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The bed is a very confidential area that is generally kept close to the dreamer heart. This is why in our dreams the bed holds a lot of hidden feelings that are often repressed by the dreamer.

Beds in our dreams are very symbolic representations of our relationships, intimacy, healing and vulnerability. The symbolic nature of the bed helps pry’s into the dreamers vulnerabilities, but as well what goes behind the scenes of their sexual activities.

8 Most common dreams about the bed

  • Dreaming of peeing your bed, or bed wetting
  • You are making the bed with someone
  • The bed is broken in your dream
  • Insects are known to be on the mattress
  • Lying in bed with an unknown person
  • Dirty mattress
  • Empty bed
  • The dreamer is falling out of bed

How come I am making a bed with someone?

To dream of making the bed with someone is a very positive symbol of organizing your relationships. Your dream is letting you know that you are starting off the day with the right foot. If the person is unknown to you it means this transformation still remains hidden from you. Did you know that making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget — this will be shared with the important people in your life.

What does it mean to dream of someone in your bed?

The odd thing about dreams is that sometimes random people show up in our bedrooms. These people can be considered our opposites; like the yin or yang, masculine and feminine — they appear on our beds to represent balance in our dreams. It becomes a metaphoric symbol of a new found connection to this union. What analytical psychologist Carl Jung calls the anima and animus;  unconscious masculine side of a woman, and the anima as the unconscious feminine side of a man, transforming the mind of the dreamer. The stranger in your bed needs to be integrated within you to find balance. The special union between two people make you whole.

What does it mean to dream of a new bed?

A new bed in your dream is a really positive symbol because you have a fresh start in life. But why a bed? A brand spanking new bed brings you towards transformation and renewal in your relationships. The old bed was your old way of thinking regarding your relationships and the people you brought close to you in your life. Now you have more support, comfort and happiness with the new bed in your dream. The spiritual meaning of a new bed in your dream will bring you a new transformation in your life.

Does size matter?

Most dream searches with beds are often single or king size. In dreams a single bed often points to unconscious fears of loneliness, lack of balance of opposites, and separate. A single bed in your dream wants you to explore if you need some personal time away or you prefer living in solitude.
To see a king size bed in your dreams suggests you will have your comfort but your space at the same time. The king size bed points to your relationships that will have more ease and comfort than before.

Are you hiding under a bed in your dream?

Most kids hide under their beds out of fear. But in our dreams what you might be hiding from still remains unconscious to you — a symbol that points to your relationships & intimacy. Hiding in our dreams suggest you don’t want anybody to find out about this so you will rather avoid. What fears and anxieties do you have related to your relationships? The spiritual meaning of hiding under your beds can also be a symbol of vulnerability, as they are a place where people let their guard down and sleep; feeling of exposure or unprotected in some area of their life.

Why did I dream of my bed breaking?

A broken bed in a dream might be related to fears of breaking up with your significant other, or sexual issues. It is not really your bed broken but tells you about discomfort and a lack of balance that has disrupted your piece of mind. It not like a mirror that breaks that suggests bad luck, but encourages you to look into your past or present relationships. If this is not made aware in your life it means it can cause more internal damage. Though, what has been broken from your past can be fixed — your unconscious wants to help you get more comfortable. This is why the bed in our dreams points to healing and when anything breaks it directs your attention to your inner peace. Alternately, fixing a bed in your dream is a positive symbol of fixing this internal issues that once hurt you in the past.

Why is my mattress dirty

A dirty mattress in your dream represents past actions, impure behaviors unclean mind and body; connected with sexuality promiscuity or intimacy. Does a dirty bed in your dream want you to clean up your past actions? But what happens if you where not a freak in the sheets but had a dream about a dirty mattress? It’s possible that unclean or taboo urges that remain unconscious needs to be accepted within. But the good news is that the spiritual meaning of dirty beds in dreams is fact that beds also lead towards a renewal. This is a positive sign to clean up past or present actions.

Why am I dreaming of bed sheets?

