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Symbolic meaning of bear dreams

If you accumulate all of the online dream interpretation of the meaning of bear dream it says: happiness, strength, bravery, independence, protection, and wisdom. While this might be true in some way, but why is it that 90% of  bear dreams revolve around attacks or chases? Bears only show up in dreams when we have either incorporated its powerful characterizes within us – or – or have fallen victim in its trap.

If anybody gives you a generic meaning of what a bear means online I would suggest to question it. In this article, we will give you insight to the bears movements and what it means in your dream. We will help you identify with its energy, or if it needs to be incorporated within you. We will also tell you the psychological ways identity and stop the threat if the bear is someone in your life.

What does the bear represent in our dreams?

In our dreams the bear contains several different meanings that can be interpreted based off of what is currently taking place in your life. Since the bear is a wild animal that dwell in the forest, your unconscious has placed you in its familiar territory only for you to be devoured. Why? Because you are not aware of this powerful energy in your life. By making the bear known you will have the power over it. The bear in dreams represents being consumed by their unconscious fears, not trusting their instincts, but also contains a deep psychological representation of the mother. How can we tell the difference?

Bear chasing and bad judgment

The bear might attack you in your dream because of your instincts… or lack their of. The meaning of a bear attack in your dream represents your oblivious to things in your life that poses a threat. This is where the location you see the bear comes in handy in your dream. These survival instincts are designed to help us survive in dangerous or threatening situations. Examples include the “fight or flight” response, which involves either confronting or fleeing from a perceived threat. Furthermore, the bear in your dream might represent your social instincts — related to social bonding and cooperation. Remember bears are social creatures.  They include the instinct to form social connections and communities. Does this sound like you? No… Ok. Well, let’s keep going.

Bear attacks and your hidden fears?

Unconscious fears are fears that we are not always aware of, but that still have an impact on our behavior and emotions. The bear keen sense of smell has followed you way before you knew of its intimidating presence. Just like our fears of our anxieties, failures, rejection, commitment or the unknown in life, tends to morph into bears in our dreams. The bear that chases the dreamer mirror a powerful feeling of what is wild and uncontrollably in your life. Until you confront the bear you will be at its mercy.  These overwhelming fears have the power over us until you learn to tame them. This is why so often a black bear attacks us in our dreams because we are unaware of its force in life.

Lets bring yo mamma into this a bit!

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, discussed the concept of the “Great Mother” archetype, which includes the idea of the “devouring mother. The devouring mother is a negative aspect of the Great Mother archetype that represents a mother figure who is overly possessive, controlling, and destructive. The protective nature of the mama bear shows up in your dream to chase or attack the dreamer when they have stepped on her toes. the devouring mother archetype could manifest in individuals who had unresolved issues with their own mothers or with the concept of motherhood. This could lead to feelings of dependency, helplessness, and a lack of individuality, as well as a tendency to project these issues onto others.

Dreaming of a bear and her cubs

The mother bear has always been the quintessential example of a mother’s love, and this is mainly because of their fierce, protective nature. To dream of a bear with its cubs could tell you that you might be to close to comfort in a dangerous area. But this may also be a symbol of your family dynamics, suggesting the bear is your mother. This can either be a positive or negative meaning depending your relationship with your mother and what takes place in your dream.

Why are you dreaming of bears inside your house?

In our dreams houses often appear to represent the dreamers mind; each floor and room contains a hidden meaning. To dream of a bear inside your house represents the mother within the family unit, or relates to developing the bears strengths. The meaning alters based off of your comfortably with the bear and emotions expressed. Remember it has entered in your house becuase you have let it in. For instance, if the bear was on your bed it would point to your relationships, whereas in your kitchen relates transformation into the bears positive energy. It can come in to bring you new found strengths, power, wisdom and improved instincts. But to become aware of your relationship with the the mother or your fears so you can achieve psychological wholeness. This process involves acknowledging and confronting one’s unconscious fears and desires, and finding ways to express and channel them in a healthy way.

