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What does it mean to dream of a baby?

If you are one of the lucky ones who dreamt of a baby just be on the look out for a personal change in your life. Babies in dreams are very positive omens that can alter both your inner and outer world. What they never tell you is how the baby appears to you will provide hidden insight to where this growth will take place.

Babies in dreams can have a variety of meanings that points to a specific area in your life that has developed. Baby dreams are known to be positive omens that imply good things are just around the corner.

What’s the difference between a baby boy and girl in dreams?

A minor overlooked detail contains more mystery than you thought. So far we understand that babies mean growth, development and a prosperous future developments.

Baby boys differ than baby girls in dreams because they direct you over towards new found inner strengths, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness; that is undergoing in a specific area in your life. The meaning for a baby boy in dream represents developing the masculine traits that will be used in this new development.

Baby girls however differ in the sense they will incorporate this new found feminine energy that is developing. Feminine energy traits are affiliated with nurturing, love, receptivity, compassion, and care. But what is interesting is many people dream of baby girls and developing a strong intuition or psychic senses. Baby girls in dreams help the dreamer become more attended on their life journey and to trust you inner awareness for proper guidance.

What is the spiritual meaning of babies in dreams?

The spiritual dream meaning of a baby represents new beginnings that are undergoing in your life. You might not have remember in your previous dreams, but there was a time you might have seen or been pregnant many months ago. This inner growth has been taking place unconsciously within you as it will take time to develop. We can look at the baby as the dreamer becoming reborn again — a symbol of healing the inner child that was once damaged from the past. The spiritual meaning of the baby wants you to know that this new transformation needs to happen within by becoming more consciously aware of who you are as person and what your true purpose here is one earth.

In essence, the baby appears as this new phase in your life has developed. What you will notice with the baby is that it is either a boy or girl — babies might even be unknown to you, seeing twins and baby poops.

Babies for some reason tend to be very odd and vivid in our dreams. Not everybody has the same type of growth taking place in our lives hence why your baby dreams are altered differently. Spiritually speaking this dream is about embarking on a new phase of life, or that they are feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future.

The spiritual meaning of feeding a baby suggests you are properly nourishing this new development within. Feeding is a very positive symbol that suggests you are giving the right attention and love to what is needed to grow in your life.

Spiritual meaning of a baby boy in dreams

Yes, there is a difference between a baby boy and girl in our dream. What the dreamer must do is look deeper by examining the sex of the baby. Baby boy will attract masculine energy in your life — often times baby boys in dreams have more to do with your inner development.

Whatever is currently undergoing in your life you will no longer be a passive agreeable person. Baby boys bring the dreamer new found confidence, assertiveness, logic and control. If they show up relating to your outer world it means that you are going to be positive staring a new task knowing all the risks.

Are you dreaming of a baby or girl while pregnant?

Most doctors schedule an ultrasound at around 18 to 21 weeks, but the sex may be determined by ultrasound as early as 14 weeks.

Fun Fact: Many women also report greater dream recall during pregnancy, even for those who weren’t usually accustomed to remembering dreams. These dreams may be highly realistic.

There is a strong percentage of dreaming of a baby boy  or girl while pregnant which has two separate meanings. The first can be approached similar to Freud dream theory suggesting this is a wishful fulfillment  dream — wishes can’t or won’t be fulfilled in our waking lives, they are carried out in dreams.

However, it is not uncommon for women to have foreknowledge of what sex their baby will be in their dreams. Precognition is the purported psychic phenomenon of seeing, or otherwise becoming directly aware of, events in the future.

What does an unknown baby symbolize in dreams?

It is not uncommon to dream of a unknown baby. Anything unknown in our dreams becomes a symbol that still remains unconscious to you. An unknown baby in your dream will take you by surprise in your life because they new development will appear out of nowhere.

Unknown babies in dreams are positive symbols, but since this growth in unfamiliar, you will need to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle. For example, a specific location where you saw the baby, people around you and how you felt.

Did you just dream of a smiling baby?

You want to know what really creepy about smiling as a dream symbol? Whenever the dead often come to us in our dreams they smile. But not to freak you out because smiling is one of the most symbolic facial expression in our dreams — a symbol of happiness, unconditional love and increased moods. When you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides to help fight off stress. This will be related to this new growth in your life.

What the dreamer now has to do is attach what new found development is undergoing in their lives and attach it to this feeling. Basically, whatever has been undergoing will make you very very happy. Maybe for the rest of your life! Is there a difference between a smiling baby boy or girl? The meaning will be directed towards the masculine and feminine traits that are developing.

What happens if you dream of a baby crying?

Actually, crying in dreams can be considered a positive symbol related to a release of repressed emotions. Sometimes if we cannot express these emotions it comes out in our dreams. But why a crying baby?

