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Off the bat here!

I know what you might be thinking bats are bad omens in dreams. So many people associate bats with fear, darkness, and death; maybe for good reasons based off of folklore and Hollywood movies.

But what if I told you this is furthest from the truth and the bat is actually a positive omen in our dreams. Sure I  bet you are one of the majority who search online because the bat was stuck in your hair, attacks or bites you.

Bats are quite complex dream symbol that teach the dreamer about things they are unaware of. They come as gifts from the unconscious, but only shows up in a negative way when you are not trusting this powerful element that can transform you or keep you away from danger.

Why is the bat very symbolic in dreams?

To really understand the meaning of the bat in our dreams we first must break down its symbolic properties.

Bats are often associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and perception. Its echolocation is used as an unconscious metaphor suggesting your heightened senses and awareness.

Because the cave is the bats natural habitat it points towards the womb, inner exploration and transformation. Bats become a part of the dreamers awareness into their journey and the depths of the psyche, where hidden truths and insights can be uncovered.

Most dream interpretations about the bat really boil down to trusting your own intuition and inner guidance. As if it wants to navigate you towards something or out of a difficult situation. But based off of the context of your dream the bat may serve a different purpose.

What is the spiritual meaning of the bat in dreams?

The spiritual dream meaning of a bat in dreams represents new found psychic abilities, intuition, spiritual ascension, rebirth or a psychic vampire. Usually, when the dreamer sees a bat flying around, or inside their house can be considered the beginning phase of awareness to these new found abilities. Depending on the floor of the house you see it in will tell you the area of rebirth. For example, seeing a bat in the kitchen will point towards a major transforming, where as the bedroom points towards your relationships. Bat in our dreams contain a very powerful spiritual meaning that hopes you practice to trust these gifts that were given to you.

Bats love nothing more than to attack the dreamer

Try not to freak out if the bat attacked you because this is your unconscious trying to warn you about not trusting your intuition. Intuition is a form of knowledge or insight that is not based on logical reasoning or conscious thinking. It is often described as a “gut feeling” or a sudden, unexplainable understanding of a situation or problem. Now if you are someone who blocks you psychic echolocation and ends up getting in trouble with the wrong people than the bat attacks.

Interesting Spiritual Dream Tip: The location where you saw the bat, the exact location of the bite and emotions expressed become symbolic clues.

What does it mean when it bites?

Dreaming of a bat bite can symbolize feelings of being threatened or attacked in your waking life. I know I have had these dreams before and believe me it is not nice. We can learn from the location of the bat bite where this energy is draining from you from.

The spiritual meaning of a bat bite in a dream tends to pull more towards someone who is draining your energy. But you can use the chakra areas to pin point where this leak is coming from. We all know the new age term being a  psychic vampire — the people in your life who drains the energy or vitality of others, either intentionally or unintentionally, through emotional manipulation or other means.  Basically, what this is in your life wants your blood and you need to figure out who it is.

Once its tangled its hard to get out

In our dreams bats are commonly known to stick in our hair and that is for a good reason. To dream of a bat being stuck in your hair represents an unknown or a sense of danger. You may be facing a situation that you feel is threatening or uncertain, or you may be afraid of your own instincts or impulses. Because hair in our dream is attached to our inner thoughts and feelings the bat appears to bring awareness to these fears.

I had this one dream where it attached to my neck and I knew it was pointing toward the communication between the mind body connection.

The spiritual meaning of a bat in your hair encourages you to pay attention to these negative thoughts that tie you up. The bats symbolic energy cannot be used when it is caught up in your mind. By letting go of these confused feelings and trusting your gut will set the bat free.

How come the bat was flying at me?

In dreams bats tend to fly directly at the dreamer to get their attention. Sometimes why bats fly at the dreamer it means to trust their intuition in their walking life. The unconscious uses the bat to dart out of the darkness informing you that you have this inner power and to use it. The location and where you see it will be an indication where it might be directed at. Remember the bat has found you way before you have seen it. The bat that also fly’s allows you to pay attention to these first initial feelings before you give something logical thought.

Did you dream of bat poop?

As unusual as this dream might seem to you it actually is quite common. Because our unconscious speaks to us in metaphors you shouldn’t look at this dream for what it is, but rather break it down metaphorically to extract the true meaning. Poop in our dream often relates to a release of something that we hold within us — a feeling usually met with embarrassment, intrigue or shock.

Bat poop in dreams contains both positive and negative elements based off of your feelings expressed and where you see it. For some, bat poop may represents unconscious feelings of disgust and embarrassment that need to be examined. But why the bat out of all living things?

Because the bat connects with the psychic, intuitive and feminine energy; repressed feelings or disgust related in this area once it releases. Bats are nocturnal creatures and often associated with darkness or the subconscious. These weird birds actually pick up on your hidden or repressed emotions, thoughts, or experiences that need to be acknowledged or addressed. It could be a reminder to confront and release any unresolved issues or negative emotions in order to find emotional freedom and clarity.

Why would you be dreaming of bat wings?

To dream of bat wings is a positive omen suggesting you have unlocked a new gift that will bring you happiness and freedom. But why did your unconscious use bat wings as opposed to a bird or you flying? Bat wings in your dream was specifically used because you have now developed your intuition. Basically, you are able to sense vibrations of other people that others cannot —  a helpful gift that might end up saving you from trouble some day.

Biblical meaning of bats in dreams

The Biblical meaning of bats in dreams represent darkness, fear, and uncertainty, and their appearance in a dream may indicate the following. They have a bad reputation in the Bible that points to when a person might be going though spiritual confusion or darkness.

The Bible also warns us how bats can be associated with fears and anxieties. In our dreams this can be a unconscious feeling that needs to be recognized. Furthermore, bats are known in the Bible as symbols of hidden dangers: Bats are sometimes associated with hidden dangers or unseen threats, and their appearance in a dream may indicate that the dreamer needs to be on guard against potential dangers or risks.

What do bats mean in Hindu dreams?

Like the Bible, bats in Hinduism have a bad reputation for being bad luck or misfortune. This is because in some Hindu traditions, bats are also associated with the goddess Kali, who is considered to be a powerful and fearsome deity associated with death and destruction.

However, dreams are subjective to the dreamer and if you felt that it was a sinister or malevolent omen than trust it. It’s also important to note that different Hindu traditions and beliefs may have varying interpretations and meanings of bats, and some individuals may view them differently.

Spiritual meaning of bats: Developing ESP

The connection between ESP (extrasensory perception) and bat dreams is that both involve the realm of the subconscious mind. ESP suggests the ability to perceive information beyond the five senses, while bat dreams might signify the subconscious mind’s attempts to communicate hidden emotions, desires, or intuitive insights. In some interpretations, bat dreams could be seen as symbolic of heightened intuition or psychic potential.

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