Banana Dreams

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What they don’t tell you about banana dreams?

Once you break down the metaphysical properties of the banana in your dream you have just stumbled upon a very special fruit — but botanically, bananas are considered berries. Sorry, I just had to say it…

Whenever, the color yellow is attached to a fruit it wants to bring you growth, but more importantly it comes from a seed what suggests something from your past has now been developed. Whatever this is its going to bring you a lot of abundance and wealth. What is interesting is how the banana appears in your dream will let you know where exactly its coming from.

Bananas in dreams contain a hidden element of sexual pleasure, fertility, growth and nourishment. Remember the color of the bananas is yellow which often attaches itself to happiness and joy heading your way. The meaning of the bananas in your dream will alter based off of how it appears.

What is the common dream meaning for bananas?

Before we get all analytical on you, have you ever thought you might be dreaming of bananas becuase you are lacking some potassium or vitamins in your diet? Sometimes dreaming about bananas mean you should look at your health. If not lets move on to the good stuff. In dreams bananas are actually coded that usually means you will be rewarded from you past hard work.

In our dreams banana teach us about hard work from your past and now its time to be rewarded. If not in most cases this relates to our own inner world making us really happy. The color yellow reminds us of the sun meaning positive growth ahead.

What is the spiritual meaning of a banana in dreams?

If analytical psychologist would ever hear you talk about bananas in your dreams he would say you are craving the D. He might be right, but not entirely. The spiritual meaning of bananas in your dream represents fertility, growth, urges, and achieving dominance. How did we come up with theory? Because lets be honest bananas are phallic symbol and in our dream it might point to male energy —  disguised sexual desire; enjoyment of sweet food, pleasure. Furthermore, the color yellow is also associated with happiness, joy, and celebration in our dreams, so depending how the banana appeared in your dreams it may alter the meaning. The spiritual meaning of yellow can be seen as representing the power of the sun, enlightenment, and the balance between extremes.

Why would you dream of a banana tree?

In our dreams the banana tree often appears to represent fertility, prosperity, and longevity. This is becuase it has the ability to produce in multiples over and over again. Just by looking at the bananas pod can be seen as the womb and it growing “fingers” suggesting that this could be related to pregnancy or abundance of some sort. The spiritual meaning of a banana tree in your dream represents fertility, prosperity, longevity, resilience, and the power of nature. To dream of a green banana tree is a positive symbol that represents inner growth and happiness.

If you are dreaming of cutting a banana tree it is a negative symbol of cutting things short in your life that provide you with the right nourishment. You have decided for some hidden reason to remove this thing out of your life.

What is the Hindu meaning of bananas in dreams?

If a banana shows up in Hindu dreams it means they will receive a very special gift; a blessing from your spiritual work. The Hindu dream meaning of the bananas tree symbolized purity, prosperity, and fertility. Because in some Hindu rituals, the banana tree in dreams can be seen as a symbol of good luck and protection against evil. Bananas in Hindu dreams also encourages the dreamer to wait for new found prosperity, wealth and protection. 

Are you seeing a bunch of bananas in your dream?

Anything in bunches in our dreams is considered a positive symbol. But why bananas bunches? This is a symbol that you will be getting a lot of help with this new growth in your life. The spiritual meaning of seeing a bunch of bananas suggests you will be rewarded from the fruits of your labor — by pealing back just one layer will give you spiritual nourishment. Usually the location you saw the banana helps you figure out where this growth might be coming from.

What does it mean to eat a ripe banana

In our dreams whatever we eat it spiritually nourishes our mind body and soul. To eat a banana tells you about happiness coming around the corner in your life. Yellow is associated with enlightenment, wisdom, and clarity of thought. It is also seen as a symbol of the sun, representing life-giving. Bananas have been associated with sensuality and sexual symbolism. Dreaming about eating bananas might represents your own desires or consuming masculine sexual energy. It could signify a need for sexual fulfillment, exploration, or a desire for more pleasure and enjoyment in your energy and warmth. You have waited for the right time and now you will absorb this energy within you.

Is there a reason why you are receiving a banana in your dream?

Bananas are one of these dream fruits that are given to us for a particular reason. In short, you have been offered happiness. But who is this person and what do they mean to you. Could this be some sort of unconscious thing you have going on with them? For example, people who give us things we are really adapting their energy that is good for us. So lets say this person is happy and he gives you bananas; suggesting you will absorb this trait within you. If you are receiving bananas from someone you don’t know it means you will giving a great chance to grow and develop in your life. To dream of receiving bananas from a dead person suggests they have provided you energy, light and happiness during a specific time in your life.

Rotten bananas dream meaning

Anything that appears to be rotten in our dreams means waisted energy that could have been used if you didnt neglect something. In our dreams to see rotting bananas becomes a symbol relating to your positive energy being wasted. Bananas bring the dreamer growth so something has been neglected in your life. Since dreams are subjective this might be a dream of a lack of masculine energy. But what happens if you cannot think of any wasted efforts in your life?

Rotten bananas in your dreams might also target unhealthy or toxic relationships because the bananas can be seen as a phallic symbol. They may indicate that there are people in your life who are detrimental to your well-being or causing emotional decay. It could be a sign to reassess your relationships and consider letting go of those that are no longer beneficial or supportive.

The spiritual meaning of rotten bananas in your dream represents wasted time, not seizing the moment, and growth in your life. Remember we are not talking about bananas but something else in your life in which you had the oppournity to develop within but left it alone. The color yellow might even make you explore your blocked solar plexus.  This color symbolizes energy, intellect, and the connection you have with the fire and the sun. The yellow chakra also represents youth, new beginnings, and re-birth. Yellow connects us with knowledge and intellect.

What is the Biblical meaning of bananas in dreams?

The biblical meaning of a banana tree is connected with the tree of life; associated with eternal life and divine wisdom. In a biblical sense the banana tree is a divine gift that allows you to connect between both heaven, earth and underworlds. Bananas are not mentioned specifically in the Bible, so this analysis came from the influence from Christian art. Though, one can break it down metaphorically to find a more meaningful answer.

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