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Why they lie about the meaning of cat dreams online

It would be easy to give you a simple answer of what a cat means in a dream, though it really doesn’t help solve anything. The cat is such a complex dream symbol that most people end up being more confused when they started. The unconscious sends you a cat for many mysterious reasons. Cats are known to activate your inner senses such as intuition and creative power that was once dormant. Cats in dreams are also known to appear when you will become more independent. But on the flip side, cats may be omens of deception and manipulation. Anybody who tells you what a cat means in a dream they are leading you down the wrong path. Since dreams are subjective and are designed differently to each individual — the hidden meaning is concealed within it behaviors. This is what they do not tell you! In this article you will soon learn if you have unlocked the cats potential or it has lured you into its trap.

Cat Dream Interpretation

For the most part, cats appear in our dreams to illuminate your creativity, feminine, unconscious emotions, sexuality and independence. Cats may also manifest into people in our lives who display “catty” behaviors, or when it remains unconscious within. Many believed – and still do believe – that cats are more attuned to certain auras than any other type of animal, hence why the ancient Egyptians understood them as guardians of the underworld. Because of this element, cats in our dreams contain psychic elements that remain unconscious to the dreamer and can only be awakened by the cats power.

8 most searched dreams about cats

  • You are seeing multiple cats
  • The cat is peeing on you
  • Noticing an evil cat in your dream
  • The cat becomes very angry
  • Black and white cat dream meaning
  • The cat is becoming affectionate
  • Cat bites or attacks the person in a dream
  • Noticing the cat giving birth

How to understand the cat in your dream

Analyzing who or what the cat means in your dream can be fairly simple just by reflecting on what is taking place in your life. Becuase cats can be both a positive or a negative omen your interaction with the cat determines the outcome. Now if you had a bad experience with the cat in your dream it means one of two things: 1) The cat is a manifestation of someone in your life. 2) The cat remains unconscious when they do not trust their senses.

What is the spiritual meaning of cats in our dreams?

Cats play a very important role in the spiritual world. Cats are believed to have symbolic meanings and can represent different aspects of the psyche or the divine. The spiritual meaning of cats in our dreams relates to hidden knowledge and psychic energy; need to uncover or explore hidden aspects of the self or the world. The spiritual meaning of a cat suggests you are seeking answers or insights that are not readily available or that you need to trust your intuition to uncover the truth. The spiritual properties of cats are also mystical and mysterious — associated with magic and supernatural powers, they come as gradians in your dream to protect you. Dreaming of a cat may suggest that you are in a phase of spiritual awakening or that you need to tap into your own spiritual powers. In a spiritual sense, cats only attack or bite the dreamer when they are not trusting these powerful gifts that where given to them. But they are also warnings of bad energy lurking around you or catty feminine women who have it out for you. The spiritual meaning of cats that attack suggests you need to protect and ground your energies.

Why are you seeing multiple cats in your dream?

Seeing multiple cats in your dream is a very positive symbol of fertility, abundance and increased intuition. Your unconscious is telling you something has increased in your life, but do you know where? The location of the multiple cats in your dream are a very important clue. For example, to see multiple cats inside your house brings your focus on your psyche and the activation of the cats symbolic properties. On the other hand, seeing multiple cats at work might link you to confusion or chaos Cats are independent and unpredictable animals, so dreaming of many cats could indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed or women in your life who causes trouble. The spiritual meaning of multiple cats in dreams means having fun with increased intuition, feminine groups or freedom.

Help! The cat is biting me….

If not in most cases a cat that bites you in a dream means you will be attacked by a feminine threat. cat biting you could indicate that you are feeling threatened or attacked in your waking life. The cat may represent a person, situation, or aspect of yourself that is causing you to feel anxious or defensive. But it is where they bite you in your dream that alters the meaning.
To dream of a cat biting your finger represents a need to become independent. Why? Becuase fingers in dreams allow you to explore things around you and when its bitten by a cat it shows a need to be self-sufficient.
When you dream of a cat biting your hand it means a person has acted bad to you even though you helped them. But why the cat? Cats in dreams can also point to catty women or men who possess more feminine attributes.
If the cat bites your foot in your dream means your stability and balance will be off. The cat can be a feminine energy that attacks your forward movement, but also an unconscious part of the dreamer that is not being independent. Basically the cat is a metaphor for you not being able to stand on your own.

Why is a cat peeing in my dreams?

Peeing in our dreams is often related to a release of tension, letting go of restrained feelings, or release of sexual feelings. But why a cat? Well, for one cats are metaphor for releasing your creative power that has been pent up, sexual tension,  but also a symbol of emotional stress. Now it is where the cat pees in your dream that will lead you to your answer. For example, a cat that pees on your clothes will attach itself to letting go of aspects of your personality; whereas a cat peeing on the bed points you to sexual feelings pent up within. The spiritual meaning of cat pee in dreams is a negative symbol suggesting to clean this bad odor within. But where exactly? The locations are the key to the meaning. The spiritual meaning of cat pee can be a symbol of stress, frustration or anxiety that is throwing your feminine energy off balance. This tension needs to come out but its going in all the wrong places.

What does it mean to dream of an evil cat?

