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What they don’t tell you about baldness in dreams

What gets me upset are all these online dream interpretation sites give such a generic interpretation on why you go bald. They all say the something on the lines of “you have a fear of getting old”…  But if hair in our dreams points to our unconscious thoughts wouldn’t this be a contradiction. Wouldn’t there be a hidden meaning to this dream?

Baldness sometimes appear in our dreams when we are lacking confidence, fears of judgement or unconscious fears of getting old. Sometimes seeing yourself bald in your dream may actually appear as a real fear, while others might say it relates to your own inner strength.

What they do not tell you is that baldness in dreams is quite complex and may happen for several different reasons. Baldness in our dreams all has to do with what is going on in your life at the moment.

I know going bald in your dream can be a bit unsettling, but we need your help by going into your own personal feelings.

How to understanding balding in our dreams

In short, hair in our dreams points to how we are thinking, self image and attitudes — basically what has been on your mind lately. Baldness in dreams contains unconscious feelings of emptiness; a loss of energy or life force, lack of thought; fears, maleness. Of course there will always be an underlying element of fears of getting old, but the dream symbol of baldness may even appear for men who might actually fear losing their hair. Before you start analyzing the meaning of baldness dreams, you must ask yourself is this an actual fear or not. Here are some quite tips that might make you question why you are dreaming about being bald.

  • These inner feelings will be shown on the outside.
  • Feelings of being judged by others or society
  • The feelings expressed in your seem to mirror these feelings in your life.
  • Is there something to be embarrassed about what you did lately?
  • Are you lacking confidence in your life right now?
  • Do you actually fear being bald?
  • Targets your insecurities that might be genetic
  • Baldness in dreams may target you unconscious feelings about getting old.

What is the true meaning of baldness in dreams

So far we have established that dreams symbol are not that direct and speak to us in a hidden language. We really need to understand how baldness plays a role in society. There’s no doubt about it — hair loss can have a dramatic effect on self-esteem for both men and women. In addition to hurting your self-esteem, hair loss can also trigger depression, anxiety, and other emotional conditions. In our dreams baldness appear to target these underlying feelings of inferiority that possesses you. Since all dreams are subjective you will need to remember the deep feeling that emerged in your dream so you can pinpoint it to a particular area in your life. Did you feel anxious? Embarrassed? Looking in a mirror? Mirrors are great metaphors in dreams that tells you to do some self reflecting.

Why is there a bald spot on my head?

In our dreams a bald spot represents inner weakness being shown to others. You are now becoming aware of something everybody will see and this is just the beginning. Now these dream might even be related to fears of actually losing your hair, but if you are not someone who is in this position at the moment than it means something else. Bald spots in dreams tells you something is missing that connects with your head. Your head points to your thoughts. A metaphor that relates to being empty headed, missing wisdom, confidence and vitality. Bald patches in our dreams teach us a valuable lesson that you need to cover up something in your life that is showing your weakness.

Spiritual meaning of going bald in dreams

Not all dream symbols are bad even though the feelings of dread appears. The spiritual meaning of baldness teach us about humility and a willingness to surrender one’s ego. Similar to the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, for instance, monks and nuns often shave their heads as a symbol of their commitment to a spiritual path and also to let go. As if baldness in your dreams wants you to let go of the old ways of thinking so a new growth may take place in your life. Alternatively, because dreams have both a good and bad meanings, sometimes the spiritual meaning of baldness relates to your spiritual side. For example, in some Native American cultures, long hair is considered sacred and represents a person’s connection to the spirit world.

Are you seeing someone bald in your dreams?

If you are seeing someone bald in your dream it means to develop confidence, ego death, and acceptance in your life., Seeing someone bald in a dream wants you to let go of something, but this person is unknown to you making it a hidden element. What you would want to do is look at the locations, people around you and feelings that you felt when you saw the person.

Why would you dream of a bald person having hair

These dreams are quite interesting that reinforces that these online sites give such a boring answer. If a bald person has hair in your dream its a very positive symbol of new growth, confidence, self image and attitudes. You might be seeing a change with this person – or – this is something now developing within this person.

Why are you seeing a bald man or women in your dreams?

To see a bald women or man in your dreams represents an imbalance within your opposites. The best way to look at it is like the yin and yang or what Jung called the anima or animus; the unconscious feminine or masculine energy that resides within the individual. A bald woman in your dream represents a distortion within the feminine energy. Because the women is bald it points to creative power, thoughtfulness, spiritual balance and grounding. A bald man in your dreams however would symbolize a lack of strength, courage, energy and power. Basically, the bald guy in your dream wants you to explore the weakened masculine traits that need attention.

What does the Bible say about baldness in dreams?

The Bible uses the symbol of baldness in our dreams differently than other interpretations. The biblical meaning of baldness in our dreams can represent mourning, judgement, and rejection. But also baldness in a biblical sense can come with humility and submission. Baldness can also symbolize humility and submission before God. In 1 Corinthians 11:5-6, the Apostle Paul discusses the practice of women covering their heads during prayer or prophesying. He mentions that if a woman does not cover her head, it is as if she were shaved. This symbolism suggests an attitude of submission and reverence before God. But how can we tell the difference? Your dream will be designed in a particular way that sheds light on the particular emotion expressed and mirrored in your life. For example, feelings of shame might reflect something that recently happened in your life that still remains unconscious.

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