What is the spiritual meaning of a bear in your dream

Bears are not mean or malicious; they are very gentle and tolerant animals. They only attack or chase the dreamer when they are unaware of something powerful in their lives. The spiritual meaning of a bear in your dream represents strength, power, family protection and love. Even thought the bear might attack or chase the dreamer it wants them to stand up and face the most difficult aspect in their lives. It encourages the dreamer to face their fears and never back down from anything that stands in their way. The spiritual meaning of a brown bear represents a connection to nature or a desire to connect with the wild side of oneself. The spiritual meaning of a black bear in your dream represents balance and harmony of nature. Dreaming of a black bear may represent a desire to connect with nature or to live in a more harmonious and sustainable way. The spiritual meaning of a bear attacking is the first step to becoming free. Whenever a powerful wild animal kills the the dreamer, the transformation process in now underway.

What does it mean when a brown bear chases the dreamer?

Whatever chases us in our dreams always has power over us. Becuase the brown bear is always in search for food, and in our dreams this equates to energy; the brown bear that attacks in your dream wants to consume your vital energy to survive. It chases you becuase you are avoiding being consumed by it. Could the brown bear mean your mother? Could the brown bear be a representation for your fears? The spiritual meaning of a brown bear in your dreams indicate a connection to nature or a desire to connect with the wild side of oneself.

What does it mean to dream of a black bear?

Black bears in dreams are known for their physical strength, agility, and endurance. Therefore, dreaming of a black bear may represent a sense of personal power and strength, or a desire to cultivate these qualities. But what happens if the black bear attacks or chases the dreamer? A black bear that attacks or chases the dreamer represents an unconscious element in your life that has full control over you. – or – relates to your health, lacking physical strength. The spiritual meaning of a black bear in your dream indicates a time of change or growth in the dreamer’s life. Black bears are also known for their ability to hibernate and spend time in solitude. The black bear shows up in your dreams as a symbol of introspection, meditation, or withdrawal from the world.

Dreaming of bears and tigers meaning

You might be surprised that dreaming of bears and tigers are fairly common. Whenever you have two of the most powerful wild animals together in your dream it wants to tell you something very important. Seeing bears and tigers in your dream represents your new found power, strengths, leadership qualities and agility in your life. Bears and tigers together are great omens that balance and awaken these new energies in your life.

Dreaming of bears and wolves meaning

Both bears and wolves are wild animals and our messengers of balance in our dreams. To dreams of wolves and bears represents a balance of opposites; masculine and feminine, yin and yang energies within you. They have come from the wilderness to seek you out. Both the bears and the wolves will bring you loyalty, protection and affection once you are in accordance with them.

Dreaming of a bear as a pet?

Do you really want a wild unpredictable animal being your pet? In our dreams keeping a bear as a pet represents integrating and using the bears strengths and power within you. These dreams can be a positive symbol depending your own feelings towards it. However, because the bear relates to the mother in some cases, befriending the bear might represent being submissive to her unrealistic wants and demands.

What is the biblical meaning of bears in dreams?

Just like our dreams bears in the Bible have a duel meaning that can work with or against the dreamer. The biblical meaning of bears in our dreams represents our protective strength of God, power, or a destructive element in our lives. Did you know in Hosea 13:8, God compares himself to a mother bear who will attack her enemies to protect her cubs. The bear might be a symbol of God protecting you, but also attacks when you are consumed by your own anger.

What does the bear mean in Hindu dreams?

In Hinduism, the bear is often associated with the deity Jambavan. Whenever the bear shows up in Hindu dreams it represents power, courage, root chakra wisdom, and protection. But the bear may attack or chase in Hindu dreams symbolizing cowardice and not being grounding. The bear that attracts encourages you to examine your instincts (see above); ground and balance your root chakra with the practice of mindfulness meditation.

Psychological dream meaning of the bear

Once the dreamer has identified who or what the bear means in their dream — overcoming fears, understanding their instincts, or relates to a helicopter mother.

Dealing with a helicopter mother, or a parent who is overly involved in their child’s life and activities, can be challenging, but there are some strategies you can try to establish healthy boundaries and improve your relationship with your parent. Tips include becoming independent, communication, setting boundaries, and practice self care.

If the bear in your dream relates to your fears than this can be challenging process, but there are some strategies you can try to help you face your fears and gradually overcome them

  1. Identify your fears by writing them down
  2. Set achievable goals
  3. Seek support
  4. Recognize that fear can work to your advantage
  5. Sit with your fear
  6. Create realistic goals
  7. Celebrate your successes:
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