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What does a bag represent in our dreams?

Almost every interpretation online about the meaning of a bag has multiple meanings that confuses the person. What they fail to tell you is that this is not your average bag, but something you carry around with you that is entirely hidden; inside the bag wants you to unlock and use this potential. This is why your unconscious often uses symbols such as food or money inside of it for you to find the answer. Now, the tricky part about bags in dreams is what belongs inside contains the clue. The bag in your dream contains elements of your hidden potential, creative power, and new found skills. In this article we are going to metaphorically crack the code of each individual symbol that emerges.

What could the spiritual meaning of bags mean in our dreams?

The spiritual meaning of a bag in our dreams represents the idea of carrying something valuable or important, and can be a reminder of the things that we need to take with us on our life’s journey. In most cases this spiritual bag in your dream contains hidden knowledge and metaphysical properties. This is why so often the powerful dream omen of rice is commonly found inside. For example, in some Native American cultures the medicine bag is warn around the neck contains items that have spiritual significance, such as herbs, stones, or symbols. This can be used to ward off bad energies or protect them in a spiritual sense. Because dreams are subjective, bags can be seen as a symbol of wealth, status, or power; or relates to female sexuality.

What happens if the bag is lost in your dream?

Usually whenever we are lost in our dream it brings up unconscious feelings of confusion, uncertainty, or a lack of confidence in waking life. But whenever your bag is lost it connects to your personal identity. What do we mean? A lost bag in our dreams symbolizes the vagina, and female sexuality in general. If you cannot see a connection between the two, than you can explore your social contacts and recognition. Something that can be related to your social media following for example. Most importantly you have an important clue that directs you to the exact feelings you expressed when you lost your bag in your dream. Link this feeling with unable to find something valuable to you. The spiritual meaning of a lost bag in a dream represents the things that hide from yourself and others;  secrets or personal things that belong to you. But what is lost can sometimes be found once properly analyzed.

Why do you have a bag full of money?

To dream of a bag full of money represents your untapped confidence, self worth, creativity and spiritual energy. Your unconscious is showing you that something close to you has a lot of value that can be used to your advantage. By unlocking this secret within you it can gain you access to anything you want. This is why the value of money in our dreams sometimes is more valuable becuase this becomes a symbol of inner richness. Did you know that most bags of money are in black bags? The reason why you may dream of a black bag full of money becuase what value you carry with you is unknown. You have now found it and will use it. If you dream of receiving a bag full of money in your dream is a positive omen representing being chosen one to advance in life. Who gives you the bag of money is coded based off of the person or if they are unknown. Remember their inner gifts that they once carried will now belong to you. The spiritual dream meaning of a bag full of money represents self realization, personal growth and happiness. If you are dreaming of a bag of coins it represents new found spiritual power, completion and wealth. Coins in dreams are good luck symbols!

How come there is rice in my bag?

There was a reason why this sacred grain appeared in a bag. Rice in dreams holds one of the most significate symbols of prosperity, fertility and abundance of something. But why would rice be inside a bag in your dream? We know that bags belong to the unconscious part of the dreamer that they hold and carry beside them. To dream of rice in a bag in your dreams represents you carry with you good luck, offerings, and protection. Though, this is not all rice means — in dreams it has metaphysical properties that is often connected with the spirit. Did you know that rice in dreams is often given to us by our dead relatives. Spooky right? Well there might be a reason becuase rice is known to be a gift from the Gods. The spiritual dream meaning for rice in a bag means you have unlocked your spiritual potential that might connect with the crown chakra.

What do handbags mean in our dreams?

In our dream handbags are more personals representations attaching to the dreamers identity, personal feelings or the vagina. To dream of a new handbag represents a new version of yourself. The old you no longer serves a purpose hence why the handbag is new. The shoulder bag in your dream says you are holding onto something new that will be seen by others. What has personally changed in your life recently? If you are finding a handbag in your dream it tells you about new found luck and gifts that will randomly come your way.  The Biblical meaning of a handbag in your dream represents using your hospitality for other peoples needs. This reference can be interpreted from the Gospel of Matthew.

Reason for buying a bag in our dreams?

Whenever we buy anything in our dreams we are really in search for something in our lives that will benefit us. But why would you buy a bag though? Buying a bag in your dream suggests you have found a new lifestyle, identity, way of thinking, protection; but most importantly this will lead you towards a transformation. You have been seeking something you need close with you long your journey called life.

Seeing many bags in your dream?

Seeing many bags in your dream indicates the ability to unlock multiple hidden potentials, creative powers, and new found skills. In a way you can look at many bags in your dream as a sign of new found knowledge and wisdom that will be used in the future.

Why are you dreaming of a bag of potatoes?

Potatoes are interesting dream symbols that protect the dreamer. Whatever foods we absorb attach to the dreamers energy. A bag of potatoes in your dream also teach you about your simplicity and humble nature. We say this because potatoes grow in the ground; metaphor for your grounded nature. There is a chance in your dream that the bag of potatoes helps ward off evil.

Why are you packing a bag in your dream?

Packing a bag in your dream might suggest you need a vacation! But that doesn’t mean that is it. In fact, packing a bag is symbolic of big changes ahead. Planning to leave or make a big change in your life; wanting to get away; or organizing your mental clutter. Does anything in your life need sorting out?

Does the colors of bags mean anything?

Yes, colors in dreams help the dreamer match their emotion state to the specific symbol. A red bag in your bag carries your passions and zest for life. Though, bags are known to represent the vagina; the color red appears to represent relationships and love.

To dream of seeing a black bag in your dream speaks about untapped potential. What is black is unknown to you. What was inside? Black bags encourage the dreamer to find their hidden talents and what drives them on their journey. To dream of a white bag represents the dreamer hidden pure and innocent nature they hold dear to them. This is something that is hidden and only opened for particular areas.

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