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In dreams bathrooms emerge to represent negative emotions that we might have trouble letting go. Bathrooms in our dreams always reflect how we are feeling at the present moment; dirty or clean bathrooms in dreams reflect the state of mind. The small glimpse into the bathroom in your dream you have just gained access to a part of your undiscovered feelings.

Why would you see dirty bathrooms in your dream?

To dream of a dirty bathroom represents harboring negative feelings, emotional discomfort, dealing with pain, and an inability to express your emotions. Bathrooms are often associated with releasing bodily waste, so dreams about bathrooms can also represent a need to release emotional baggage or negative feelings. The spiritual meaning of a dirty bathroom tells you that these uncomfortable feelings are all over the place and you need to change the way you think. If you are someone who is constantly stuck in a negative state of mind because of something than we recommend to practice CBT or mindfulness meditation. The good news is if you are cleaning a dirty bathroom in your dream it means you are cleaning up all this mental clutter. What used to be the dumping ground in your past — pent up repressed feelings now be cleaned.

What does a bathroom sink mean in a dreams?

We use the sink to wash our hands, and in our dreams hands are often seen as a symbol of our strengths and expression. But if you are washing your hands in your dream it mean to “let go” of something you are holding on to — suggesting an emotional cleansing that has or should take place. A play on words that something may need to “sink” go below as you rid yourself of this issue. Since dreams are subjective in nature we understand that this holds various different meanings, so the dreamer should examine the condition of the sink. Was it clean or dirty? Was it full of water?

Dreaming of a bathroom flooding

A flooding bathroom in a dream can be seen as a negative symbol related to an emotional block. Water is commonly known to represent your emotions, as the pipes within the walls is your unconscious network. Usually when you see the bathroom flooding in your dream it encourages you to look at your past feelings of issues that should have been let go are now stuck. This will cause you embarrassment or frustration as you need to get this fixed. Your unconscious wants you to investigate what type of unconscious emotional block has caused the nature flow of this energy to get stuck.

Was the bathroom renovated in your dream?

A renovated bathroom is a very good dream symbol to have because you have changed something within yourself. Basically, something needed rebuilding in your life and this can only be done by self examination. The old bathroom was the old you and now this is a time for rejuvenation in your life. Because bathrooms in dreams bridge your emotions that need to be let go, emotional cleansing and past pain — renovation says this has all been fixed up. Renovation dreams are quite rare because it is really hard to change who we are as people.

Public bathroom dream interpretation

Anytime the dreamer sees our uses a public bathroom it represents your interaction with society. As a collective symbol we commonly share as a group feelings, emotions and thoughts. This is why so often when we enter the public bathroom in our dream it is often dirty. A dirty public bathroom in your dream reflects negative feelings or thoughts that are shared in a group. For example, online forums about politics; a dumping ground of negative emotions towards a particular party. There is a lesson when it comes to a dirty toilet. It tells you that you are carrying a lot of crap around with you that needs to be properly flushed away.  These gross public bathrooms in your dreams are really your repressed feelings of past trauma, pain, guilt, anger or even depression. The moment you clean up this part about you than the public bathroom would be clean. To dream of bathing in a public bathroom can be considered a positive symbol of cleansing yourself; related to public related matters.

Endless bathroom dream meaning

To dream of an endless bathroom represents an ongoing battle to release a lot of your past stress. It becomes a symbol that reflects no beginning or end to something. Toilets are a place where you release this pent up energy stored within. Let’s face it. Most of us carry a lot of crap with us from our past. The endless toilet in your dream is a reminder that you constantly need to filter out these emotions that always built up within you. Unfortunately we are full of past traumas that act as huge blockages that stop us from dealing quickly with such hurts. How was the condition of the bathroom? The cleaner the better.

Are you in a bathroom with no privacy?

Believe it or not these dreams are more common than you think. We are sitting alone on the throne, yet others tend to show up leaving us feeling very uncomfortable. Despite how embarrassing these dreams are they do provide the dreamer with a valuable lesson. But I want you to reflect on the exact feeling that emerged in your dream; embarrassment, discomfort, shy, angry or unable to move. To dream you are using the bathroom with no privacy represents a lack of emotional stagnation because of outside factors. There is some block or inability to spend alone time to let go of these feelings. There is always something stopping you from being in your comfort zone. To dream using toilet in front of others says you don’t want others to get a whiff of what you have been really feeling.  You might be embarrassed that you have these urges that need to come out of you. The location and the people around you are also clues. If you dream of a bathroom without any doors it means you have no barriers to secure you in your life. Others can clearly see what you don’t want them to know.

Bathroom Tiles Dream Meaning

If you are dreaming of bathroom tiles the meaning alters based off of the shape. The meaning is geometrically coded with the square, rectangle, triangles, colors and size. Tiles become a part of the dreamer mind that will reflect extravagance, luxury and protection. Any reinforcement on walls; in dreams walls are the protective barriers we create in our lives.

What if you are dreaming of a bathroom scale?

Scales in our dreams suggests one of two things. Firstly, if you are someone who has a weight problem, than this dream could be about health issues. Secondly, the scale in your dream implies you are finding it difficult to digest more than what you are capable of handling. This is why the scale is in the bathroom because you need to let go of this access weight that holds you down.

School bathroom dream meaning

Dreams that revolve around schools represents unconscious trauma or memories that you need to let go of. Often forgotten, these past experiences shape us for who we are today. Sometimes we have a difficult time in school such as being bullied, poor grades or being embarrassed. Your unconscious sends you back to the school bathroom so you can let go of the past in order for the new person to grow.

Empty Bathtub dream interpretation

To dream of an empty bathtub represents feelings of being able to relax and spend time alone without demands from other people. Whenever the bathtub is empty in your dream you need to figure out how metaphorically fill it up. Water being the element of our emotions we need to dwell in these feeling in order to let them go. Therefore it indicates relaxation; cleansing; wanting to ‘come clean’ or be rid of guilt.

Why is a snake in my bathroom?

In our dreams one of the most common things to see are snakes. Why? Because snakes are known to be symbols of transformation taking place within the person — the snakes ability to shed its skin tells you about a rebirth taking place. But why the bathroom? Well this is an area in our dream that we learn to let go of things such as pain, repressed emotions and past trauma.

What is the biblical meaning of bathroom dreams?

In the Bible the importance of cleanliness and hygiene relates to the holiness of the community. With that being said, the Biblical meaning of a bathroom relates to your own describe the moral purity and perfection of God. The condition of the bathroom will reflect how pure you are as a person. The biblical meaning of the bathroom encourages the dreamer through faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, they are called to live a life of holiness and dedication to God.

What is the Hindu dream meaning of the bathroom mean?

It is important to understand that the bathroom or toilet is considered a place of impurity, and it is vital to maintain cleanliness and purity when using it. The Hindu dream meaning of the bathroom represents a place in the mind that reflects confusion or organization. For example, the Hindu meaning of a dirty bathroom would suggest that your mind needs purification; to practice mindfulness and positive thinking.

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