaning of the desert reflects loneliness, desperation and aloneness. Though, the person needs to dwell in this part of their minds in order to change. Like the garden the brings growth, the desert is on the opposite side of the spectrum that shifts all the attention to this area — a symbol encourages the dreamer to find balance. But where? The desert in Hindu dreams suggest to practice mindfulness mediation.


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