  1. In dreams, bed sheets are commonly known to appear as a metaphor for what has been protecting you; relationships, intimacy and vulnerabilities. Like a duvet, sheets in our dreams act as something that comforts you, but still remains unconscious.
  2. To dream of buying new bed sheets is a positive symbol of letting go of your past anxious feelings, new found comfort and happiness. New bedcovers in a dream becomes a fresh start in your life pointing to how you feel within.
  3. If you are washing new bed sheets it means you have metaphorically washed away these unclean actions that you once hid behind.
  4. To dream of soiled bed sheets suggest you hiding behind embarrassing or toxic emotions that have been pent up for so long. The soiled sheets can only be washed if you find and fix what needs to let go in your relationships. Though, it could be a play on words related to a taboo sexual subject (Lana backwards).
  5. To dream of red bed sheets in a dream means passion, lust or anger related to your close partners.
    Having a dream of blood on your sheets may suggest you are losing vital energy in a particular relationships.
  6. White bed sheets is a positive symbol related to your pure thoughts and behaviors.

Why is a mattress on the floor in my dream?

To dream of a mattress on the floor represents an unbalance, discomfort and unprotected in your marriage or relationships. The floor in your dream often points to your attitudes and confidence. The floor often appears without much emphasis in many dreams, but what is around it does. The mattress and the floor relates to your present situation, attitudes, feelings or environment you are in that you barely notice.

Are you dreaming of bed wetting

Bed wetting in our dream usually relates to embarrassing sexual feelings that need to be made aware. Releasing pee at the wrong time says you have pent up feelings within you that you are afraid others don’t find out. In fact emotional stress caused by traumatic events or disruptions in your normal routine can cause bedwetting. Do you have a lot of stressful feelings in your relationship that need to come out? Alternatively, bed wetting in dreams could have trauma based if you were shamed as a child. Since bed wetting is typically associated with childhood, and dreaming about it could indicate a regression or a need to address unresolved issues from your past. It might signify that there are emotional or psychological aspects that still require attention and healing.

Did you ever fall out of bed in your dream?

Did you wake up with a jerk, or the feeling of falling? Than this is not a dream but a common occurrence called hypnic jerkshypnagogic jerks, or sleep starts. Hypnic jerks are quite common, and the condition isn’t a serious disorder. This often happens right before you sleep or waking up  — a dreadful feeling of falling endlessly to the ground. You jump out of bed hence the name hypnic jerk. Falling out of bed may occur when the dreamer is undergoing a lot of stress in their lives.

What happens if you feel your bed shaking?

Do you live on a fault line? Did you check to see if there was any seismic activity? The majority of the time a shaking bed happens when the person is under a lot of stress in their lives. A shaking bed feels very very real; your brain is awake, but your body is still in REM mode and can’t move, causing you to feel like you’re paralyzed.

Why you are dreaming of bed on fire

Fire in dreams has both a positive element of renewal and a negative meaning such as destruction. To dream of a fire on your bed brings your attention to destructive relationships, attitudes or behaviors – or – suggests you will go through a complete transformation. The meaning of a bed on fire can only be decoded by the dreamer and what is currently taking place in their lives.

What is the biblical meaning of a bed in our dreams?

The Bibles accounts of the meaning of beds in dreams is very similar to most dream interpretation. The bed in the Bible dreams is a place of rest or sleep. It can also symbolize a place of intimacy or sexual relations. What really happens with the dreamer and the interaction with the bed can be metaphorically translated by reading the article.

What is the Hindu meaning of a bed means in dreams?

In Hindu dreams the bed offerings as a way of showing respect and gratitude for the blessings of a good night’s sleep. If you have a positive dream about the bed it means you will create or obtain energy and flow within your relationships, balance and rest. A bad dream about a bed encourages the dreamer to practice meditation to find balance. The Vaishnavas and the followers of the Bhagavad Gita, the bed is seen as a place for meditation and spiritual contemplation.

What is the spiritual meaning of beds in dreams?

Lots of things happen on our beds in our dreams and mainly we are sleeping with people we have never met. The bed is a complex dream symbol that has a range of different interpretations, but it connects the dreamer to what is hidden within them. The spiritual meaning of a bed in your dream implies that this is an unconscious symbol relating to wholeness within the dreamer. The bed will constantly change the more you develop and mature as an individual. Even sleeping with an unknown person will bridge your energies of both masculine and feminine to make you complete; but the bed needs to be sorted out before you take on this task.

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