Darkness & Light Dream

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Darkness and light are two contrasting concepts that are often used symbolically to represent various ideas and emotions in both spiritual and secular contexts.

Dreaming of darkness and light is a symbol of balance, harmony feminine and masculine energy, moon and sun. But what does this really mean in the dream language?

The best way the dreamer can look at darkness or light in their dream would be the opposites that they possess within them; like the yin and yang symbol it represents balance and harmony in all aspects of life. It suggests that everything in the universe is interconnected and interdependent, and that one cannot exist without the other. For example, the light cannot exist without the darkness, and vice versa. The balance between yin and yang is believed to be necessary for health, well-being, and happiness.

How come I am dreaming of only darkness?

Most dreams we are seeing only darkness in a house or room, which can be seen as a part of the dreamers mind/psyche. Light in dreams represents insight, and clarity, and can bring about feelings of hope, confidence, and relief from negative emotions. But without darkness in our life we will never know these feelings.

It is important to note that darkness is essential for creating shape, color, and dimension in the world, as these elements are formed by the interaction of light and darkness. Without this interplay, a world consisting solely of light would lack substance and depth. So seeing complete darkness in a dream is not such a bad symbol but the other end of this spectrum you are now being aware of.

It is important to note if you are feeling depressed in your life dreaming of dark clouds and rain or dark clouds, or even a dark haunted house. Dreaming of dark clouds directs you towards sad depressing times; a downpouring of feelings. A dark haunted house in your dream encourages the dreamer to find happiness and positivity in their lives. Something has metaphorically haunting you in your mind and you are unable to see what it is.

What is the Biblical meaning of darkness?

Biblically speaking darkness in a dream could represent various negative ideas and hidden emotions. It can signify chaos, confusion, ignorance, and death. It is also associated with the absence of God’s presence or with the consequences of sin and rebellion. But it is really where you saw the darkness and how did you feel in the dream.

Dreams of darkness can also have positive meanings, such as representing a period of rest or introspection before a time of renewal or growth. Darkness can also represent a time of preparation before a new phase or season in life.

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