Among superstitions, one of the oldest and most enduring is that crossing paths with a black cat will bring on bad luck. But in our dreams an evil cat is a very helpful dream symbol sent from our unconscious to bring our inner darkness to light. If not in most cases the evil cat in your dream is an unconscious representation of the dreamers dark side. What Carl Jung called the human shadow which is comprised of the most unacceptable part of our selves such as greed, anger, hate cruelty or rage. But why the evil cat? The cat brings your attention to the feminine energy meaning catty behaviors, aggressive, unbalanced moods, or lacking affection. The evil is really within the dreamer that needs to be cast out. But this possession needs to be identified first before the healing process can begin. Alternatively, an evil cat a very dangerous women in your life. The location where you saw the cat are clues. The spiritual meaning of an angry cat in your dream represents a possessed feminine traits; opposite to nurturance, sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, gentleness, warmth, passivity, cooperativeness, expressiveness, modesty, humility, empathy, affection.

Reasons why you are dreaming of an angry cat

Anytime such a powerful omen such as the cat is angry at you in your dream it can mean one of two things. First, the dreamer would want to explore if this is someone in their lives who possesses catty behaviors. You know the ones in your life get envious of you, confrontational style, gossip behind your back or threatened by your presence. The location and people around you in your dream will help guide you to your answer. The second reasons why the cat is angry in your dream becuase you are not trusting your intuition. Cats have a keen sense of awareness and perception. Their instincts are finely tuned, and they are able to sense things that humans may not be aware of. So the cat might be angry at you in your dream becuase you are not trusting these gifts you have within. By not trusting these divine feminine traits it can put you into some trouble the people you surround or places you enter. The spiritual meaning of an angry cat in your dream means blocked intuition or a dangerous women in your life.

Black and white cat dream meaning

A black and white cat is often a positive dream symbol representing balance and harmony in your life. Like the yin and yang, the black and white cat incorporates the masculine and feminine energies within that will make you feel complete. The vast contrast in colors could be a message to pay attention to both the positive and negative aspects of a situation, and to strive for harmony and equilibrium in all areas of life.

The spiritual meaning of a black and white cat in a dream may symbolize duality or the balance between opposites. The colors black and white are often associated with opposing forces such as light and dark, good and evil, or yin and yang. The presence of a black and white cat in a dream may be a reminder to embrace the duality of life and to find balance between opposing forces.

Why is the cat in my dream becoming affectionate?

To dream of an affectionate cat is a very positive dream symbol representing a new found understanding of nurturance, sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, gentleness, warmth,  affection, tenderness, and being emotional, kind, helpful, devoted, and understanding have been cited as stereotypically feminine. Basically when the cat is affectionate its love now is in you — these new found traits will be shown on the outside. What was once blocked before, which often appears as an evil or angry cat; a door has opened that was once shut. The spiritual meaning of an affectionate cat means understanding your intuition, obtaining personal freedom and the importance of individuality.

Did you dream of a cat giving birth?

Giving birth in dreams has more to do with a personal rebirth within the dreamer. A cat giving birth is a very positive dream symbol that tells you new development with your intuition, independence or relates to fertility. The unconscious uses humans, animals or reptiles to show you where this transformation is taking place. This is often unconscious to the dreamer and only by looking back they will noticed this change. However, the spiritual meaning of a cat giving birth means a developement in psychic abilities.

Why is a cat inside your house in dreams?

Whenever the cat is roaming around in your house, it really means there is new awareness taking place within the psyche. Depending on the floor and the type of cat alters the meaning of your dream. If the dreamer is seeing multiple cats inside the house it means multiple development within the feminine traits. Generally speaking, cats inside the house are positive omens, the room or floor it is seen in are great clues.
To dream of stray cats in your house represents unclean feminine behaviors, aggressive attitudes; or bad company you bring into your life. But the main theme here is the fact the cat is not domesticated. Meaning the stray cats need cleaning and training. The spiritual meaning of a stray cat in your dream suggests to train your catty emotions and fine tune your intuition. Letting the powers of the feminine energy out of control (outside), this needs to be incorporated in your life.

How come I am petting a cat in my dreams?

Did you know that petting a cat can release all the right chemicals in the brain. They also help relieve stress and provide anti-anxiety benefits for their owners. In our dreams the unconscious makes you pet a cat as if you will be more relaxed during a stressful time in your life. You are using and trusting your intuition as well when you pet the cat. Remember when the cat bites or attacks us it goes against our inner feelings. But petting the cat in your dream reflects an element of trust that has now developed in your life.

What is the Biblical meaning of cats in dreams?

The Biblical meaning of cats in your dreams becomes a warning of bad energy or deceitful people. This interpretation is solely based off of the pagan worship and superstition, but there isn’t enough context in the Bible that mentions the cat for a proper interpretation. What we recommend would be to break down the meaning in a metaphoric sense and examine the emotions expressed in the dream.

What is the Hindu dream meaning of the cat?

Cats in Hinduism are considered very positive omens. Similar to most dream interpretations, the cat in Hindu dreams contains an element of power, strength, and ferocity that will be emerging in your life. In Hindu dreams cats are also known to bring the dreamer good luck, protection and financial prosperity.  But what happens if you dream of a cat in a bad way? The cat in many Hindu folklores are known to be people who are mischief and or tricksters. The people who will lead you into a trap only for you to get caught in it. Because of its feminine energy (several goddesses associated with cats i.e. Durga). The Hindu dream meaning of cat bites or attacks represents emotional imbalance, distorted feminine traits or a feminine threat.

Conclusion: Is it good to see a cat in dreams?

Generally speaking, cats are good symbols to see in our dreams. Even though they may attack or bite the dreamer it just becomes a warning to pay attention to something in your life. In essence, the dreamer wants to incorporate all of the cats powerful traits and if they are unbalanced in their lives to work at improving it. The unconscious is really your friend that might even use a cat to represent your unconscious catty behaviors or that belonging to other people you know in your lives. The cat can only be good in your dream if you think it was good. The best dream interpreter is the dreamer! We just open your mind to the possibilities!

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