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What do birds really mean in our dreams?

Searching for the meaning of what a bird means in your dream has many different interpretations. From our extensive research we understand that a bird is a very positive omen that brings you freedom in your life. But most dreamers are not really satisfied from this answer becuase birds are actually quite complex symbols — known to appear in our houses, landing on you, different colors and types; sometimes a bird dies.  Sure you will get a generic answer, but in this article we are going to tell you the true meaning of the bird and what to expect in the upcoming months.

Helpful tips when it comes to analyzing bird dreams

Since dreams are subjective how can one symbol mean the same for everybody in the world. We need your help by recalling as much information about your dream as possible. These little details will help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • What type of bird was it and what does it mean to you?
  • What happened before and after the dream
  • In what location did you see the bird?
  • The exact location the bird landed
  • If you noticed a dead bird how did it die?
  • Was this a beautiful bird?
  • Why would the bird attack you?

What is the spiritual dream meaning of the bird?

Birds in our dreams have a tendency to be related to a spiritual transcendence. Why? Because they are symbols of freedom and flight that reaches closer to the sun; a connection with God or higher consciousness. You can even compare the color of the bird to one of the 7 chakra colors suggesting this new connection with these wheels being unblocked. Regardless, the spiritual meaning of birds leads the dreamer towards a growth and development in their lives. They are known to protect the dreamer and offer guidance if you trust these inner senses within.

The spiritual meaning of birds in your dream enters your unconscious mind for yo soar freely in your life, achieving liberation or spiritual ascension. They symbolize the human desire for freedom, transcendence, and the ability to rise above earthly limitations. Birds encourage individuals to break free from constraints and explore new horizons, both physically and spiritually. Birds’ ability to fly high and have a broader perspective is associated with gaining spiritual insight and wisdom. They remind individuals to rise above mundane concerns, broaden their understanding, and see situations from a higher or spiritual perspective. Birds encourage the development of intuition, clarity, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

Why would a bird be inside my house?

Dreaming of birds inside your house can be a funny symbol, but it actually contains a deeper meaning that remains hidden from you. You see the house is really a representation of your mind and the bird becomes a messenger wanting you to pay it some attention. But what does it want? Well since birds represent freedom you must open up the window (eyes) for it to leave. But when it leaves you will be free as well. What room did you see the bird flying around in your houses? Each room and floor has it own meaning, let alone the type and color. Lets say the bird was in your kitchen for example; kitchens in dreams leads towards a transformation. In some cases, birds can symbolize transformation or growth, such as the process of breaking free from limitations or old patterns and developing new ones. The bird in your house wants you to be free. Are you willing to take on this major task? What is stopping you from being free and independent?

How come the bird attacked me in my dreams?

The bird only attacks the dreamer in their dreams when they are ignoring the metaphorical chains that are holding them back. The bird gets upset because your unconscious may have sent you this bird towards you in previous dreams but you are not listening to the message. You will be provided many clues in your dream like the exact location it attacked you. This would be metaphoric relating to the blocked area. For example, if the bird attacked your head it points to your thoughts; negative mental condition that suggests you are stopping this growth from happening. Some birds, such as eagles or owls, are associated with protection and guidance, and they can represent wisdom, strength, or foresight.

What if the bird fly’s towards me in my dreams?

If a bird is flying towards you in your dream it becomes a messenger from the spirit world. As if the bird darts out from your unconsciousness in hopes you pay attention to hidden meaning. Many people believe that birds can help us connect with the divine and access spiritual wisdom. The bird fly’s towards you and not away; suggesting this message will come unexpected and most likely a precognitive symbol. Birds in dreams are also known to contain psychic symbolism suggesting they have see you way before you seen it. Why? Because of the birds eye view – a view from a high angle as if seen by a bird in flight. A symbol that can be related to your vision and situational awareness.

Why the bird fly right into your face?

If the bird is flying into your face in your dream it symbolizes a lack of intuition. You are not using your sense that will bring you towards freedom, hence why the bird went directly in your face. In a way the dream wants you to know that you are blinded in a particular area that you need to be free in. What could this be? Your dream will provide you with enough clues such as locations, people around you and what happened to the bird after.

What does the Bible say about bird dreams?

The biblical meaning of bird in dreams represents new found freedom in your life, the holy spirit, provision; sometimes evil based off of the context of the dream. The reason why the Bible associates birds with evil from the book of Revelation. The Biblical of a bird that fly’s into the dreamers house represents a new found spiritual connection with God. The biblical meaning of a bird flying in your dream represents new found freedoms or protection from the Holy Spirit.

Dreaming of a bird chasing me?

As peculiar as it sounds, birds often chase the dreamer when they are ignoring signs in their life in order to transform as an individual. Birds come as messengers of freedom and happiness, as if you are unable to spread your wings and advance to the next stage. Basically, the bird turns on you when there is this unconscious block within you that is stopping your own progress. The location and the people around when the bird was chasing you are helpful clues where the root of the problem might be stemming from. Once you are able to fix this block within you the bird will no longer chase you, but fly in the air peacefully!

Was the bird in your hand?

If you are holding a bird in your hand in your dream it becomes a very powerful symbol of healing, nurturing and your own personal power. I am sure you are confused thinking why is the bird associated with my hand. Dreams often speak to us in metaphors so it is using the freedom of the bird with the powerful message of your hand. Basically, something within you has changed and will activate these powers that where once dormant. Hands are also associated with communication and expression. Dreaming of hands gesturing or making a particular sign can symbolize a need to express oneself more clearly or to communicate more effectively.

Beautiful bird dream interpretation

If the beauty and color of this bird was noticed than there was a particular reason. A beautiful bird in your dream is a positive omen of happiness related to this new found freedom. What colors did you see? Usually more tropical birds relate to growth and development in your life. The spiritual meaning of colorful birds might be related to activation of your chakras.

Are dead birds a bad omen in dreams?

Dead birds in our dreams can be seen as an omen of death or endings in your life. But not all dead birds in dreams mean something bad, but an ending of something that once took off in your life. There is always room to grow in other areas in your life — dead birds may also bring some type of transformation. The spiritual meaning of seeing a dead bird in a dream can also be a symbol of loss and grief. It may indicate that you are experiencing sadness or mourning over a loss, such as the loss of a loved one or a relationship.

But how would you know if this is a bad omen relating to death? It would impossible to tell you, but other signs tend to revolve around death of people we know in other mysterious ways. In your walking life other people might share the same dream, or  birds actually hitting a window of your home.

Seeing birds in Hindu dreams

Bird symbolism is an important part of Hindu mythology and in our dreams they appear to have multiple meanings. Depending on the context of your dream most birds that fly are considered a symbol of purity and strength. This is becuase it relates to the god Vishnu the meaning of birds Hindu dreams means overcoming obstacles, balance and harmony, and protection. Remember the bird has the ability to score though the air; the breath of life that connects you with mediation.


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