A crying baby in your dreams signals for the dreamer to pay attention to this new development. Crying is a newborn baby’s main way of communicating needs and feelings. Your baby cries when they’re hungry, tired, uncomfortable, sick or in pain. So the dreamer must reflect on what new progress has occurred that you might be neglecting or needs the right attention given. To see a baby girl cry would direct you more towards the feminine attributes that need your love. A crying baby boy has more to do with attention to what makes you strong and assertive in order to grow.

Why does a baby laugh in our dreams?

Laughter in our lives is really a good medicine. Laughing in your dream is a very positive symbol that will bring you happiness. Unlike smiling, laughing will raise your vibration and open door for you.

But why would you dream of a laughing baby? Babies laugh when they are having a good time, but they don’t yet have a true sense of humor. In our dreams a laughing baby girl or boy tells you about how enjoyable this new development is for your mind, body and soul. This is something that will relax you, lower your stress but boost your spiritual immunity.

Dreaming of a newborn baby meaning

Newborn babies in dreams imply the early stages of development in your life. Basically, you are in class 101, stage 1, first page of the book. Catch my drift. Newborns in a dream usually tend to emerge during a specific time in ones live when they have now in the development process stage. You have nourished and cared for something within your inner worlds and now it is time to grow and succeed in your outer world.

Dreaming of a sleeping baby interpretation

Sleeping in dreams can be seen as a symbol of rest, rejuvenation and unconsciousness. Seeing a baby boy or girl sleep in your dream tells you about a rest phase during this development in your life. Whatever this is needs time to slow down and rest in order to progress. A sleeping baby in a dream teaches you about patience and relaxation.

Noticing a baby vomiting in a dream

Vomit as a dream symbol tends to reflect things we are unable to stomach; the stomach points to intuition or gut feelings. Your unconscious seems to be telling you to trust your gut feeling that concerns this new development, because it will not be able to grow properly.

What needs to be discharged within this development that can hurt the growth? What you have recently done has irritated this new element in your life. The only difference it makes between a vomiting baby boy or girl in your dream is it directs you over to a particular area that has been irritated. One clue would be the body to mind connection that has disturbed this in your life. By going back and seeing what you have done wrong and trusting your intuition.

Why is the baby walking in my dreams?

A walking baby is a very positive sign of how well or fast this has been growing in your life. Legs in our dreams often point to stability, growth or forward movement; this is why so often they are damaged in our dreams. But in your case a walking baby in a dream represents how stable, balanced and fast this new developing is going for you. Soon it will will take off and become something very valuable to you.

How come you noticed the babies eyes blue?

Blue eyes are a very powerful symbol in our dreams and seems to be connected to our ancient ancestors. In some ancient cultures, blue eyes were believed to represent wisdom, clarity, and a connection to the spiritual realm. For example, in ancient Egypt, blue eyes were associated with the sky god Horus, sometimes the Buddha is seen with blue eyes. So why would you dream of a baby girl or boy with blue eyes? Well it turns out that this new development will bring you wisdom, power, strength, and dominance; a symbol that will eventually alter your mood to joy and happiness.

What is the biblical meaning of babies in dreams?

In the Bible, babies are often seen as a symbol of innocence, vulnerability, and new beginnings. They represent the miracle of life and the preciousness of human existence. The biblical meaning of babies in our dreams symbolizes new development that can be seen as a blessing from God. Babies like to appear in times in ones life when something will appear that will give you hope, happiness and joy. This is why Jesus welcomed children and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” As this vision of a baby in your dream encourages you to trust and allow this new transition to flow it the right path. Do not resist this change but be excited how this will change you forever. Babies in the Bible represent the beginning of life, the importance of nurturing and protecting the vulnerable, and the potential for divine purposes to be fulfilled through them

Hindu dream interpretation of babies in dreams

In Hinduism, dreaming of babies can be seen as a positive omen that contains growth within oneself or development in the outside world. Since baby dreams are very complex, you will notice the baby appearing in particular ways that will point to what area will flourish in your life. Baby dreams in Hinduism represents transformations, inner child development, diving blessings, fertility and innocence. Dreams of babies can also reflect your inner child or hidden desires. It may suggest a need for nurturing, care, or attention in certain areas of your life. Alternatively, it could symbolize a desire to start a family or explore your parental instincts. Dreaming of a baby can symbolize the potential for transformation, personal growth, or a fresh start. It may indicate that you are undergoing a process of spiritual, emotional, or psychological renewal.

What do babies mean in African culture?

In many African cultures, babies are highly valued and considered to be a blessing from the divine. In dreams a baby can be seen as a positive symbol relating to continuity and the continuation of the family and community.

However this will all depend on the type of African culture — some cases babies are believed to be imbued with spiritual power and are seen as a connection between the living and the ancestors. For example, in some West African cultures, it is believed that babies have a strong spiritual connection to their ancestors, and their birth is seen as an opportunity to honor and communicate with those who have passed on.

What the dreamer can do is see how the baby is celebrated within their culture and metaphorically connect it to this new found development in their lives. What we do know from all African culture is that this new baby will bring you lots of joy.

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